Introducing iOS Stack View To Reduce The Increasing Complexity In iOS App

ios stackview

Most of us have been in this situation. You spent weeks developing an app, and then a new requirement kicks in. Now you’ll have to reposition those views to fit the new component in. Recently, we also had a similar situation while working with a Florida client. Would you like to know the solution?

Before we move to that, answer this: do you add outlets to constraints in your storyboard so that you can activate and deactivate when required? Or do you use a third library?

May be this time, you won’t have to change your arrangements. With Stack View in iOS, it is possible. The iOS Stack view provides a series of horizontal and vertical views with simple properties like distribution, alignment, and spacing.

Today, we’ll be building one iOS stack view tutorial to show the implementation process of Stack View Horizontally.

Let’s Get Started

Create a new project under file menu and select Single View Application.


Enter your project details and click on Next.


Now go to Main.storyboard, and go to ViewController.

Select Object Library, and click on Horizontal Stack View. It will show with info regrading UIStackView.


Now drag and drop Horizontal stack view from Object library to ViewController.


Add three images, and manage them by auto layout.





Now Select Stack View and go to Attribute inspector and give spacing between images by adding value in “Spacing” from Attribute inspector.


And done.

Let’s see the output.



Simple and easy. However, this was a sample demo. And if you’re working on your iPhone app development project, do remember to consider iOS Stack View as it can be very helpful for managing app elements in your iOS app. Consult with various industry experts, discuss with friends, or hire iPhone app development company to implement the function right.

Grab a free copy of Stack View iOS tutorial from Github.

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Hitesh Trivedi

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