Having an eLearning App Idea? 3 Important Lessons of Duolingo to Consider During Language Learning App Development

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With the advent of eLearning apps, the world of education and learning is moving towards online training through video, audio, and gamification. If you are an ed-tech startup that is looking to provide dynamic, fun, and interactive online courses, then an education app is the best solution. Recently, Duolingo, the language learning app, raised $30million and became the new unicorn of the language app genre. Herein we have curated 3 lessons of Duolingo that you can consider for your language learning app development.

Cramming a language- be it any language- into a four-month semester with a good GPA is a task for students. How many of us are able to learn new languages in a short span? 

With advanced technology, learning a language has become easier than before. Mobile apps are one of the many technically sound learning platforms that are changing the perspective of people by Elearning.

Being an Edtech startup, you can provide language learning service through apps by facilitating users with the interactive online school via live sessions, conversing through intelligent chatbots and solving their problems instantly, keep a daily track of your student’s progress, and also your users can join the largest community of language learners.

The benefits of such online training are undeniable: reduced cost, great flexibility for the students, the ability to train thousands of people worldwide at the same time. The ‘learn a language apps’ are breaking with the inertia and passivity of classroom courses.

The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025. The online tutoring segment is expected to grow annually at 12% during 2019-2023. Such growth statistics in the education apps show the other side of the coin in which education is becoming a lucrative business. Thus, if you are still confused with your mobile educational app idea, you can have a look at some of these simple and best mobile app ideas in the education industry. From AR-based education app to personal tutor app, the genre has a lot of online business opportunities for you Edtech startups.

Recently, a language learning app named Duolingo has raised $30million in a new round of funding, bringing it to a $1.5 billion valuation and making it Pittsburgh’s first tech startup to reach unicorn status. The online language learning company has over 300 million monthly online users and over 30 different languages to engage its users. 

Let’s dive into some important lessons that will help your startup become the best app for learning languages like Duolingo, Babble, and Memrise.

3 Important Lessons to Consider For Successful Language Learning App Development

#1 Provide your users with an opportunity to learn language from scratch

You are competing with traditional teaching methods.

Thus, the very first and important lesson for your online learning startups is to provide a solution from scratch. You need to understand your target audience, it can be a fresh learner, a student, as well as a well-versed professional language learner.

Being an Edtech startup or entrepreneur, give your users interactive learning sessions. Provide them with concrete, applicable knowledge, that they can use directly to converse with the real-world situations. 

Facilitate your users with the following in-app perks to make an interactive and engaging language-learning from scratch.

  • Native voice artists (teach them how native speakers actually talk)
  • Gamification that keeps them motivated (storytelling, bite-size lessons)
  • Simulators to ensure practice
  • Learning videos that they can save and play it till they master the language

If you are planning to develop language learning app like Duolingo, offer users with a maximum number of different lessons designed to learn new words, read and translate text, train listening comprehension.

#2 Crowdsourcing translations integrating intelligent chatbots

Allow users to post their translated articles. 

This can be an integral part of the gig economy trend. Your language learning app development should let people do crowdsourcing translations. For more online engagement, you can invite students to translate articles and vote for translations. The highest voted article should be paid as an incentive with a reward like in-app credit scores.

Allow users to assess the pronunciation level of a phrase that he has recorded be translated through a chatbot. Let the bot ask basic questions related to specific words, phrases, sentences, for this, the speech translation function needs to be implemented, which may lead to the increased project cost. 

But this approach will improve the UX factor of your education app. Our UI/UX Project team creates experiences that are intuitive to users when they are navigating the mobile app. If you have any queries regarding the designing or wireframing of the app, then discuss it with our expert app designers.

#3 Access to videos and books

If you are planning for a language learning app development, you need to provide access to videos and book libraries. Let the users explore the languages by themselves, you can also keep such collection into an in-app subscription to earn online revenue. 

Make sure you add subtitles to your videos and also keep translations on a mandatory basis. With books, you should provide users with their favorite author’s original creation. Provide them with useful hints and tips to translate certain difficult phrases while reading a book. This will be appreciated by students or people who want to improve their level of learning languages.

Are you still in a dilemma to create a Duolingo Clone? Well, you can consult us for any query or confusion regarding language learning app development, top features for online tutoring app, education app development timeline. 

On a Concluding Note

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