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iOS 9

Since a couple of months now the Tech World, from Russia to India and from America to Britain, has been holding its breath for this event. THE WWDC, 2015. Its the yearly event, organized and hosted by Apple, wherein you will get the exclusive news on what’s new. Since April, a lot of websites have been giving out predictions on what exactly will be announced at this event. Some thought of iOS 9 while others talked about a better version in the Apple Watch and so on.

These predictions did their job of hyping up the event and it made us stand on our toes waiting for what was to come on the 8th of July, 2015. The day came and went by with a bang and left us; iOS developers and potential app making companies, thinking about the big highlight of the event, iOS 9 and what’s new to it. Here’s the list of ultra new iOS 9 update and features.

In-Built Meditation App:

Well this time Apple started with a calm app, instilled in all the devices updated with iOS 9. It may also be known as the meditation app. All you have to do is that instead of swiping from left to right in order to unlock your phone, you just have to swipe it upwards and here starts the app that gives you peace. Without much-ado this app is like a live wallpaper but the scene that it shows is pleasant and gives you an instant calming effect. Whether you use it in the morning, or in the office or after a fight with your boss or wife/husband, this app is your one-stop solution to stress.

Proactive Assistant Siri:

Siri had always been a key feature in iPhone or iPad and had gotten much attention towards iOS, when Android was ruling the market. Your assistant Siri has just become smarter than ever before, because now it can remind you about appointments, emails, messages to read and reply and much more when you ask it to, while also being awesome in doing your regular searches.

No Compromise with Privacy:

While Apple does want to suggest to you what is good for your iPhone and what not, it does not want to interfere. Whichever contacts you save or data you download, the emails you send or receive stays on the device and under your control.


Apple has also introduced an app, that can compile your credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards, which you can use to shop online. This makes it easy for users to shop online, using their Apple device. It also makes sure you do not have to carry the cards around all the time.

Apple Pay:

With the use of this app, an Apple user can buy things from online websites or from apps using Wallet, a smart app Apple has introduced, on WWDC, 2015 itself. With some of this online shopping websites or apps you will directly get an option of whether you would want to pay using your debit/ credit card or choose the option of paying with Apple Pay. Once you start using the Apple Pay option you will also start collecting reward points. Reward points is an incentive Apple offers you so that as a user you utilize this new facility, that is provided to you by Apple.

Notes Enhanced:

Notes has always been an important part of a mobile users’ life. But now, with the new features added to our dear old notes, it has become even more important. With the new notes you can do a thousand and more things. The features that are added to the notes include making a checklist, add pictures to the note you are working on, add videos and links and now you can instantly draw sketches to the note as well.


This is a map app that is not just about showing you directions but also about showing you the shortest walking route from one place to another and show you underground routes as well. Currently this app only exists for cities like Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, Mexico City, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington D.C.


With this brand new and interesting app you can get daily news. Considering the fact that not everyone is interested in everything, this app allows you to choose the topics and areas that you need the news for and then you are ready to go. This app will give you all that’s new related to the topics or areas chosen by you.


Now this aspect of your keypad allows you to not only write but also move the cursor elsewhere or select a particular text written. How? With the quicktype feature you can turn your keypad into a touchpad by just using two fingers to move wherever you want your cursor to.


This was one of the key features announced as related to iOS 9. With this tool you can view two apps together, and by scrolling the options you can choose which app do you want to work with along with the the screen that is already open. The option is available to just view two windows side by side or to work on them together. If you want both the windows active and you want to work on them simultaneously you can just tap on the divider and boom; both your apps are ready for you to use.

Low Power Mode:

This feature is of a kind that smartphone users will die for. With merely one tap you can get an additional 3 hours of battery life. There can be nothing cooler than this.

Added sensors:

While these sensors were prevalent for thermometers, light etc. in iOS 8 as well, now it is apparently active for everything. These sensors can be used to detect and analyse anything and everything from; window shades, carbon monoxide, motion sensors and a lot more, says Apple.


This feature had already been supporting audio apps but now, with iOS 9, it supports apps by the automakers as well. This can help you in different actions you may need to take to have a good user experience, while in the car. Also, now you can get in the car without taking the phone out of the pocket or bag. This has just added a cherry to the cake.

Filtered Apps:

The App Store allows you to download apps that are compatible for your device. This means that the apps you will be able to download will take very less time to install and launch and will take up less space than ever before.

These were the key features that will make iOS 9 a success. And as exciting as it sounds, we are sure you would want to get your iPhone, iPad and iPod updated with iOS 9. As announced at WWDC, 2015, the beta version of iOS 9 will be launched in July for which one has to log on to Once the beta version is launched Apple will contact you for this update.

The best news announced for iOS 9, according to Apple users, was this: all the devices that supported iOS 8 will support iOS 9 as Apple wants everyone to experience this new, updated and awesome iOS 9.

iOS 9 is compatible with the following devices:

iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad 2
iPad 3rd generation
iPad 4th generation
iPad mini 3
iPad mini 2
iPad mini
iPod touch 5th generation

Once iOS 9 will be launched, it is predicted that it will take over iOS 8 as well. Most of the Apple users will want to take the leap from version 8 to 9 soon enough. In that case, what should those people do, who want to make an app to promote their business, product or services.

  1. If it is important for you to launch the app immediately, then make sure that you make the app friendly for both the versions; iOS 8 and 9.
  2. If it is possible for you to wait for a couple of months, then it will be the wisest decision to make your app using iOS 9, because that’s where the future lies.

With wildfire about iOS 9 spreading worldwide, it is important to choose a company who has complete knowledge about every small thing on what Apple is capable of and how to reach out to Apple lovers. Space-O is one such company that will become the bridge that will connect you to your target audience using the medium of fabulous and useful apps.


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