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With WWDC just a couple of days away, Apple is playing every card that could get it the required attention possible.

This time it’s targeting developers, of all ages and of all kinds; developers that make smart apps which become a part of the top chart.

Apple has always tried to keep its users updated about the new gems and pearls of the app industry. And this time, they have done the same, focusing on encouraging the developers in making great apps. This proves that if your app is a success, Apple will show it off to users and make help it in staying a top chart app.

Dividing their focus in and amongst developers, here are the three categories that Apple gives the spotlight to:

20 under 20

This is the ’20 under 20′ category wherein Apple shows its pride towards such developers who are 20 or less than 20 years old and have build apps that have made their place in Appstore and iTunes. Here is a list of such apps.

1) PanoPerfect: With this app, you can like follow and share beautiful panoramic photos and add some of your own.

2) Yo: Yo is a social networking + messaging app wherein you can ‘yo someone’ by sending them a ping or sending to them valuable information.

3) Dwindle: Dwindle is a simple app that counts down days, hours, minutes extra to the event you have feed in the app.

4) LookUp: LookUp is an elegant dictionary that helps you in looking for the words that you find difficult. This app is easy to use and uncluttered.

5) Canvas Keyboard: This app is a messaging app with a twist. Using the app you can save in answers that you have to keep repeating again and again. You can also add a picture to it.

Then comes app that have been created by geniuses and for geniuses. These are apps made, specifically, for developers. Apps that are a part of this ‘Apps for Developers’ category are;

1) Slack: An app to organize you life. This app is your notes, checklists and messenger combined. What’s new is not the app but it is its version 2.0. According to iTunes review, “… the app has undergone a thorough rebuild from the ground up, making the experience better in myriad ways. Using it is just nicer.”

2) Swifty: As the name suggests, Swifty as an app is very much related to the recent coding language, released by Apple, Swift. This app’s version 1.5 has improved its usability even more. This is an app that helps any developer in learning Swift.

Learn to Code

These are the kind of apps that help the potential iOS developers in visualizing their app or in making a prototype and enable one to do many technological activities.

Here are the iPhone applications that rocked the iTunes in this ‘Learn to Code’ category:

1) Workflow: According to the iTunes, “Workflow is your personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.” With this app you can make animated GIFs, PDFs from Safari or an app, get directions to the nearest coffee shop, tweet the song you’re listening to, get images on a web page and more. For a systematic life, Workflow is your sure short destination.

2) Marvel: Turn sketches, mockups into an interactive app prototype. With this app you can click the picture of the napkin drawing you have done and then hyperlink it to the other pages you add. you can also draw a page in the app itself. With this app you can make a functional prototype which helps you in finalizing a design.

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