Instagram Stories – A Winning Strategy Inspired from Instagram Clone App

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Ever since the launch of Instagram, people love the idea of picture sharing and visual contents online, and it has become a trend since then.

Instagram – the Facebook-owned popular social sharing app, has recently released a new app update for its users. According to a report, Instagram has added a new payment feature into its app which will allow users to register debit/credit cards within their profile along with a security pin. Once the card is successfully added, they can start buying things using the Instagram app itself.

Instagram shared the update by saying that users now, can directly buy things like movie tickets by paying through its app. Last year in March 2017, Instagram announced that it will provide a new feature which will let users directly book a service with any of the business using their own profile.

Apart from that, Instagram is now all set to allow you adding music to your Stories soon. According to a recent report by Techcrunch, a new feature called “music stickers” will let Instagram users search and add a song to their posts. Instagram is also testing a feature to automatically detect the song that the user is listening to and will display the song title details as a visual label.

The listenable music stickers used by Instagram would make its Stories more fascinating to watch. Besides Instagram Stories’ new platform for sharing posts using the 3rd-party apps, these stickers might make the social sharing app a robust operator of discovering music.

The Instagram has 600+ million active monthly users in 2017, wherein the Snapchat active monthly users has reached to 300 million.


However, upon the launch of Snapchat in September 2011, they invented a brilliant format of sharing day-to-day life stories. And, soon enough, Snapchat stories became the home of all posts that weren’t good enough for Instagram’s feed. Well, until, the Instagram launched Instagram Stories – The Snapchat Clone.

If you think about Instagram before Snapchat was launched, people used to post only the highlights of their life on Instagram. And, after witnessing the growth of Snapchat, they introduced Instagram Stories with a better way to share day-to-day stories.

Although, it works exactly like Snapchat, but because the Instagram Stories appear at the top of the feed, the users will inevitably see them, and Instagram won’t need to create new audience base for their Snapchat Clone.


You can call the Instagram Stories the Snapchat-For-Adults. It’s a way for brands as well as individuals to post often, without flooding their followers’ feeds.

Imagine you are on vacation or at an event and you’re taking ton of photos, uploading them constantly on Instagram to share your life story, what would happen then?

Of course, you would be bombing your followers’ feeds continuously which will ultimately annoy them. That’s why, the Instagram took a better approach. They provided people a way to keep posting tons of photos while keeping their profile clean.

How Clone Strategy Works?

According to talent managers, thought leaders, and a dozen of analytic providers, the Instagram Clone App is good enough and convenient strategy for Instagram and Snapchat Clone.

A quick question though?

What does app Cloning means to you?

Copying the concept and building same app under different name?

While it’s true, but not 100%. Cloning doesn’t mean you just copy away the entire app idea. If you think cloning an app idea will benefit you, clone it in a Smart Way.

Think about Instagram Stories. Did they completely stole the idea of Snapchat?

Yes and NO!

Instagram Stories works exactly like Snapchat, but they kept in mind how not to overwhelm their users.

Similarly, If you’d like to create instagram like app, think about what features it lacks, what further features people are demanding, in short – What will be your selling point?

Below, we would like to share few suggestions for your Instagram Clone App development so that you don’t have to go nuts surfing through internet or over thinking about your photo video app development startup idea.

Which Features You Can Offer In Your Instagram Clone App, Beyond Instagram Stories

While Instagram left almost no opportunity with its Instagram Stories Feature, but there is still a few things it lacks.

  • First of all, the Instagram lacks the location filters, selfie lense filters, and speed effects which could be added as extra features in an Instagram Clone App.
  • In Instagram Stories, you can’t see who screenshoted your story picture, while Snapchat just warns users, but it’s also possible to add feature of blocking pictures with just one tap whom you don’t want to screenshot your pictures.
  • Instagram doesn’t allow to save your whole day story, it only allows to post slides to user’s Instagram feed, wherein you can allow people to save daily story as a daily separate album to their device memory.
  • In Instagram, your profile is your only album, while you can offer multiple album feature in your Instagram’s Clone. You could allow some albums as public, some as private, and some as only shared with special people in your life.
  • Instagram doesn’t offer an option to be part of a club. So, in your Instagram’s Clone, you can create an environment where people with similar interest be part of a group, share their content, and gain more reach.

For example, a club could be created with professional photographers, and people would share their work with public online.

How Can We Help To Build or Upgrade Your Existing Photos Videos App To a Better Instagram Clone App

You got the idea, right?

How Instagram came up with a breakthrough strategy for Snapchat Clone.

Similarly, If you’d like to develop Instagram Clone App and start your business, the opportunity is already waiting for you. And, through our expert services, not only we can create an app like Instagram from ground, but we can also help with the monetization and revenue generation techniques.

Moreover, we’ve already worked on several clone app ideas with successful Entrepreneurs from all around the world, and hold the experience of developing 2000+ mobile apps including 15+ unique feature innovation in our clients’ apps. So, if you’ve an idea to develop Instagram’s Clone, we would be happy to help you with your startup idea.

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