IT Struggles to Deliver on Strong Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps


Mobility is ongoing on an unstoppable speed. But enterprise mobility is even more wildly on the move. From startups to well set enterprises, everyone; everywhere is thinking of going mobile and using enterprise mobile apps. And as anticipated, this is creating a problem for the not so ready IT department of every company.

It is a strong belief, that most of the established enterprise owners cherish. They want an IT department of their own, just a small team of developers and designers to make an app of the company’s choice and need in the given time. However, barely competent or independent department named IT is not capable to fulfill the needs of the mobile apps for the swiftly growing enterprises.

This fact is proven again and again in the new 451 Research global survey, sponsored by Kony.

This research establishes the fact that out of the 480 sample tested, most of the respondents seem to plan more than 10 apps for their own companies and enterprises in the coming couple of years. And also that most of them also want to make sure they develop these apps from their in-house IT team.

The question that rises then is that, ‘Is the IT department capable of supplying the apps as the demand is?

The survey mentions the kind of apps these enterprise personnels want to make in the coming years, to give an appropriate boost to the apps. The types of apps talk about making are:

  • CRM-Sales
  • CRM- Marketing
  • A customer-facing application/ web application
  • Generic apps to improve productivity
  • CRM- Service/ support
  • Field-Service Applications
  • Supply-chain Applications
  • Partner Applications
  • Task-Based Employees Applications
  • Vertical Specific Industry Application

The figure below shows the statistics of the type of enterprise mobile apps being used widely.
Usage of Enterprise Mobile Apps
If the list is looked at in an in-depth manner, you may find a great variety of ideas and thoughts portrayed as per the dreams and aspirations of the company may go. All these apps need a great idea, brilliant skills and techy knowledge for them to be successful in the way they are expected to be.

Adding this fact with the previously mentioned statistics about the amount of apps many companies want to make in the upcoming years; poses a difficult and almost impossible challenge in front of the IT department of every firm.

So what is the solution?

It is almost impossible to fulfill these high dreams of the company with an in-house team. It is only possible if an extensive team of skilled developers and designers is made pertaining to these specific task.

However, the truly helpful solution is not in your company but outside of it. Outsourcing the apps has by far been a successful venture and it guarantees to be one as well. Today’s most successful apps, outsourced their development. And here is why you too:

Whichever company you choose, make sure you see their enterprise apps portfolio. If they have made such apps, then that makes them experienced in the whole area, which means that they will make sure the app is perfectly made without any glitches and keeping in mind the end-users i.e. the employees of the companies.

Infrastructural Freedom:
If you build an in-house team for the apps to be made, then you might as well consider other expenses included such as salaries for the employees (developers and designers) as well as the heavy cost of the infrastructure that needs to be provided for the development of the app. While, if you choose an external team or firm to create the app for you, you only need to pay for the app.

Unlimited Human Resources:
If you want to make 1 app or 10 apps at the same time; there is no issue as these mobile app development firms have a lot of employees employed for similar cases and work. So all of your projects can be worked upon at the same time, without any delays.

Less Involvement From Your Side:
With an IT department of your own you will have to be constantly behind their necks to make sure they are on the right track. While when an out of house team is employed, they have experience of the whole app making procedure.This means that even before the project begins, they have taken from you all the information necessary. And then you are free to do your job freely while side by side your app is in the process of being.

The facts and data as mentioned above, prove this very thing to be true. While one may still try and build an impenetrable system of having and maintaining an IT department/ an in-house app development team, it will always be beneficial to outsource a project and Get Shit Done in a jiffy.


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