Leverage Lessons Learnt from WhatsApp to re-skin WhatsApp like Apps


There is no doubt about the tremendous success that tiny start-up WhatsApp has got with its acquisition by Face book. There are thousands of entrepreneurs and mobile app developers who are now running after to imitate and even surpass this great success in the modern history of technology and mobile apps.

While there is nothing wrong in imitation, it has to be done with full understanding and skills. One of the basic things about the imitation is to understand fully the reasons of the success that it wants to follow. Let us have a look into the basic reasons why WhatsApp succeeded amidst the great clutter in the mobile application industry.

Keep it Simple

They say it is very difficult to be simple and normal. It seems that WhatsApp has achieved this most difficult task with ease and grace. The interface, the purpose and its meticulous execution all seem to be so simple that it has attracted huge number of users for the simple reason that: mind does want simplicity in the midst of chaos. In that sense, WhatsApp has been able to answer the inherent need of doing it with simplicity and without any hassle.

While it is true that life is not always simple, it is equally true that at the end of the day, every soul wants it easy and simple. This is a great lesson to be learnt from the success of WhatsApp. If you want to re-develop or re-skin WhatsApp like apps, partner with a technology firm that understands this basic principle behind the great success of WhatsApp.

Pure Communication sans Distractions

One thing that WhatsApp has done remarkably well is strict “ban” of ads in its services. We all know how ads when they constantly pop up in our browsing or communication are annoying and distracting. Peopled were happy to pay a meager subscription instead of tolerating the constant ads. This is yet another great lesson to be learnt from WhatsApp. When you are planning to develop WhatsApp like application, you need to find innovative ways to generate revenues instead of just mobile advertising. Even mobile advertising can be used sensibly and cautiously to make the user experience pleasant as well as generate more revenues. Technology companies like Space-O with their sheer experience and efficiency know this best. Approach them to get your WhatsApp like apps developed with passion and understanding.

Clarity about The Target Audience

Best thing that WhatsApp did was to target clearly and sharply. It has not confined its messaging services only to smart phone holders. Rather, it reached out to a mobile phone holder who was surviving on $10 a day. By providing its services to middle billion, it has made itself available to each and every mobile device. That it was ubiquitous and that it exactly wanted it that way is another lesson that you must grasp. When you know your target audience well, and what is your purpose in developing WhatsApp like app, half the battle is won and clutter is clear.

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