How Job Today (#1 Hiring App in UK) Has Bagged $16M in Series B Funding With These 3 Simple Strategies


This article includes information for startups and entrepreneurs who want to develop job search and hiring app like Job Today. Read on these three simple strategies, which are behind the spontaneous growth of Job Today app.

The blue-collar jobs are getting easy to search with the emergence of on-demand apps like Uber, TaskRabbit, and Handy, which have offered numerous people freelance work, or we can say, “gigs” such as drivers, delivery persons, and cleaners. In short, to find out the blue-collar jobs has become easy due to these on-demand services. However, there is an app i.e. Job Today, especially for finding blue-collar jobs, which offers a twist on the gig economy.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Job Today is the number 1 hiring app in UK and has secured $16 million in Series B round of funding led by 14W.” Moreover, this startup in Europe has helped out many blue-collar workers to get relevant jobs without the need of CVs (Curriculum Vitae).

It is based on a different approach, which has been especially popular with fast turnover jobs in the service industries like hospitality and retail. In short, we can say that Job Today offers an online platform for both job seekers and recruiters, especially the blue-collar working class.

Hiring-AppImage Source: job today

Job Today: Job Search & Hiring App

  • Luxembourg-based job search app, Job Today, was founded in 2015. Currently, it operates in two markets i.e. the UK and Spain.
  • The hiring app, Job Today, matches job seekers and employers by location and other work criteria via its mobile messaging interface.
  • The number 1 hiring app in the UK, Job Today, is based on a Tinder-like matching service as the app allows job seekers a position within 24 hours. At the same time, recruiters will find out the right candidates. The job search app is focused on retail and hospitality that comprises restaurants and hotels.
  • According to the Job Today, it has processed over 5 million candidates across Europe, who are registered on this platform, and whom 70% are under 35 years of age.
  • It also claims to deliver over 100 million candidate applications to 400,000+ predominantly small businesses posting jobs through the app.
  • According to the Job Today, the overall volume of job applications has increased by 46% year-on-year in the market.
  • Talking about the performance of Job Today app, it has ranked #45 in the business category on the Google Play Store, according to the latest report by SimilarWeb. Plus, the graph of usage rank is also going upward, and this is what you can see in this below image.


Forging ahead, let us check out three simple strategies before developing a successful hiring app like Job Today.

Consider These 3 Simple Strategies Before Developing a Successful Hiring App like Job Today

1. Be Specific

One of the biggest strategies by hiring app, Job Today, is to provide a mobile-first platform for blue-collar job seekers in the niches such as hospitality and retail. The job search app, Job Today, fills the gap between the job seekers and recruiters. You need to be specific in terms of providing solutions to one particular niche if you are planning to create a hiring or job search app. This highly effective strategy will help you to analyze the pain points of your customers, and you can provide solutions to them.

job-search-app-development-1Image Source: job today

If we’re taking an example of Job Today, it focuses on blue-collar job seekers in particular areas like hospitality and real estate and provides solutions to them. So, the key takeaway is to be specific to providing solutions to your customers, who are seeking jobs.

2. Fill Up The Vacancies Within 24 hours

A revolutionary hiring app, Job Today, has set its standards and become the number one hiring app in the UK. So, one of the biggest strategies, which is worth considering is that the job search app is based on providing on-demand solutions to job seekers. It means that the company claims to fill up the vacancies within 24 hours. However, such effective strategy is behind the spontaneous growth of Job Today, and this strategy will surely help you to grow your business.

Job-search-appImage Source: job today

So, if you have ever thought to create hiring app for blue-collar jobs or another niche, then this is one of the highly-effective strategies, which you need to consider before developing a successful hiring app like Job Today.

3. Create New Opportunities for the Less-Skilled Users

This hiring cum job search app does not provide solutions to job seekers but also provides solutions to recruiters in order to hire people for relevant positions rather than spending a lot of time on calling them and scheduling their interviews.

Talking about the new opportunities, it has come up with many new opportunities for users who are less-skilled. It means that those who are in schools, colleges, and universities and want to do blue-collar gig jobs as freelancers, job search app has created opportunities for every age group no matter what the educational background is.

Image Source: job today

Moreover, the market of blue-collar job seekers is wide, which had been neglected for many years. So, it embraces a lot of opportunities for startups to dive into this market. Plus, you can also create opportunities for blue-collar job seekers.

So, the job search app like Job Today has changed the way how people are searching and recruiting the jobs and potential candidates for positions respectively. And, if you want to step into the world of job search app development, then such effective strategy is worth to consider.

Wrapping it Up

You have just gone through with the simple strategies, which are behind the success of Job Today app. If you are planning to create a job search and hiring app like Job Today and having a slew of queries like –

  • I have an app idea. How should I plan for it?
  • What is the app development cost of job search app or hiring app?
  • What is the importance of developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the app?
  • What is the right way to hire a professional app development company to develop Android app for job search & hiring app?
  • How long does it take to create job apps like Job Today?
  • How to make money with an app idea?

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