Add Location Feeds App Feature Like Twitter in Your iPhone App Development Plan to Improve User Experience


Twitter, a micro-blogging startup, has shaken hands with Foursquare, a local search and discovery service, to offer a brand-new “location feeds” to its users. A location-based feed feature shows all the tweets tagged to particular areas, including an amusement park, business, sporting events, music festivals, museums, theater, etc.

As of now, iPhone and iPad users enjoy Twitter Location Feeds features through Twitter’s mobile app. Android and Windows phone users have to wait for some period.

How to Use Location Feeds Feature?

Users have to tag their post with specific locations. It will show that place in grey inside the timeline while tags with the general city location will display those tags in the tweet details view.

Here, the new thing is When you tag a specific location, it shows in the main Twitter Timeline. It also gives clue to the people that there are location feeds to browse through their profiles. When users click through to the tweet detail and then click the location, they will be brought to a location feed with a map. Users will also see a tab of tweets from that city or place, along with the option to check tab dedicated to media like photos.


Source: TechCrunch

According to Twitter, a basic version of ‘Location Feeds’ feature was available before, however, there was no any way to tell a tweet was tagged with a location unless user opened its details. Having these location feeds can be difficult.

Some specific tags will display the tweets on mobile as “- at [the location]”. However, when users tap on them, it brings a un-stylized list of recent tweets that also tagged there. Users just have to tap into the tweet’s detail view and after that, on the location in blue beneath the tweet to stop the new Foursquare location feed.

Twitter is also using Yelp’s places database where Foursquare data is thin.

As geo-fenced is not activated, so anyone spams the new location feeds. Location feeds that accessed via the new tags will be unlocked the ability for users to plunge themselves in a place. Now, users can discover what people are saying on the ground rather than browse a noisy hashtag with tweets.

Twitter Gives a Better Reason to Tweet More

Everyone loves to tag a place and city. All thanks to the people browsing that allows users to get extra visibility of their tweets.

If Twitter gets more place-tagged tweets, it could create location-specific Moments. At present, we have seen Moments are heavy on the Internet’s commentary, as it tells about the real-world events. If Tweeter curates location Moments correctly, it would compete with Snapchat’s Live Stories.

Ad Targeting Options for Companies

Users might don’t want to follow Burger King, however, they are happy to check-in on Twitter. With this, the company gets way to enhance its interest-based ad targeting, although users don’t communicate with a business’s tweets or place. The location could help business to target its users with hyperlocal advertising or even, they are market about similar places.

Not only to the social medias like Twitter and Facebook but also Location feed helps in dating application. We have integrated this feature in one of our Android app project, Join.

This application allows users to browse public events and people, who are waiting in your area to join. Best of all, we have personalized its main screen for users to set their location. That means users can list event by location to make easy for anyone to find. (This feature is similar to Twitter’s Location Feed feature.)

Another location-based app feature in one of our developed app is Whenitize, will track your travel based on map data and travel method. Here is quick review from app store:

“I am a student and this app has helped me with finding of certain locations and destinations, enabled me to get in touch with friends on trip and sharing trip related locations with them. This app has also helped me find people and getting to them. This app has made convenience for me showing the proper mode of my transport. We can share our trip locations with friends or group. Overall this app has helped me on various trips regarding locations. This app is simple, user-friendly and is world class user experience.” – App Review


As one of the Top iPhone App Development company we always keep updated with the latest technology, features, and ideas to implement and we want to tell you if you are a company who wants customers’ attention in the ever-increasing mobile space, you need to have a beautiful iPhone app and update with latest features and inspire them to use your app more and engaged.

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