Team Space-O at Russia Enjoys Pizza Party With Home Made Space-O T-Shirts!

At Space-O, we follow this philosophy – Work while you work and party while you party!

Good thing about such parties is that it brings the team members closer to one another and open more avenues to make a collective difference in our (and our client’s) world.

Office parties are a great way to celebrate accomplishments or build and boost morale of the employees.

Everyone loves a Pizzas and an office pizza parties can get very interesting.

Team Space-O at Russia enjoyed themselves with a Pizza party. All the team mates wore T-shirts which were specially designed for a particular event that happened a few days ago.

The T-Shirt design was created by our a print graphic designer from India Office. We collaborate for our clients projects, why not leverage that collaboration?

Team Space-O Russia not only ate the Pizzas but played some games too. It smells like Gamification of Pizza party, huh?

Check out some pics from the party…

Space-O Russia
Space-O Russia

I had a good time working with Space-O. They impressed me initially with the interface designs and followed through with constant communication and robust programming. Would work with Space-O again. If I could hope for anything more, it would be to have the project completed sooner. Thanks again!Matthew Bell
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