Types of iPhone Application Development and Budget Planning


Before you plan for your budget you must consider the types of iPhone application development you want. This is because it helps you get to the closest cost estimation. Now the classification here varies from the one used and identified by the Apple App Store that differentiates apps by their nature, i.e. entertainment, education, lifestyle, etc.

We, being an iPhone app development company, have classified the types of development on the basis of architecture, take a look.

  • Basic Table App: These apps are easier to develop and design; and have no complex architecture. Usually, in the app, the opening (splash) screen has various topics and app users can click on one that will render them a set of new lists to click on. Clients provide the required information and the contents to be included in such an app, thus requiring little development effort. The estimated cost for such table-based app should be around or under $5000 unless you require integrating social-media plugin or additional feature.
  • Database Driven App: There is a heap of content to be utilized for such app. This type of app requires content, i.e. images, text, and audio to be parsed creatively. Such apps require complex engineering and design that is beyond the basic table format. Hence the cost of such database driven apps is comparatively higher. A native database driven app costs around $10000-$50000 when content to be added to the app is already available.
  • Gaming App: These type of apps are the most popular. However, even the simplest of these kinds of apps demand complex engineering and dynamic coding. Coders and developers are supposed to take an account of user interaction and experience requiring to incorporate sounds, visuals, and other elements along with integrating Game Center. Needless to say that the cost of these apps is the highest but even that depends on the complexity of game you want.You can also consider reskinning of apps to create games.

The key is to understand that you can have iPhone apps developed very quickly and at competitive cost when you know what type of iPhone app you want to develop.

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