Instagram Carousels: What’s The Strategy Behind New Instagram Photo Album Feature?


Sometimes one photo doesn’t simply tell the whole story. This is why, Instagram app is taking a new approach to letting people share more photos in its new feature.

After cloning Snapchat Stories, Instagram has launched Instagram Carousels, the new Instagram photo album feature to increase the number of photos and videos uploads.

Instagram Carousels will allow users to add up to 10 photos or videos in a single post in your Instagram feed. The users can swipe left or right to see the uploaded content in the same group.

According to the latest report from CB Insights, “Instagram hits growth spurt among US users in 2018.”


Creating these multi-photo/video Instagram carousels is pretty simple. Once you upload a photo, you’ll see a cascading square icon on the bottom right corner. Tap that to pick other nine photos or videos that you want in your Instagram photo album. You can also boomerang or Hyperlapse clips if they’re already in your device. And, to change the order of images in Instagram Carousel, just tap and hold on one, then drag it to change the order as you desire.

Talking about filters, Instagram will let you either use same filter on all your selections or apply them individually. However, since photos and videos in Instagram carousels will live in a single post, the caption, location, tags, likes, and comments will apply to the whole post.

Through this strategy, Instagram is lowering the bar with what users consider to be “Instagram Worthy”. The company spent years trying to increase photo sharing and engagements, but now people don’t share photos unless they’re “Instagram Worthy” in terms of quality.

Furthermore, in an interview, Kevin Weil, Head of Product said that “Instagram is becoming a place where people kept raising the bar on themselves in terms of quality of what they had to achieve to post. We didn’t want that.”

This is why, Instagram is trying to lower the bar, first with Instagram stories, and now with Instagram Carousels.

Moreover, Carousel ads have been part of Instagram since last March. Instagram allowed brands to buy carousel ads to showcase multiple photos as an album with a call-to-action button. But now, those ads can add up to 10 photos or video where previous limit was five.

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There is a business benefit to user carousels too. For instance, brands could already buy the carousel ads in the Instagram, but now those ads could add up to 10 photos or videos, where previous limit was five. In fact, over the last six month, Instagram noticed increase in the amount of people spend watching video by 40%. And, it further also showed that campaigns with videos drive higher favorability than campaigns with just static images.

As more and more people upload video on the platform, it will help brands as well as potential customers in a new, immersive ways. This will ultimately increase the overall engagement and photo-video sharing of the Instagram.

Similarly, Instagram like apps could also consider this feature as a must-have that brings the ability to get users spend more time on your app like Instagram. And, since this will be one more reason for people not to use Snapchat, as you can help people feel like they are telling a story without Stories in your Instagram Clone app.

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