How an iOS Developer Breaks Mobile Addictions by Developing an iPhone App?

How an iOS Developer Breaks Mobile Addictions by Developing an iPhone App?

According to the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s annual Internet Trends report, an average person checks their smartphones 150 times a day.

There is an iPhone app that designed to promote a balance between the real lives and those lived through the small screens of the digital devices. Moment App, developed by iOS developer – Kevin, tracks how much people use their phone each day and helps them to create daily limits on that usage. It also offers “occasional nudges” to the users when they are approaching those limits.

“About six months ago, I realized I had a serious problem. I was addicted to my phone, exactly like I predicted when I first waded into these always-connected waters. I felt naked if my phone wasn’t weighing down my right pocket. That’s when I decided to build a real solution. I’m an iOS developer and knew there was something that could be done.” -Kevin

Kevin Holesh realizes that how much these digital addictions were affecting his real-world relationships, he decided to develop an iPhone application – a solution to manage personal and digital life. He designed this application that runs on the back-end of the smartphone, it isn’t meant to be actively used. This application runs in the background that alerts when your daily set limits are going over.

Moment – An iPhone App Created by iOS Developer to Break Mobile Addictions

Kevin Holesh developed Moment application to push him in the right direction by tracking daily iPhone use and giving him a warming when he is on it for too long. When Kevin started using Moment, he was spending 75 minutes on his iPhone every day, but after using this application, he limits to use iPhone to 40 minutes.

What Digital Addictions People Have?

Many people have concerned about the impact of the digital environment on their real-world existence. On another hand, we have companies like Google that is looking to embed technology into every aspect of our lives, i.e. in our homes, mobile and computing devices, on our bodies through eyeglasses, wristwatches and so on.

Moreover, there is a suggestion of fear about what it means for technology to continue this intrude on our lives in this way. What does the world look like when you forget your phone for a day? See what happens.

Of course, Moment is not a predominant solution for all that troubles about the people’s digital habits and obsessions. Moment is for those people, who are giving secondary importance to incoming emails and texts, spending many hours on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook when having only been in search of a momentary interference.

How Kevin Generates Revenue through iPhone app?

Moment app is Kevin Holesh’s main business and he is generating revenue through an in-app purchase that lets users unlock the daily limit settings. He is also making enough money by updating application frequently and focusing on to integrate new features. Right now, Moment 3.0 has got one of the biggest updates.

Features of Moment’s App

Moment, the best habit changing app, offers an optional “Family” subscription service that lets users limit screen time and schedule smartphone-free meal times. There are many courses available in the month ahead that similarly focuses on scaling down phone usage. These courses won’t be strict, but would help users to decrease screen time over longer periods.

Moment app has always appealed to a niche audience who really cares about their bad digital behavior and want to change.

We, as an iPhone App Development company with more than 80+ iOS developers, are already providing and building a solution for a lot of companies, brands, and startups. However, after this story, we are excited to make the new levels of our development and solve more real-world problems.

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