iOS 6 Guided Access: A Blessing For Retarded And Disabled Individuals


Guided Access is another coolest feature in iOS 6 released by the Apple recently and its improvement areas wow the masses. Apple has introduced many new and updated features in iOS 6, which center around two areas i.e. convenience and accessibility. Indeed, Apple wants to give convenience and accessibility to all people without any distinction of customers’ age, technical inclination, and disabilities. The sole motto of accessibility app is to help people with impairment to channelize learning via one particular app.

In earlier posts, I have discussed nine amazing features in iOS 6 one by one; those are maps, siri, facebook, shared photo streams, passbook, facetime, phone, mail, and safari. Today I am going to highlight accessibility – guided access in iOS 6. No doubt, guided access in iOS 6 is particularly developed for the people with vision, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities so that they may also use iOS devices and get the most out of them.

Benefits OF iOS 6 Guided Access for special children:

iOS 6 guided access feature provides great help to children with cerebral and developmental disorders as well as physical disabilities. This feature makes it easier for children with autistic disorder to learn within a single app environment that helps to prevent their impairment in social interaction, impairment in communication, and restricted or stereotyped activities, interests and behaviors. Children with mental retardation and learning disabilities can now enjoy iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Fullscreen single-app mode in iOS 6 guided access does not allow students to distract in mid way because of their physical and mental impairments.

Benefits Of iOS 6 Guided Access For Institutions:

A state’s institutions such as museum and more can get benefits from guided access as well. Museums can easily incorporate iPads in guided tours and keeps guests safe and secured through a single app environment.

Benefits Of iOS 6 Guided Access For Academics:

iOS 6 has guided access for academics as well. This app gives complete freedom to parents and teachers to disable hardware specific buttons and feedback mechanisms on an iOS device. Teachers can have great impact on their students’ education when they do use of technology to help them learn and have fun at the same time.

Apple has entered into education sector as well in order to give its simple and innovative technology. No doubt, the accessibility feature in iOS 6 will add another feather to Apple’s cap.

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