Key Factors which affect the Process determining Enterprise App Development Cost


Ms. Ayn Rand – one of the greatest influences of 20th century in shaping up the capitalist way of life across the globe – has hailed money as the physical manifestation of Man’s highest virtues.

In that sense, if you want to reap higher returns of your investment, you need to take into consideration several important enterprise mobile app development cost factors.

Let us go straight to those factors that determine enterprise app development cost.

Cost of the devices

This depends on two things – if an organization is supposed to provide devices to the employees or employees are expected to follow BYOD culture. In BYOD, the costs of the devices vanish, but costs of management and security still remain. If the organization follows hybrid corporate strategy, enterprise mobile app development cost needs to be decided keeping in mind two types of employees.

Network charges

When the process of determining average app development cost is going on, who is going to pay the bill for network connectivity needs to be determined at the outset – organization, employee or both in case of hybrid business strategy. If an organization is supposed to pay the bills, it can negotiate with the provider and get the best rates possible reducing the overall cost of the project.

Nature of applications

In a J. Gold Associates paper, “Delivering on the Promise of Mobile ROI,” April 2013, author Jack Gold suggests: “weigh the trade-offs in cost and productivity for off-the-shelf apps versus a highly tuned, customized app that optimizes the interactions, minimizes support costs, and achieves maximum end user productivity.”

Small and medium-sized businesses often require less complex applications and hence their costs are lesser than the complex applications for bigger enterprises. Gaming applications with 3D feature are generally considered complex and cost higher.

One of the enterprise mobile app development cost factors is – whether the application would be developed using device’s in-built features like camera and GPS to add extra functionality. This may result in higher costs but may give higher RIO.

Designing cost

It is not enough to get the application coded rightly. Messy design may ruin the outlook of an otherwise efficient and robust application. Enterprise app development cost should include cost of hiring an experienced and efficient app designer.

Security cost

One of the enterprise mobile app development cost factors is the security costs of the developed applications. Though there can be many layers of this aspect, increasing popularity of cloud-based MDM solutions are making companies pay for the security software monthly or annually. This makes the operational costs predictable. However, security risks can be reduced by investing in employee education. Enterprise app development cost should also include integration of mobility solutions with the existing system.

Submission/distribution of applications

While deciding the cost of your application development project, you also should consider cost of an enterprise app store – EAS. Other renowned application stores also charge registration fee. If you plan to hire a mobile application development company like Space-O, you may also need to add the cost of their fees.

These are some of the basic enterprise mobile app development cost factors.

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