iPhone 7 can Flush Rear Camera – How You can Leverage it and Develop an App like Boomerang?

iPhone 7: App development

Do you know 70 million photos and videos are sent daily through Instagram?

Instagram is trending in the iOS-only app and some of the best and everyone’s favorite application like Boomerang got the success with the previous iPhone devices.

Boomerang from Instagram is an amazing application that makes everyday moments unexpected. People, who love to click a photo or video selfie find exciting with Boomerang that does everything, from shooting a burst of 10 photos to turns them into a delightful mini video.

Even, it allows to share it on Facebook and Instagram from an application only. This is the main reason why photo-lovers looking for camera application like Boomerang to share selfies, videos and a lot of things.

Why Apple Thinks Over a Flush Rear Camera in iPhone 7?

Apple has been longing its Camera feature for many years. It wants to kill off the dreadful bulge that available on the back of the iPhone 6 and 6S. The news from MacRumors says that iPhone 7 could have flush the rear camera since the iPhone 5S in 2013.

This enables the development of the slimmer module that signifies the win-win situation for both the designing team and the users.

What’s the big deal?

Here, we have found some really important and usability wins:
· When putting the phone down, the camera ring will no longer be the continual impact point
· When used on a table top, the iPhone 7 will not vibrate
· It also simplifies case designs.

Image credit: MacRumors

Not every Apple’s deal has an upside, there are some downsides as well. Apple won’t be implementing its much hyped dual camera technology, however, that could still feature on the third luxury iPhone 7 model.

Later this month, Samsung is expected to fit a flush or near-flush camera on the Galaxy S7. The move of the Apple will show that Apple isn’t falling behind in the design stakes.

However, we have found two possibilities in Flush Rear Camera in iPhone 7, i.e. camera module manufacturers have gotten much better and they can now make slimmer modules; and Apple searched the best way to get an amazing picture quality with a new technique.

Some rumors also heard that Apple is thinking to use a dual-camera system, a slimmer camera module doesn’t sound too far. It is totally unclear whether using two separate lenses would create the camera module slimmer, however, it could be a way to part the components into two stacks.

800 people are working on the iPhone camera at Apple, revealed 60 Minutes back in December. Perhaps, Apple is always evaluation ways to create the camera module smaller, however, the company also has other worries – production and margins. Moreover, switching to the dual-camera sensor could demonstrate to be more expensive for Apple.

Apple also has to keep in mind that anything that minimizes the margin on the iPhone can hurt the company’s profit part. The company also wants to avoid supply chain constraints as Apple sells tens of millions of iPhones per quarter.

Developers have an eye targeting the future Flush Rear Camera feature of iPhone 7 by integrating it with an iPhone application. We also have some photos and videos application that we can make Flush Rear Camera compatible (if iPhone 7 could have).


Slidecam comes with a unique multifunction shutter button that highlights things that cannot view in the shadows and lights.

No matter, you need more creative control or point and shoot, you can adjust exposure levels and capture the moments with just a click.

Being a simple application, it has a powerful interface that makes shooting better with iPhone.

Square Sized
Optimized for iOS9, Square Sized add borders to the full-size photos and videos to make ready for Instagram. The much popular application is used by more than 5 million people to post entire photos on Instagram.

SquareSized enables users to easily import photos and videos from the albums, Facebook or Instagram accounts and upload directly on the SquareSized. Just have to click to the share button and your video or photo is ready to share on Instagram.

Powering iPhone for Your X App Ideas

These are a few of the new approaches, empowering iPhone to take charge of the future mobile users. But while progress is possible, it is not unavoidable. We are going to keep the promise to shift ourselves with the latest trends. If you find a new X idea for your photo or video application, we ensure to convert it into a mobile application for your iPhone device.


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