Major Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development – How to Tackle?

enterprise mobile app development

In the last couple of years, enterprise mobility has gained huge attention of businesses as it has become the need of the hour. Today, it is an essential strategy for business process and operation.

It is also expected that the mobile workforce is going to reach 100-million benchmark in the U.S by 2020, so there is no need to worry about the growth of enterprise mobility. Even, enterprise mobile apps will give tough competition to consumer applications in terms of volume and variety.

Moreover, majority of employees prefer to bring in their own devices to work; therefore, it is required to ensure that enterprise mobile applications are established for people to envisage productivity and competence through the whole enterprise.

With the constant demand for developing high-end enterprise applications, various new challenges can be observed. In the world of mobility, advanced technologies are pushing the frontier, so it is important for developers to have their own solutions for the emerging app challenges.

Importance of Enterprise Mobile App in Your Business

From the beginning of 2016, the segment of enterprise mobile apps started to gear up to surpass the consumer apps’ market in popularity as well as in revenue.

Approximately 35% of big enterprises invested in mobile app development last year, according to an IDC report. Moreover, 43% of enterprise mobile app developers made $10,000+ per month.

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Some of the experts also predicted that by the end of this year, we will have more mobile app developers, who will try their skills and expertise in enterprise app development. In the mobile technology industry, they will authorize the new trend of enterprise apps.

Therefore, it is important for big and large-scale companies and enterprises to have an enterprise mobile app so that they can serve their customers in a better way and deliver an outstanding experience.

Key Challenges in Developing Enterprise Mobile App

  • Security

Today, security is considered as one of the most challenging parts of enterprise mobile application development. It is obvious that mobile-oriented security needs to look for special expertise to overcome the following challenges.

  • Authentication

Authentication is the vulnerable place in the app as there is need to provide user credentials like login and password. It is a quite daunting task to implement a safe and secure authentication routine from a scrape in rapid development. To solve this problem, it is important to integrate with the enterprise’s LDAP directory as it will ensure you a proper and accurate authentication. It also delivers a suitable single-sign-on (SSO) across all enterprise applications.

  • Encrypting Data

It would be good to keep all the sensitive data encrypted and if it is stored on the mobile devices, it is a great option. It can be easily achieved using a secure container, which will protect the enterprise apps in such cases where devices are lost or compromised.

  • Server-side Validation

It is quite easy to implement essential checks and validations on the server instead of the client side. This approach delivers two major benefits like – app performance will not be slowed down by multifaceted validations, and other one is the logic will be updated on regular basis as it’s on central server – bug fixes like security fixes. Moreover, you should remember it that security is considered as the most flexible thing and its requirements are depending on the type of application.

  • User Interface

It doesn’t matter whether you are developing enterprise apps for your employees or customers, it is vital that the functionality of the apps gives tough competition every single time. When developing enterprise apps, the usability of the apps plays a significant role before aesthetic concerns.

Today, various customers are looking forward to enterprise application development for different reasons like connecting with a brand, getting 24*7 support, offering complete information about products and services and more. The main aim of developing an enterprise app is to emphasize intuitiveness.

One of the best ways to do is utilizing different icons as they can be the foundation for developing a highly valuable mobile UI. Thus, you can make use of them to explain rapidly about the button’s functionality. In addition to this, you can also use hardware buttons as it will allow you to add more intuitiveness to your application’s navigation.

  • Data Access & Managing Content

For most enterprise mobile solutions, it is often sensitive to access corporate data and other secured information. This type of information and secured data mainly available in a backend database, so developers can decide that how they can access such data and whether to store accessed data in the device’s native file system or for offline access. It is challenging to ensure seamless sync of data between the app and the backend.

Therefore, enterprise mobility solution developers should talk with business managers and comprehend the entire business process to get data access.

Let’s take one example, a marketing manager needs to download some data and list of inventory when he meets any client where there is no network. In such a scenario, it is important that the app doesn’t need only data storage capabilities, but also synchronization capabilities to update the inventory once the manager comes online. There should one capability where the app needs to comprehend when a connection is dropped.

One such other challenge is rushing all different types of content like images, videos, animation, text or anything in monolithic expansion files.

  • Challenge of Big Data

In the last 70 years, enterprise customers data has grown hugely and it is predicted that enterprises need to maintain data 50x more by 2020 that would increase the need for more big data IT experts and professionals for maintaining the growing information.

With the constant increase in the enterprise data, there is a huge difficulty and it also increases the need for the cost for expanding the conventional data models for the app, database, and storage to accommodate the need of huge data.

When it comes to talking about big data, it is complicated because it has different types of data ranging from structured data to unstructured data. For big data, there is a need of swift delivery in actual time and the name goes discernibly its volume of information that the enterprise data has boosted from megabytes and gigabytes to terabytes to petabytes.

However, there are lots of benefits of big data to enterprises and it is essential for enterprises to adopt new technologies and tools so that they come up with creative solutions to make the best use of it. They need to understand it that big data is not a single technology or technique; however, it is obtainable across various areas of business and technology.

How to Tackle These Challenges?

Are you thinking how to tackle these challenges? How to solve that seems like an impossible problem? All you should do is go micro. Yes, there are lots of companies that are facing these challenges by focusing on micro-application.

You can adopt single purpose application, which will get info from existing system across an organization and securely provide to your customers or employees. Instead of focusing on developing big and full of features apps, you can develop mobile apps that have only vital features for your customers.

Such applications will make it easier for experts and professionals to make mobile apps that give solutions to individual problems. Moreover, the smaller code bases of the apps would be easy to maintain, making it a lot simpler to perform changes to meet business requirements.

Apart from this, it would be good for enterprise application developers to adopt new technologies and tools like Cloud and more that will help them to maintain such big apps. However, various experienced enterprise mobile app development companies have started to adopt new tools, technologies and modern techniques that make them easy to deliver such enterprise mobility solution to meet their customer’s’ needs.

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