Is Your iPhone/iPad App Compatible With the new Map feature of iOS6 ?

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The latest version of iOS 6 has amazing and fantastic qualities and powerful features for its most precious customers in order to give them convenience, comfort, and creativity. Apple’s operating system always gives vast options to iOS developers and challenges their abilities and creativities so that they may code customized apps for personal or professional use. iOS app users can enjoy more than 200 new classic features and upgrades in new iOS 6 version. The Apple’s Software Development Kit (SDK) offers brilliant opportunities for the iOS developers so that they may develop customized applications for Apple’s smart devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Features of newly updated Maps in iOS 6 for iPhone & iPad:

Maps in iOS 6 for iPhone & iPad

On of the most stunning features of New apple iOS 6.0 SDK is the introduction of Map, this features brings a new era and a revolution into Mobile industry all across the world because this is so powerful, interesting, and informative feature that not only meets the needs of their iPhone users like “turn by turn maps”, works like a GPS tool for navigation for clients at various forums such as business, entertainment, healthcare, travel, tourism, geography, and education.

Maps are super important when you fly 150,000 miles a year and help you take to your destination. Apple iOS 6’s newly updated map features can take you to your destination before time and provide all information verbally through crystal-clear satellite pictures of the location. When you arrive at the place physically, you do not feel stranger at new destination at all.

iOS Maps with 3D technology: Apple created its own way of browsing the places and find the directions for the first time after a long and mutual struggle with Google and other local mapping companies. Ariel views with high resolution and 3D photographic models of cities and various places in the ‘Flyover’ mode make the exploration of cities so interesting and informative that you would not have experienced it before. Moreover, Apple’s own designed mapping technology satisfies its users with its old tradition of everything professional, but simple.

Vector-based engine of iOS maps with wonderful qualities of crisp text, clear graphics, smooth panning, and responsive zooming help users explore the cities and famous places without moving there. All this shows the strong commitment of Apple to make your exploration a fun, easier, and accurate.

Turn-by-turn navigation system in Apple iOS map feature is unique and provides authentic, real-time traffic information. This unique system works even with your phone locked. In addition, spoken directions and estimated time of arrival options save your time and guides you correctly.

I hope, you will be really curious to have Apple iOS 6 Map feature after knowing its stunning properties. For this purpose, you will have to know your device’s compatibility for the iOS 6 map features.

 iOS 6 3D map features works only on below devices and have been upgraded to iOS 6.0
• Apple iPhone 4
• Apple iPhone 3GS
• Apple iPod 4G Touch

At Space-O we have already started getting several request for development or upgrade of the applications compatible with this new map features, so if you are planning to develop a new iPhone / iPad application or have an existing iOS App which is already published on AppStore that has map feature and you are planning to upgrade that to this new iOS 6.0 Map, please contact us for a quick quote.


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