London Startups “How to Launch an App like a Pro?”

How to Launch an App like a Pro?

Planning and sketching to design and development, simply a difficult task.

But, that’s what we do every day at Space-O.

Have you ever thought what if you’ve built a great app and just don’t know how to launch an app like a pro?

Have you ever thought what if your app is great but someone launch so big and get more downloads or users?

Being different is the strategy to being first in the market in the today’s world of mobile app development. With over 300 new apps being launched in the AppStore everyday, it’s difficult to get featured by Apple to attract thousands of downloads.

Have you heard about an event took place in London on “How to launch an app like a Pro?”

This event is all about on their pre/post launch marketing strategy, their user acquisition channels, their PR strategy and how they climbed the App Store charts.

It was scheduled on Friday, 18th March 2016, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT)

We would also like to share our experience on the same points, which will be discussed in the event such as:

Prepare for their launch day
Preparation doesn’t need at the launch day. It should be earlier with the proper planning along with the proper app store optimization techniques, else you get rejected because of screenshot too.

Choose their marketing strategy

An idea to design and development is different things. Marketing is aside of it. It’s pure marketing strategy to promote their app, however, Space-O believes adding some most common yet most likable feature by users. That’s not enough to market an application, there are many things we know but we are very excited to get to know a couple of successful things through this event.

Before sometime, FordPay has entered the mobile payment market to helps users to make a transaction for services smart parking, personal mobility assistance and car features like remote start, lock and unlock and information on vehicle health. This is one type of marketing strategy used by Ford to grab users’ attention and be unique from others. Same of different strategies we will see in this events from successful app launchers.

Monetized their app

How to monetize an application? This is a big question for every app owner. Somehow, we have given ideas to people, who wants to monetize an application. But, we know there are some techniques of app monetization done by experts. We eagerly waited to know.

Got PR for their app

It requires solid planning and intelligent communication to execute mobile app PR strategy. It can only achieve by building an online presence, creating convincing pitches, collecting users’ reviews and target people like journalists and bloggers.

Couple of examples:

Groupon launches new Merchant app that puts the daily deal front and center

Peeple, the ‘Yelp for people,’ has launched — and everyone still hates it

Pricing points

We recommended to launch your application for free and provide some additional features in Pro version. It would also great to offer pro version to those people, who recommended your application to others.

There are many other points to be discussed such as creating a video, be social, paid advertising, partnering up with many top apps, roadblock ad on the web and many more.

We work differently, we work with entrepreneurs and act as CTO of their app idea. We do believe that if we are talking about development they must have some plan of launch the app too.

We are also following this London event through social media and we love to embed the successful stories, experience and talks from London-based entrepreneurs and startups, who are attending and sharing about this event.

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