Is iPhone Web Application Development Futuristic?

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This blog post is definitely not about the comparison of potentialities between Native and Web Apps for iPhone or any other mobile platform. But it is rather intended to highlight the opportunities with iPhone Web Application Development that are often overlooked by many because of the 2 primary reasons:

 iPhone Web Application Development
  1. iPhone Web Application Development is perceived in a different way than iPhone Native App Development with most considering later one, the ONLY better option with higher commercial interest. However, the content delivered through iPhone Web Applications can be equally saleable. The best example that can be used here will be of selling subscriptions or other such content. iOS 6 offers 2 very great features in the very regards that we can mention here:
    • In-App Purchase
    • Passbook
  2. The second reason why iPhone Web Apps receive less acceptance than iPhone Native Apps is because of the common misconception that the native apps render better user experience than web ones. But if that would have been the case then apparently “best Augmented Reality Apps” would not have been that popular. For a record, the first AR app was built for iPhone again.

Honestly developing iPhone web apps is promising and full of opportunities if one knows how to make the most out of it. And if you are targeting US market in particular then you will be happy to know that by Jan. 2014, more than 63% of US mobile subscribers will be using the web on their phones.

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