How important is it to keep your intellectual property safe?

Think about it this way! You have a car, you love your car. Short and simple until now. One fine night, you go to sleep without any concern at all and next morning, you wake up knowing that your soulmate car has been stolen.

Now your neighbour comes to know about this and he comes to ask you, “How important was the car for you?” I am sure you have already crucified your neighbour for asking a silly question as this, at a crucial time.

In the same way, the above mentioned question implies the same feeling of silliness to us.

Why so?

  • All personal property is personal property nonetheless, whether it be physical or intellectual.
  • Every property has a value attached to it, ranging from emotional, monetary to intellectual.
  • The theft of any sort of a property is a pain in the neck.

So, how important is it to keep your intellectual property safe? The answer is, “VERY IMPORTANT!

Intellectual Property, is a phrase that has brought much concern in those minds that have brilliant ideas stored inside. But truly, what is Intellectual property? The particular meaning of it is, ‘intangible property that is the result of creativity.’ What this means is that any idea or thought that is a produce of your creativity and imagination counts as a part of intellectual property. And even if it is not tangible, it is your brain’s child and protecting it is very important.

As a mobile apps development company, we understand the value of an idea. We do understand the hardship and struggle you need to go through to formulate that one piece of genius. And if there is a potential threat to that idea, you cannot live in peace. However, we will not allow you to spend nights awake, worried for the safety of your idea.

To invoke trust in you, we at Space-O, have taken measures, that ensures that your idea never gets stolen:


At the beginning of any communication at all, Space-O insists on signing an NDA, a Non-Disclosure Agreement, by both the parties. This is even before the client has committed to the project. An NDA makes sure that a mutual trust is built between you and our team, and an open atmosphere is created wherein the idea sharing process can take place, without any doubts in your mind, about the idea getting stolen.


This is phase 2 of the trust building process and this takes place when a commitment is made by you, regarding the project and the app building procedure is about to begin. This contract spills the beans about everything that has to do with the project. It mentions the payment required, the time in which this project may be created, which Project Manager will be handling the project and more. This contract also mentions the assets that will be given to you as deliverables; the Intellectual Property Rights, the code, the logo, icons and design.

ISO 27001:2013 Certification

Space-O Technologies, within five years of operation, has mainly centered on high availability and high security operating systems which preserve the opportunity to be certified with ISO 27001:2013 on Information Security Management System for delivering mobile and Cloud Software Development, Application Development, Maintenance, Consulting and IT Services. This makes us the authority in assuring you about the security levels that we administer.

Keep your app idea a secret while its still an idea!

Protecting your app idea is your primary responsibility and right and means like patents and copyrights will help you. However, this process takes a long time and it means that by the time the patent is established, the possibilities of a theft still remains thereby making it important for you to choose your app development company well. If keeping your app idea safe is a priority for you then Space-O, being an ISO 27001:2013 Certified (on Information Security Management System), is a one-stop solution.

Reach us and know more about Space-O, keeping your idea or your intellectual property safe and converting them into an actual app.


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