8 Features You Must Not Miss While Developing A Language Learning App


This post includes information for the startups & entrepreneurs. Herein rounded up three features, which startups can consider during language learning app development.

With our world speaking in so many beautiful languages, how can one resist oneself in taking interest in them? There is a quest in all of us in exploring and learning a new language and some of us take do are very serious about it and are into grasping new languages.

Well, language learning is not easy we all know that very well but not impossible either. Gone are the days of hunting a language expert or struggling with the natives of a region to learn their language. With technology so advanced today, anyone can learn any language from any corner of the world via the internet. But then, to make things more convenient and easy someone made an app for it and today we have quite a bunch of remarkable ‘Language Learning Apps.’

To learn a language as a whole, one has to master the four basic skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Traditional approaches can be lengthy and hiring a personal professional tutor can be expensive. And one major glitch that learners face while picking up a new language is the time taken in understanding new words or mastering the accents, which ultimately becomes so frustrating and tiring that a lot of us give up the halfway and move on. To avoid all such scenarios from occurring and to keep us hooked till the mastery of language is obtained, we have the phenomenal language learning apps like Duolingo, Bussu, HelloTalk, Babbel and so on. Talking about the Babbel, this language learning app has achieved milestones. According to the report from TechCrunch, “Babbel has sold 1M US subscriptions this year.”

According to the statistics of the global mobile education market by 2020, the worldwide m-education spending is projected to reach 37.8 billion US dollars, up from 3.4 billion US dollars in 2011. Which means the future of learning apps has just begun, take Duolingo for example, this brilliant and popular app now has over 200 million users worldwide. Its effective curriculum, clean design, appealing gamification, versatility and ease of use are the reasons it’s still ruling hearts all over. Duolingo educates users of the platform with the aid of translation exercises which allow the user to translate simple phrases, both written and orally for more than 25 various languages.

So, if you too want to try your hand on developing a language learning app and make it a successful and effective one like Duolingo, there some points you must consider before getting started.


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A mobile app is nothing but a garbage if it is not complete with all necessary features. Same goes with language learning app. For it to attract, engage and capture users forever, it has to have some important features that you as a startup can’t miss affording, while developing a successful language learning app. Let’s take a look at what are these.

8 Features That Can’t Be Missed During Language Learning App Development

1. The Listening Part

The baby steps to learn a new language begins with listening and hence this feature must be developed exceptionally well in your app. Provide listening exercises to train users for speech comprehension effectively. LIke Memrise, the winner at Google Play Awards 2017, who offers a variety of short videos & audio tracks that enable users to listen to the native speakers’ speech as well as do certain exercises later on as well.

2. Vocabulary Tailored as per the Learners

A learner can be a newbie or already a knower who wants to master the language further. Hence if your app provides them with separate vocabulary acquisition for different levels like beginners and advanced, they will love it! The newbies can start with simple exercises learning the commonly used words like the Busuu app where the beginner is given a pictorial representation of the word to make it easy to understand. While for advanced, quizzes, memory exercises, synonyms, or antonyms, reading tests etc. makes its challenging.

3. Pronunciation Checker

The third most feature that matters is pronouncing in a language. Any language can only be perfected only if you get the grasp of pronouncing it the right way. For that, you must add speech recognition technology & pronunciation checking feature with dialogues and audio clips for the users so that their pronunciation can improve like in Babbel app. With built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) today, you can also test whether your user is pronouncing a foreign word or a phrase correctly or not.

The above-mentioned features will definitely make your app a success but there are some other features too that you must implement while developing a language learning app and which will take your app straight to the heart of the users like;

Other Recommended Features

4. Appealing Design

Needless to say for any app, its appearance, ease of use, understandable format all make its first impression. It means that the interface design should be user-friendly, clean, without overloading with details. Of course, your UI / UX designers will have to put their best to achieve it.

5. Gamification

Language learning can turn boring if not provided with some fun part. Gamify your app to keep users hooked to it. Add exciting game with a system of bonuses, incentives, achievements and the chance to compete with other users. This will not only ease the learning process for the users but will also keep them engaged with the app.

6. Socialization

People love to share their achievements with others. Allow them to brag their success on social networks. Also, give them the freedom to find or join a social club to communicate and compete with friends, family members or other social groups. Let them name their club or choose a logo and see how much they will love your app.

7. Free & Offline

An app that is free is undoubtedly accepted by all. If not then at least allow them it for free for a certain time period. Also, make it available in offline mode as well. No matter in what unstable internet connection your users are, they must be able to continue their learning process with some set of pre-downloaded exercises.

8. User Feedback

Users will love it when they will get to review their course within the app and not just the app stores. Prove an inbuilt feedback form which they can fill and get a response at the instant. It will enhance your service and even keep you informed where you are lacking behind.

Final Thoughts

If you wish your language learning app to serve its purpose, you must make it feature-rich no matter what. Plan your budget, discuss with your developers, study the market and go for it. Mobile learning is growing and your app will surely give you good returns if you develop it keeping all the above factors in mind. Just make sure to develop it into something interesting and not boring and serious just because it is a learning app.

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