iOS and Android App Revenues and Downloads in 2013


Below mentioned are the important data to help you in your mobile strategy for iOS and Android App Development. Take a keen look at how mobile app markets had been and will be for the both the platforms in 2013.

Going by App Annie’s Market Report for the Q1 2013,

Google Play “Downloads” stood close to 90 per cent of iOS App Store Downloads. Not only that, iOS App Store generated 2.6x the app “Revenue” of Google Play.

Further following ABI Research predictions
Apps to generate Revenues of $25 billion in 2013 of which 65 percent will be from Apple’s iOS ecosystem, 27 percent from Google’s Android, and the remaining 8 percent from the other mobile platforms.

The research also indicates “Smartphone App Downloads” will reach 56 billion this year in which Google Android’s will have a lion’s share of 58 percent, a way more than 33 percent of Apple iOS; 4 percent of Microsoft Windows Phone; 3 percent of BlackBerry (and presuming remaining 2 percent by others).

While there will be about 14 billion “Tablet App Downloads” in 2013 wherein iOS tablets will lead the charts with a major share of 75 percent against 21 percent of Android (comprising 4 percent of Amazon Kindle Fire), 2 percent of Windows (and presuming remaining 2 percent by others).

As of July 2013, the availability of the both the app stores (Google Play and iTunes) in various countries is as follows:

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