iPad Mini App Development and The Unconsidered Potential

iPad mini app development and its yields are always underestimated. Probably because most of us are so much dazzled with iPad (regular one) and iPhone application development results we can’t see the latent potential of this device.

Nevertheless this write up is intended to serve as a wakeup call (for developers, publishers, sellers and everyone else out there who is into mobile app business) highlighting the possibilities we can capitalize on by developing iPad mini apps.

iPad mini App Development

Take an account of following factors while creating iPad mini apps:

  1. Growing User Adoption: DisplaySearch, a research firm, recently revealed that consumers are now expressing an increased interest in small size tablets like the iPad mini. To back it up with statistics, it provides numbers in its report that say 48 per cent of the total 27 million tablet panel shipments in March 2013 were 7 inch tablet panels.
  2. Portability: iPad mini has an uncommon ability to be suitably bigger and precisely portable that broadens the range of uses. Though iPad offers the mobility iPad mini is a great convenience to carry along for usage on the go. Having said that one can start with developing GPS, map and navigation applications which can turn out to be a better option to begin with. Further, Siri integration can add a value to such apps.The best example to talk about would be of Ferrari FF, four-seater supercar that now comes standard with Siri integration and a pair of iPad Minis mounted in the headrests.

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