Do Your Current App Compatible with Newly Launched iOS 9.3?

Do you know Apple became the first ever $700 billion company in 2015?

How it Became? A Big question but a small answer, they delight their users with the latest technology through frequent updates.

Recently, iOS 9.3 update comes with a collection of features for the current version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad.

What’s New in iOS 9.3?

3D Touch Shortcuts

Quick Actions are expanded with 3D Touch shortcuts to the stock apps. In this update, Apple has added a collection of new shortcuts for Settings icon to on/off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and to check battery settings.

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Night Shift

Night Shift is one of the coolest features in iOS 9.3, similar to a particular app, F.lux that booted from the iTunes last years. This feature changes the color, temperature and brightness of the device’s display with a blue light filter. Blue light disturbs the body’s circadian rhythm, so it is one of the best ways to reduce it at night and give excellent sleep to the users.

Image Credit: Forbes

This feature uses iOS device’s clock and geolocation to define when it is sunset in users’ place and it shifts the color automatically. And, it returns the display to its regular settings in the morning.


The Apple Music tabs ‘For You’ and ‘New’ are synced with iOS 9.3 for CarPlay users. Additionally, it adds ‘Nearby’ to Apple Maps that invites handy local POIs like cafes and restaurants.

Image Credit: Apple

Live Photos

Now, users can easily extract the full resolution photos from Live Photo. This feature is especially best for users having 16GB models.

 Verizon Wi-Fi Calling

Yes. It’s available.


Finally, a long overlooked fullscreen mode is available for video, but PIP (picture-in-picture) support is still Missing in Action.


eBooks and PDFs are added and also synced to iCloud.

Apple News

This update has added landscape mode along with support for embedded videos in the article. It has a new swipe gesture for Share, Save, and Live options.

Apple Watch

Good news. With iOS 9.3, users can pair more than one Apple Watch to a single device, which is best for a household iPad and for developers also.

Apple Health

Apple Health gets a remodeling with Apple Watch Activity stats that show Stand hours, Move calories, Exercise minutes, etc. from its Dashboard.

Image Credit: Apple

How to upgrade iOS 9.3?

Users should be encouraged to upgrade automatically. However, if you didn’t receive a notification, you can upgrade manually by navigating to Settings >> General >> Software Update.

Released by Apple, iOS 9.3 is the third major updates since unleashing iOS 9 in September, along with Apple TV, iPad Mini 4, and iPhone 6S.

What Else You Get in iOS 9.3?

In addition to above listed, Apple can fix issues with hardware keyboards such as:

  •         Users can use the arrow keys to navigate lists in Safari, Mail and Spotlight.
  •         Now, Wallet can access an application related to a pass or card.
  •         Apple Pay supports signing up for store rewards programs within the app at registers.
  •         Maps enable to highlight the view of destinations and stops with a specific line in Transit mode.
  •         iCloud Storage notifies users before they run out of space.
  •         Two-factor authentication works with all iCloud accounts.

iOS 9.3 is a major and stable release for users. So, users would expect minor bug fixes over the next few months.

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