Space-O Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

There’s no better feeling than to cherish a moment like this if you ask us. We are happy and in high spirits celebrating our 3rd Anniversary at Space-O Technologies. Further, to share our joy we would like to walk you through our Journey, i.e. our History and Background, Accomplishments, Future Plans, and People & Values.

So here it goes:

History and Background:

Space-O Technologies is the brain child of Rakesh Patel and Atit Purani who co-founded the company exactly 3 years back on July 1st, 2010. Back then, they envisioned to create the finest Mobile App Development Company delivering solutions that can interest and influence people along with bringing positive and promising differences in their day-to-day life.

Space-O started with a very small set-up and a decent investment and infrastructure accommodating 4 people only. However it aimed the biggest and by now it has just got bigger.


In a time span of 3 years, Space-O Technologies has flourished in leaps and bounds. As of 1st July, 2013, it:

  • Employs 100 people;
  • Serves 200+ clients across the world gaining
    • Over 30% recurring business from them,
    • Hundreds of 5-Star Ratings on Elance and,
    • 96% client recommendations.
  • Finished more than 450+ mobile app projects providing desktop and cloud computing solutions alongside;
  • Operates from 3 different locations with Head Quarters (HQ) in India and Development Centers each in India and Russia along with a Sales and Marketing Division in Australia;
  • Already partnered 11 international organizations with either equity stake in them or holding title of the preferred technology partner.

Future Plans:

Call us crazy but we are so obsessed by the growth that until we achieve it, we work restlessly for it. Our goal is to become the fastest growing Mobile App Development Company in India for which we need to expand and employ more people. As of now, we’ve planned to double our skilled force (manpower).

For this, we’ve already acquired the new facility and are in the process of getting our new IT infrastructure ready. Amidst we’ve not forgotten our existing people who have significant contribution in what we are today and what we will be tomorrow. To recognize their efforts, we reward them in a way that no other organization does. Take a look

People and Values:

We believe people are at the core and hence create a working culture which promotes learning, transparency as well as fun. Not only that, our philosophy is that if our employees can work for organization’s dreams then we can too. So if you have dream, we’ve an opportunity. All you have to do is grab a right one for yourself for which you can start here.


‘ I am extremely happy that I went with Atit and his team. I was a little weary at first since his team did not have encryption experience, so when I followed up with him after not hearing from him for two days, he had apologized and informed me his team was testing out the encryption before responding to my inquiries. I was fairly impressed. Throughout the project, Atit has been very responsive and e-mailing me back every night if not every other night. It was due to my inexperience that the project finished on time. If I had known the importance of flowcharts and providing every single screen step by step, I believe Atit's team could've finished the project within two to three weeks (I had projected 4-5 weeks). If you'd like to view what his team has done, feel free to check out "Pocket Wallet". Thank you so much Atit! ’ Jenn