Luggage Storage App Development: 4 Ingredients Travel and Hospitality Need to Consider to Develop Luggage Storage App Like BAGBNB

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Being in the tourism and hospitality industry, your startup needs to evolve with the ever-changing travel trends. Who could have ever thought of an idea like Airbnb, a place like home for frequent travelers? After the success of Airbnb, there were a plethora of apps like Home ToGo, VRGO, HomeAway. Now, after the evolution of such homestays, another startup, in the form of a luggage storage service named BAGBNB, has altered the traveler’s traveling experience. So, if you are thinking to invest in the luggage storage app development, we have rounded up 4 ingredients that can leverage your tourism business.

We all have gone through the luggage fuss situation millions of times. With Airbnb, the tourism and hospitality industry solved the accommodation problem and gave more options than costly hotels. Now, history is repeating itself by evolving the luggage space. 

Technological advancement has taken over the world, so how can the luggage storage service remain unnoticed. There are millions of travelers across the globe. According to the tourism market trends, the industry has experienced steady growth almost every year. The number of international tourist arrivals worldwide has reached over 1,323m.

Such statistics actually show the requirement of a luggage storage space. People travel totting baggage to restaurants, museums, or a meeting with a potential client, which makes them a little uncomfortable at times. But a growing number of startups like luggage storage are making a promise in the form of apps to match short-term baggage for travelers. The storage can be with coffee shops or other businesses that have secured spare storage space.

The luggage storage app development has niche competitors like Vertoe, Stasher, Nannybag, LuggageHero that allow users to open an app and book their spare space for luggage, with smooth in-app navigation.

Without doing further due, let’s dive into ingredients that you as travel and hospitality startup should consider while developing your travel app or luggage storage app.

4 Ingredients of the Best Luggage Storage App BAGBNB to be Considered WHile Luggage Storage App Development 

#1 Curated search for luggage storage

No airports or railway stations or cabs ever have the facility of luggage storage or secured space to keep the luggage and roam the city. Here is where your travel app will come into the picture. With the basic functionality of choosing a destination, booking tickets, transport means, available dates/in-app calendar, you must have a specific search filter for luggage storage.

Now, who will benefit from such a short term luggage solution? A traveler who has a business meeting for some hours, or someone who has a long halt at a specific stop before reaching his actual destination. Someone who has more luggage and wants to securely drop some of it in between.

luggage storage app

Image Credit: BAGBNB

With your “luggage storage near me” functionality, a user will find the apt space to keep his luggage. Make sure that your storage app has a curated search filter which helps them to easily insert location, date, drop time, pickup time, preferred location. Allow your users to select from a list of local luggage storage service providers. 

#2 Apply the gig economy rule

For luggage storage spaces, tie-ups with famous cafes, restaurants, bars as it will give your travel and hospitality app a whole new brand exposure. It will turn out to be partnering and advertising opportunity for the joints. They can also earn extra through the app via commission.

Your app for the luggage store must have a specific login for tie-ups. You should integrate their accurate location, concerned person to meet at the location, payment gateway integration for advance payments.

With the gig economy concept brought in by apps like AirBnB, is beneficial for both the luggage storage app development and the partnering vendors. This collaboration successfully satisfies the users and also the vendors get additional footfall once they walk in to keep their luggage.

#3 Location tracker to reach the destination

When a traveler is visiting a new destination, it is very much necessary to provide him with map integration. The in-app GPS tracking will guide him to reach the luggage storage space without any mishap. The user will also gain trust in the app, on the other end make sure the vendor gets notified about the arrival of his client.

luggage storage app

Image Credit: BAGBNB

The maps must define both the parties about each other’s location and distance from the location. This will help the vendors to manage space for the user and the user will easily reach the destined location. 

#4 In-app online chats as a 24*7 customer support

Sometimes frequent travelers also have confusion regarding the routes or the landmarks. Through your luggage storage app ‘online chat’ he can instantly ask about the luggage drop-off location. 

As an app owner, you will easily find out the loopholes in your functioning and will be able to solve the queries of your client immediately. The customer support ingredient is like an HR department that provides solutions to every problem during any time of the day. A customer has to be satisfied by your online luggage storage service and thus an in-app 24*7 support is very much necessary.

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