Integration of Open Graph protocol / API in iPhone / Android Application


Facebook had recently introduced Open Graph protocol, Open Graph API allows websites, iPhone/ iPad Applications, Android Apps to draw information about more objects than simply people, including photos, events, and pages, and their relationships between each other.

Further it also enabled “actions” and “objects” created by third-party apps (including iphone / android applications) and enabling these apps to integrate deeply into the Facebook experience.

  • Actions and objects are the building blocks of Open Graph.
  • Actions can be visualized as “interactions” users can perform in your app.
  • While Objects can be called as “entities” that users can act on in your app.

Before Open Graph was introduced, users were able to connect to a post or object in a app via the like action only. Now, developer can model user interactions in a btter custom actions (entities) and objects (interactions) for richer connections with your users.

Below diagram illustrates the flow of how this works:

  1. Facebook user takes an “action” in the app, such as rate a book.
  2. The App then calls or invokes a HTTP POST to the Graph API end-point /me/action:object=Object_URL
  3. Facebook then crawl’s the object webpage, read its meta tags and connect the object to the user via the action.

We are currently working on creating a test / prototype project to test the entire flow and we will post the output in next couple of days on our blog.

If you are intrested in Integration of Open Graph protocol / API in iPhone Application, please feel to contact

You can read more about the same on this URL  also go though the Tutorial.


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