Why Should I Develop an iPhone & Android App From My Website?



A decade ago, may be very few means of marketing could beat Websites. Making a website had become an easy and sure shot solution to all the sales and marketing issues. But merely a decade later, websites alone cannot even form 20% of the marketing strategy, as elements like emailers, Google Adwords and most importantly the mobile platform have taken dominance. As it is commonly stated ‘who focuses on websites in the world of mobility!

Your Business Website Just Isn’t Enough Anymore!

Increase Sales and Traffic

According to a survey, the smartphone users as counted till July, 2015 were 2.6 Billion worldwide, who spend 85% of the time, on their devices, using apps. This number is expected to rise to 6.1 Billion that by 2020, which is almost 70% of the World’s population.

This survey clearly suggests that if an app is not created to complement the web presence of your company/ enterprise, then a massive opportunity is being missed by you to build a loyal user base and grow your traffic.

Take the pain out of developing stunning Mobile Apps

The solution is based on developing the simplest native mobile apps, which does live up to what it claims to be. It is 1% app and 99% Website, which means you must must pay attention to what your website is meant to deliver and whether it is delivering that at the end of the day or not.

Even the most responsive website is likely to fall short of expectation. Only to make sure your strategy works 100%, we make an app that completes your marketing strategy and that fulfills yours expectations. We understand your pain and build intuitive mobile apps right from your website.

Mobile Apps or Mobile-friendly Responsive Websites

Google Smart Search ResultGoogle has already decided to give more preference to mobile responsive website, when a user searches through the smartphone. And even as this announcement was made, most people started creating a mobile responsive website, which was a good move. But thinking that a responsive website can fill the position of an app wasn’t. Having an app is very important for the business of your dreams, as it has a different position in the screens of the smartphones that your potential customers may use. While having a website that is responsive to the mobile in concern is important, what is even more important is to make sure you never go out of the user’s mind at all.

Our Takeaways!

Making a mobile app isn’t a matter of luxury any more, it is a necessity. And developing an app that for your business gives the deserved push to your business, is available without a moment’s delay as well.

Still thinking how you can convert your website into an app? We’ve got the answer for you!

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