Know Major Platforms Facilitating Cross Platform Mobile App Development


Our age is witnessing unprecedented mobile fragmentation the significance and impact of which can be much larger and deeper than our imagination can reach for. In that situation, cross platform mobile application development comes as the inevitable.

Let us go straight to major platforms through which developers can indulge in cross platform mobile app development.

Apache Cordova /PhoneGap

Popularly known as PhoneGap, it was created by Nitobi, and when it was donated to the Apache Software Foundation, it’s now called Apache Cordova. As Adobe purchased Nitobi, it also retained the rights to name PhoneGap and distributes Cordova under that name.

This platform can be used to create mobile apps using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Following are its major benefits:

  • Mostly developers know these three things and this platform precisely leverages that expertise resulting in quick turnaround of mobile apps
  • Cross platform mobile application development done using this platform allows the apps to be installed in the same way as native apps
  • PhoneGap has a plug-in architecture allowing the developers to access native device APIs in a modular way. This allows the developers to focus on their present web-based skills.

Know more about this cross platform mobile app development via PhoneGap here.


With this developers can undertake cross platform mobile app development as this platform facilitates across devices unified JavaScript API along with features that are platform specific. When developers use Appcelerator during their cross platform mobile application, they can also provide value added services such as Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), app analytics and a market place for others.

A mobile app developed using this platform performs brilliantly as it is developed with the use of native UI components. Alloy framework provided by this platform acts as a balancing factor across all UI platforms. JavaScript used to streamline code across the platforms allows the developers build on their present skills on multiple target platforms.

It is important to choose a right platform for cross platform mobile application development. If it is too beneficial for the clients, it has its own challenges and issues. And, that must be dealt with extra care. This is one of the reasons why you should look for an experienced and efficient technology partner like Space-O.

Have a look at some of the challenges that cross platform mobile application development entails:

  • The greatest challenge is to incorporate native language and SDK into an app developed using cross platform functionality. This is because each platform has native language and in order to maintain unique functionality, this combination is required
  • It is also very challenging to develop an app using cross platform functionality that gives the users great user experience in the same way apps using native platform may give them. It is best to follow the innate personality of the app along with platform specific uniqueness to arrive at the best user experience
  • To keep an eye out for customer behavior is also a great challenge in cross platform mobile application development

If you want to know more about the possibilities of cross platform apps development or still have any query or confusion regarding iOS and Android app development, then you can contact Space-O right now.


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