Know These Apps before Hiring Android App Development Provider

Are you a small business? Are you a start-up, and want to try shelf Android mobile applications for your finance? Well, the idea is not that bad as there are thousands of finance apps available in Android to manage your finance. But, it is difficult to choose among them as it is a clutter out there.

Space-O brings a compact list of such best fintech apps  that you can have a look at. However, it is not guaranteed that these apps would take care of all your financial needs, in that you need custom Android Apps development. Companies like Space-O can do that for your in cost-effective way.

Let us have a look at those finance apps developed as part of Android apps development.

FreshBooks Android App

When you get a subscription of FreshBooks that starts at $20 monthly, this app is provided to you for free. The major function of this app is to help CEOs of the companies record and track expenses and profits of the business. It also gives extra functionality to track employees’ performance and company’s profits. Since, the app organizes and charts expenses, business decisions can be made smoothly and efficiently. Users can use this app for a 30-day trial, and then, you need to pay $19.95 per month.

QuickBooks Online

This is one of the most popular apps and requires monthly subscription of $12.99 or yearly subscription of $124.99 with 20% off. The app is available free for 30-days. The app allows you

  • To create, edit and e-mail invoices
  • To manage expenses and track payments
  • To view the info and update while on the move
  • To schedule calendar appointments
  • To create new vendors to manage expenses
  • To estimate while on the field and create new customers


Mint too is a very popular Android app especially for startups and entrepreneurs. Its major task is to track the expenses and budget. Mint is ideal for those who are constantly traveling and do not have time to physically go to bank and keep a tab on transactions. You only need to add the bank accounts and credit cards details in this application and it will automatically display a list of transactions that is categorized. In a tablet, this application also interprets data in charts and graphs.

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Since, Android takes extra care for security; this app is pass code-protected and hence secure. Also, in case of device loss, a user can go to its website and prohibit the access to the account. The app also gives the users notifications about imminent fees, bills, or any unusual activity on account.

There is no doubt that Android application development has made these apps possible. However, when your business grows and comes across a new challenge, not all the features of these apps work in favor of you. That is the reason why you should go for customized Android application development. Have a look at Android apps portfolio of Space-O here.

Should you need further information on Android application development, contact Space-O right now.

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