What Does It Take To Make a Great Mobile App?

Making Great Apps

You can get the list of the best mobile apps or the top charting apps from Windows Store, App Store or Google Play Store. You can know which apps you may want to use. But why are these apps the best and why do users want to stick to these apps is the question that needs to be analysed and looked upon. So what does it take to create a mobile app, a great mobile app!

We, at Space-O, believe in just 3 factors that can make or break a great app.

(1) Do what an App is supposed to, For what it is made

Even if it may seem unbelievable, some apps start at one place and end up being somewhere else. While their description mentions some functions, their actual features do end up being slightly different form the ones promised, rendering the app useless for the expectant. A great mobile app must end up performing brilliantly, what it was supposed to do originally. Nailing the primary goal, whether simple or complex, is the most important of all the points.

Taking the example of Slack, one can prove the above mentioned point. Slack is an enterprise mobile app that has made matters simpler for most of the personnel working in professional environment. From trying to bring the project related conversation on a single level to making sure the effort in emailing again and again gets reduced; Slack takes care of it all. In just a very short duration, Slack has 500k+ daily active users.
Slack DAU

(2) Sating the needs of the End-Users

Yes doing what the app is supposed to is important. But what if the app is good but the users do not need it? Or what if the app is not what the consumers needed? It is the primary task of the app to understand the users and the needs of the users better than the others. The end-users only use apps that is actually designed for them, specifically.

Taking an example to make things simpler, Zomato fits the description perfectly. The end users of this intelligent apps are foodies or food explorers. What they are looking for is an app that gives them all the information about restaurants, all at one place. Ranging from information about the menu, location, rate, phone numbers and reviews; this app has it all. It actually becomes a one stop destination for people who are looking for information about restaurants. Serves information on around 1.4 million restaurants across 22 countries.

(3) The App must be Steady and Polished

Apps that become million dollar, top charting ventures are actually so because along with major things they take care of minute ones as well. And to tell you the secret, its the minute details that truly matter. These great apps are not buggy or do not crash and neither do they become slow if the users make excessive use of them at a single use. These apps are fast and responsive while also being interactive. The best apps also take care of minute details from the right sound effects at the right time to making the right features available only 2 clicks away. While every famous and well used app is stable and polished; other apps that are legendary in this matter are: Evernote, OneDrive, Croak It!, Uber, Paypal and much more.

Apps are of all kinds and of all categories. But very few apps can be great. And mentioned above are the reasons why great apps are great after all. From being useful to meeting the users’ requirements and to finally taking care of the most minute things of them all, a brilliant app does it all. But who can make a good app? Only the most experienced and expertised hands can produce apps these good.

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