Alert App Makers: Now You Can Integrate Lyft API to Your App


Lyft is a taxi app, that allows ride hiring and sharing services, in order to leveraging a better and smoother commuting system. Lyft has now been making moves that suggest that it will soon disclose its API, and become open for the third-party developers.

Lyft has recently announced, a new way to request a ride from the Slack app. With this integration, there is no need for one to install the Lyft mobile app to book a car. It is possible to order for a ride from the Slack app itself, by installing a bot in Slack and by using the lyft commands to request a ride.

Lyft is Getting Ready for App Developers

For other apps to integrate Lyft services, only one thing is required and that is the Lyft API (Application Programming Interface).

Uber has always been a few steps ahead of Lyft and, therefore, it has already shared its API with Google Maps, Zomato, and a few other apps. Herein, they allow people who are searching for public commute, to choose Uber’s ride as well, as a private ride with a tempting trip-time.

Lyft hasn’t exactly matched up to Uber’s level in wooing the developers with a platform that can extend its wings and share its services with other potential apps, to leverage the power of both. However, soon enough, Lyft will come out of its little shell and share its API, allowing capable developers in hoping on the Lyft board.

Lyft has an API already, it’s just private…” said CTO, Chris Lambert and once published, developers can apply to use it.

Slack is the first external app that has been given the chance to integrate the Lyft API. The Starbucks API integrations have already been announced, but the app with the API already integrated has yet to be rolled out. This forms one of the Lyft connections that is to be expected, in the near future.

Wondering how to make use of the lyft API in the Slack app?
Type /lyft ride <pickup_address> to <dropoff_address> in any Slack channel to request a ride.

In the excitement of having Lyft API to work with, it is important to be cautious. No developer wants a script that is poorly written. A poorly written code/script may result in bogus rides that must be cancelled. Lyft, on the other hand, will obviously be watchful for such signs, before sharing its API.

Lyft works on two primary bases that have gotten it the success it cherishes; calling a cab or sharing a ride with someone who is already going your way. Therefore, if Lyft has gotten us to open up and share our rides for strangers, all it can do for the developers is to open up its API.

Be ready to create a buzz around your app by adding the Lyft API.


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