How to install APP on iOS device from Xamarin VS2015

Xamarin VS2015 allows developers to develop native iOS apps on Windows. Xamarin offers the new Visual Studio features for iOS app development, including

  • iOS property pads,
  • iOS toolbar,
  • Apple WatchKit support.

This tutorial shows how to install an app on iOS device by using VS2015.

Requesting a Development Certificate

Register on Apple Website and Enroll into an Apple Developer Program from the Below links

There are four parts, that we need to take care while installing an app on the device,

  • Provisioning Profile (Associates with the App thumbprint)
  • Device
  • Development Certificate (associated AppleID with Device and Pro. Profile)
  • App (Contains thumbprint/metadata)

All the above process has the sole purpose, track back everything to Apple, about what you are doing with your app.

Step 1

Login to Apple Developer website and go to


Step 2

  1. Select the Certificates section from the iOS Apps column. Then, hit the + to create a new certificate.



Step 3

  1. Now, ON YOUR MAC, Go to Finder=>Keychain Access.
  2. Then, Go to Certificate Assistant=> Request a Certificate from Signing Authority.



Step 4

  1. Fill in your information, and select the option to Save to disk:



Step 5

  1. Save the CSR where you can find it:



Step 6

  1. Transfer the file to the Windows Machine, where Xamarin is installed.
  2. Start on the Apple Provisioning Portal, where we left off in slide 5.

Step 7

  1. Transfer the downloaded certificate to the MAC where you want to debug.
  2. On your MAC, double click the Certificate and Open it Using KeyChain Access.
  3. It would show the Key-Pairs related to your certificate.
  4. Please save the Certificate to a safe place before proceeding further.

Adding an iOS Device

Step 1

  1. Attach a device to your MAC using uSB cable.
  2. On your, MAC, Open XCode.
  3. Go to Window=>Devices=>YourDeviceName=>Copy identifier string.



Step 2

  1. In a browser, go to Apple Developer center.
  2. log in and Click the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles link.
  3. Click Devices.


Step 3

  1. Click + button, provide a name for device, identifier of the device and click Register.



Step 4




Creating a Development Prov. Profile

Step 1

  1. In the developer, portal browses the Certificate, Identifiers, and Profiles section in the Apple Developer Center. Select App IDs under Identifiers.
  2. Click the + button and provide a Name.



Step 2

  1. IUse Safari to browse to the Apple Developers Member Center, and under the section Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles select Provisioning Profiles.
  2. Click the + button, in the top right corner to create a new profile.
  3. From the Development section, select the radio button next to iOS App Development, and press Continue.

Step 3



Step 4

  1. From the drop-down menu, select the App ID that you wish to use.



Step 5

  1. Next, select the Certificate of the developer that you wish to include in the provisioning profile, and press Continue.



Step 6

  1. Select all the devices on which you want to install your app.


Step 7

  1. Give your Provisioning Profile a name that will make it identifiable, and press Generate to create the profile.
  2. On the following screen, press Download to download the provisioning profile onto the Mac you are using.
  3. Double-click on the file to install your provisioning profile in Xcode.

Step 8


Xamarin Settings

  1. Go to Visual Studio 2015
  2. Open your Xamarin.iOS project
  3. Make sure that your Visual Studio is Paired with MAC xCode
  4. Right click on Name Solution Explorer and click Properties
  5. Navigate to iOS Bundle Signing in Properties
  6. Check that Identity and Provisioning Profile has the values of your AppleID and your Provisioning profile name. If you can not set this, then restart visual studio and check again
  7. AppID generated in above slide 16 (wildcard app id) should be placed in
    info.plist file as well as ”Identifier” property in iOS Application Properties
  8. Check next slides for images of above






This technical post was written by Mit Bhatt, a Xamarin developer at Space-O Technologies.

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