Major Trends in WordPress Website Development to look for in 2014

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is not going to go anywhere, but would make its presence felt with more rigor and vitality. Yes, you heard it quite right – the WordPress that you associated with casual blogs and other websites, is going to make it big in the world of Internet and mobile application development.

At this moment, 19% of the Internet is driven by the WordPress platform and this includes not just small blogs but also biggies like Fort Motor Company and NASA. You just need to explore good technology partner such as Space-O who can execute WordPress website development flawlessly.

Let us have a look at major trends to tap in WordPress website development in 2014

Unique fonts over impressive images

There is no doubt that this is an age where content is queen. Though the popular: “an image speaks 1,000 words.” is true in a sense, written word has its own charm. In earlier times, WordPress was limited to using conventional fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. The freedom to create customized fonts was given to hand-coded or designer sties. In 2014, more and more WordPress websites have the option to have customized fonts to suit the needs of enterprise. The enterprises that need to have customized fonts would have finally arrived at with WordPress in this year.

Single, simpler, skinnier

Yes, this is a new definition of beauty when it comes to WordPress websites. Single web pages are preferred to give users clear content with no clutter. Clutter now-a-days is synonymous with deception and hence inaptness. So, if you want to stand out and put the message correctly, single page would go extra miles and deliver the message the way you wanted.

Well, even websites follow flatter “tummy”. Jokes apart, gaudy design elements like gradients, shadow are not out, and pure colors – flatter one are more preferred during WordPress web development.

Enterprises need to engage with those WordPress website development services providers who understand this trend of single, simpler and skinnier.

A faster WordPress website

It is not just enough that websites have a single page view, are simpler and skinnier. They also need to be uploaded faster to maintain the viewer’s curiosity which is any way shorter. In order to do so, there are some elements that are not considered strictly outside the entire process of WordPress website development. These elements include frames, as they unnecessarily slow down the loading of the pages and create SEO-unfriendly pages.

WordPress has conventionally been tempting to insert a PDF document. But, lately it has been observed that it takes a lot of time to get downloaded and visitors lose the interest in the content. Also, many a times, heavy PDFs tend to crash the browsers. Therefore, in 2014, WordPress web development services need to focus on simple web page rather than focusing too much about PDF page.

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