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A large number of businesses have accumulated greater losses than profit figures while operating with logistics management apps partially because of ambiguous app developers who often make fake promises relating to quality and deadline.

A research conducted by Standish Group has revealed that success could be experienced by only 16% of software projects whereas 53% faced challenging scenarios and the remaining 31% of the projects got called off. The researchers also concluded that an average software project goes 189% over the predetermined budget, misses the deadline by 222% and only delivers the specified functionalities by 61%. In such a scenario, there lies considerable demand for a 24-hour solution which can continuously track all running activities of the logistics business.

Such on-demand mobile applications can help customers in availing these services at absolute any point of time by simply clicking one button. But it is necessary to consider a few things prior to starting with custom logistics app development as pointed out below:

Inaccuracy While Calculating Project Time Frame And Budget

Mobile Application developers are always on the lookout for pleasing their customers. Their eagerness in delivering projects prior to the predetermined time frame often leads to shortcomings in quality. You need to totally steer clear of unrealistic time frames as they do more harm than good.

Requirement Of An IT Consultant

Organisations lacking proper leadership might face a setback while developing logistics management applications. Some of these projects being resource-intensive do not require all the things which are offered in their range of services. This is where the requirement of an IT consultant crops up.

Understanding What Is Necessary

Certain project managers especially technical project managers become excessively lured to the latest technology, thus nagging every client to undertake the same. Varying with your end goals, you might or might not feel the requirement of latest tech. In such a case, it is advisable to conduct your research properly rather than relying on the project manager who would always nod in favor of the latest update. This can actually divert the project from the plan laid down initially causing objectives to change and hindering developers from submitting the project on time.

The Issue Of Development Downtime

A significant reason behind failed or halted projects of logistics mobility solutions companies are network failures, infrastructure failures, hackers, viruses etc. contributing to the development downtime.

Lack Of Periodic Assessment

It is of supreme importance to set milestones to be looked up to by the development teams for periodic assessment of their quality. This can be of considerable help in completing the project with flying colors.

Poor Standards Of Quality Testing


When it comes to the part of testing, adequate importance is yet not given to the aspect of coding while develop logistics and transportation mobile apps. Developers fail to understand that testing is equally important as that of coding and must be taken up comprehensively at each stage of the application development lifecycle. It is necessary to conduct such testing sessions in real-time environments. The chances of getting exact result increases when such tests are done under live production environment.

Blemished Communication Can Stand As An Obstacle

Lack of effective communication is surfacing as one of the biggest problem areas in the field of logistics management apps development. This is hindering process flows and ideas from catering to the main objective hence paving the way for misunderstandings. It is of extreme importance in maintaining clarity of communication in every stage of the logistics application development process. Many companies opt for a combination of software and various renowned brands which can yield them the greatest benefit. Try out the trial and error method if you need to, but don’t forget to maintain due diligence while conducting your research.

Replication Can Never Be The Solution

Taking inspiration from the market magnets like bringing together of multiple stakeholders in a manner similar to Uber is advisable for the start-ups. However, they should refrain from replicating the entire business model. Uber, for example, has its exclusive market to target, business model, and audience which might be poles apart from similar variables of your business. Thus, it is necessary to concentrate on your own needs and aspirations rather than swearing by any universal statistics for offering a solution which can suffice the requirements of your customers. You should try and be as much creative as possible by experimenting with different options before deciding on the size that fits you best.

Scalability Is An Absolute Must

Increasing the size of one’s business on a rapid scale can make you more viable to failure. On-demand startups do not have big profit figures to showcase in the early stage and are largely dependent on the money of their investors for serving the customer requirements. Hence, it becomes extremely cumbersome for such businesses to scale-up if they feel the requirement of establishing a considerable amount of physical presence. However, there are ample methods of improving the transaction volume. Attracting end-users from every corner of the world by paying them requisite attention can be a feasible option. The performance of your start-up in the existing market is also of paramount importance.

Investment In On-demand Startups

There are a larger array of factors determining the profitability of the logistics business apart from its operation and establishment costs. Technology is regarded as just a small part of the net costs which go into setting up of the business. Occurrences of start-ups failing in the aftermath of instant scaling are not rare. Rivet and Way are two such startups which failed to make its mark courtesy the abnormal customer acquisition expense.


Once the real problem areas have been identified, the same can be catered accordingly. Supply chains and technology serve as the basic platform for the logistics industry. Herein the core area of concern remains in the quick and efficient delivery of goods to their destination spots. The mobility solutions for logistics have made such apps an ultimate favorite among businesses and professionals. These apps create a much more collaborative and interactive effort based on the supply chain.

From establishing linkage between external and internal business partners to shipment and asset tracking, these applications help in keeping track of the information flow. Logistics providers are under constant pressure of managing transportation projects as well as mitigating customer requirements. A large portion of the workforce is continuously on the move and geographically separated. From forklift operators to bus ticket agents, the working atmospheres of these operators are essentially mobile. Gaining access to a real-time corporate system shall propel them in gaining greater control over the market process and client’s point of service.

A greater requirement of an improved public transportation system is being rapidly experienced courtesy urbanization and global demographic shifting. Thus, it is necessary to obtain a deeper insight and increase the potency for becoming proactive in the plethora of delivering transit services.

Space-O Technologies have been fuelling such technological requirements of the logistics business by delivering state-of-art solutions which can increase the overall experience by reducing costs and improving efficiency. Starting from multi-national carriers to small couriers, we deliver custom solutions for every type of business coupled with in-depth domain knowledge and years of experience. You can also check out the best ideas behind on-demand food ordering app development which never misses the mark.

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