Be Proud of Your Roots – Space-O Celebrated World Ethnic Day & Conduct “Pick of the Month” App Event

Be Proud of Your Roots!

On 17th June 2017, Space-O Technologies celebrated World Ethnic Day to celebrate cultures of different religions together.


By wearing ethnic clothes that represent a culture we belong to, we proudly celebrated this day with lots of fun. All the employees of the company wore different colorful ethnic dresses as it was the day to celebrate the cultural diversity that one can see in Space-O Technologies.

An entire day, there was energy among employees as they all were in their cultural outfits. The celebration didn’t end here, our HR team, including Nehal Jani, HR Manager and Khyati Shah, Sr. HR) conducted “Pick of the Month” event.

We conduct “Pick of the Month” app event every one or two months, where different teams of mobile app developers participate and register their applications to the HR of the company. Then, our seniors select top three applications on the following basis:

  1. Unique Features That our team of developers have never implemented in earlier developed apps.
  2. Real-life Problem Solving
  3. User-friendly

Considering these criteria in mind, this month our seniors selected top four applications, including:

  • Sawerly
  • Gallery Guardian
  • Gamestat

And, the fourth one is under NDA, and, above all, we respect our client’s privacy. These selected apps were exceptional in terms of features, uniqueness and solving real-time problems.

Then, the Pick of the Month app event started at 5 PM by our HR team. Everyone gathered on the floor in their ethnic dresses and settle down on their seats. All the Space-O members were excited to see the presentations of selected applications.

Even, our Jury members,

  • Atit Purani, Co-Founder and CTO
  • Bhaval Patel, Ass. Vice President
  • Narendra Purohit, a Delivery head

were also excited to see the presentation of the applications that represented by the team members, who were working on it.

Soon, the first team came on the floor to represent their developed application demo. The application that is known as Sawerly is one such platform for Saudi Arabia photographers and people, who are looking for professional photographers. This application connects photographers and customers on one stage to fulfill their needs.

Hitesh Trivedi, a Sr. iOS developer of this project, started giving a presentation on this app along with his team members. They chose to represent their application with a real life example of how we can use this application.


About Sawerly App

Sawerly is the best platform for professional photographers/videographers and customers, who are searching for the best photographers. With this application, photographers can list themselves and showcase their portfolio and services that offered by them. While customers can post their photo shoot request, mentioning their requirements and budget.

Unique Features of the App

  • Professional Photographers/Videographers can post their portfolio and different services that offered by them with their packages.
  • Customers can post the photo shoot or video shoot requirements, mentioning their budget and the request will be distributed to photographers according to their criteria.
  • Photographers can bid on the requests of customers and customers can choose from different options of bids according to their choices and requirements.

Website / iTunes / Android

Team Members:

  • Ankit Khambhata (Project Manager)
  • Hitesh Trivedi (Sr. iOS Developer)
  • Yagnesh Panchal (Sr. PHP Developer)
  • Sejal Vala (Jr. QA)
  • Pravina Upadhyay (Jr. PHP Developer)
  • Nirav Mistry (Sr. Graphics Designer)


In the above-image, you can see the entire team of the Sawerly application.

Once, they finished the presentation, our HR called another team to showcase their developed application named ‘Game Set Stat’.

Amrit Trivedi started the presentation on this application, explaining its all features, benefits, and uses.

About Game Set Stat App

Game Set Stat application is designed for both iPhone and Apple Watch to capture your and your opponent’s Tennis match stats and scores in real time while you are playing.

Features of Game Set Stat:

  • The app allows you to analyze your pro level tennis stats on their iPhone at the end of the match or at the change of ends.
  • It also helps you in working out where you need improvement and even adjust your tactics at mid-match.
  • Moreover, it allows you to share your stats with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and through email.


Team Members:

  • Amrit Trivedi (Team Leader)
  • Rajan Palaniya (iOS Developer)
  • Vikram Jain (System Architech)
  • Swati Modi (Team Lead)
  • Khadija Karkhanawala (Jr. ROR Developer)
  • Bhusan Bhatt (Sr. Graphic Designer)
  • Sunita Bavaliya (Sr. QA)
  • Vijayant Das (Project Manager)


Then, the third team of Gallery Guardian App was all ready to give the presentation. Kunal Mehta started giving a presentation on the Application, explaining about the app, its features and uses.

Here’s More About Gallery Guardian App:

Gallery Guardian is specially developed for parents to keep their children safe on their mobile devices. With this app, parents can be alerted if their child creates or receives inappropriate images.

This app contains a systematic software that scans your child’s gallery and detects nudity or partial nudity in their photo gallery, sending an alert to parents, so the appropriate action could be taken.

Features of Gallery Guardian:

  • The app is developed for parents to keep their children safe on their smartphones.
  • Parents will be alerted instantly if their child creates or receives inappropriate images.


Team Members:

  • Jignesh Solanki (Project Manager)
  • Bharat Prajapati (iOS Developer)
  • Hitesh Trivedi (Sr. iOS Developer)
  • Kunal Mehta (Sr. Android Developer)
  • Parth Dave (Android Developer)
  • Chetan Meniya (PHP Developer)
  • Nimesh Panchal (QA)
  • Bhushan Bhatt (Designer)


Once the team completed the presentation, everyone was eagerly waiting for the results. The participated teams crossed their fingers and eager to know that which team won the first prize.

Without any delay, our HR invited judges (Mr. Atit Purani, Mr. Bhaval Patel and Mr. Narendra Purohit) to come forward and declare the winners of the event.

Finally, Mr. Atit Purani declared the winners and it was a tie between two applications. Gallery Guardian and another one that is under NDA (we can’t mention a name to maintain client’s privacy) were the winners of the event.


Speaking to Space-O members, the CTO and co-founder of the company Mr. Atit Purani said, “Presentation is one of the most important elements and it plays a vital role when you are explaining people. You need to present what you know, but the concept and technical things also need to be considered”.

Last but not the least, the winning teams got a surprised party, where they enjoyed more and had a great time.

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