Major Mobile Application Development Trends To Watch In 2014


An era of smart phones and tablets is coming of age as mobile applications are becoming more important than the devices. Was that envisioned when the first iPhone or first Android launched? Nobody can predict that. However, the wisdom or common sense to be precise compels us to think that this is a natural evolution in the course of technology revolution that we all are breathing in.

Let us then have a look at major mobile application trends that are sure to redefine the way we understand technology and its application to various businesses.

Biometric Mobile Apps

According to a report from the Ericsson ConsumerLab global research program, 40% of smart phone users expect that their devices record all their physical activities. 56% of users want to get their blood pressure and heart rate getting monitored using a ring.

The report suggested that 60% of smart phone users believe that by the end of 2016 sensors would be the key players in all walks of life including healthcare, public transport, work places etc. Read more about this report here.

Following are some of the reasons why biometric apps would be the most sought after by health care providers, public transport service providers and enterprises as well:

  • Growing indignation over passwords. When life has become so hectic and chaotic, remembering a password has become a burden. Smart phone users want to shed this burden and replace this system with biometric mobile applications that operate either with fingertips or eye recognition
  • Growing awareness about physical fitness too has contributed to the need to develop biometric or wearable applications. In the time of medical crisis, one does not intend to approach a mobile application that asks for a password. Instead, biometric applications save that precious time and save life in many cases

New Possibilities in Gaming Applications

The end of the year 2013 saw over 100K downloads of high-quality games without lite versions, positive reviews and famous franchises. The 2014 seems to be picking up where it was left in 2013. The gap between hardcore and casual gaming seems to be widening as iOS gamers would be expected to shell $0.99 for casual game, $3 for play worthy game and $6 for the love of game.

Though, big players are not expected to stick to freemium business model, for small to mid-sized businesses that is going to be a happening business model.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Almost 70% of executives have allotted 20% their 2014 budget to enterprise mobility solutions. The biggest challenge and hence an opportunity for developers would be to create B2E – business to employee solutions as intuitive and as user-friendly as other commercial mobile applications.

While BYOD culture is gearing up this year, the challenges in the area of communication infrastructure and security are immense. If mobile application developers thoroughly understand these challenges in the implementation of enterprise mobility solutions, they can come up with some unique mobile enterprise applications and change the way of business.

While these are some of the major trends in the world of mobile applications in the year 2014, the possibility for other applications too are unlimited. Let us keep our fingers crossed and let 2014 unfold on its own pace.

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