Make an App Like Bvddy Tinder Type App for Athletes/Sports Partners

Make an App Like Bvddy - Tinder Type App for Athletes / Sports Partners

According to the Pew Internet data, 12% of American Adults have ever used online dating sites or mobile dating apps, which is slightly up from 9% in 2013.

But, here we are not talking about a dating application, but about Tinder-type application, Bvddy, an app to find someone to play sports with or we can say to get fit together app. However, it doesn’t preclude a match with another athlete from turning into a romantic affair. Playing any sports is necessary to maintain good health. So, Bvddy has developed for those people, who want to find sports partners.

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s Healthy People 2020 study, approximately 80% of the U.S. adult population, above 18, fails to exercise enough each week to meet federal guidelines.

Formerly known as SportsBuddy, Bvddy was launched in January 2015 with a stupendous feature, i.e. Smart Matching algorithms that learn about players over time, including how often players are playing, their location, competitive spirit, punctuality, and actual skill level to provide accurate matches.

How App Like Bvddy Born?

The founder and CEO of Buddy Tech, CEO Pedro Ast wanted to change all that with an app that helps athletes keep up their game after college or high school. Bvddy, a mobile hookup app developed by the Miami, Florida startup wanted to match athletes in a given sport with others, who have the similar skill level and searching for the partner, who play at the same time in a mutually convenient venue.

How Tinder-like App, Bvddy works?

Users have to download the application and create a profile. After that, they can search or other people, who play specify sports based on skill level, location, and other criteria. Users can also interact with other players to schedule time and location. Even, they can search more activities, rate opponents and create public or private sporting events.

This sports buddy app helps athletes or would-be athletes to book dates for fitness activities like tennis, soccer, basketball, running or golf, and other activities loved by enthusiasts like kite mixed martial arts, surfing, or dodgeball.

Available on Google Play Store, Tinder for Sports Buddies, Bvddy allows you to
  • Create and manage your own sporting events
  • Discover venues near you, from yoga studios to soccer fields
  • Seamlessly connect with buddies near you
  • Review your matches
  • Get matched with people your same level
  • Chat with your matches to coordinate your game

Tinder-Type (Not a Dating app), Bvddy App Raised $1.5 Million

Bvddy has closed $1.5 million in seed capital to expand around other cities of the United States. Before closing pre-series A round of seed funding, Bvddy raised $715,000 from LatAm investors, IDC Group (Grupo IDC) and former BlueKite CEO and current Paypal executive Bobby Aitkenhead. Bvddy uses this fund to improve its technology and test the concept within the sports community.

Bvddy also plans to offer premium service through a subscription model that will charge users a monthly fee in exchange of connecting people in other cities. They will also allow unlimited matches per month. The CEO and founder also developing a booking engine that enables trainers and events to use the application to improve attendance and visibility.

How much does it cost to make an app like Tinder?

Generally, the cost of an application like Tinder depends on platform, functionality, and features you want to add. At Space-O, we are charging affordable pricing to develop Tinder clone. Our development cost starts from $29-$49 and we are taking 324 hours to develop Tinder like apps for iOS and 388 hours for android. The Web Services (API) requires 170 hours to complete.

Bvddy is an innovative tinder-type idea but, not dating Concept

When we say we make tinder clone app that doesn’t mean we implement the exact app idea. Our mobile app developers are exploring the tinder possibilities for your app idea and make their own version of the tinder-type app or uber like app or amazon-type app.

Nowadays, people don’t say we want to make a dating app, they said they want to make an app like tinder.

As the sky is limitless, mobile app opportunities are too. You can think and use the current idea into different industries and make your own tinder or Uber.

Let’s get started, we are working with startups to enterprise for their idea and make innovations. We are happy to get high explored on demand services with the success of Bevy and Glovo app. We have more success stories to share with you to make more with you.


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