Meet Space-O Astronauts of Quarter-4 – Rewards & Recognition, 2014

4th quarter of R&R

“Excellent work, well done.”
It sounds great right?

When your leader pats your shoulder in front of the entire workforce and appreciates your hard work.

And Space-O, yet again has demonstrated it true winning leadership management quality totally in a new style by recognizing and rewarding some of the outstanding and talented team members with hidden talents amongst the best of the best lot.

From leaders of the company to developers, quarter after quarter team members gets an opportunity to anchor the events like R&R or Sports day etc.

Vishal and Nirali, the host of the event, took everyone by surprise when they announced every team members to close their desktop & enter into the big boss room. The much awaited 4th quarter of R&R which no one anticipated would hit them so quickly.

4th quarter of R&R

The hosts swiped the events so well that every winner they called upon, they played musical lines and few light side of the winner that made everyone on the floor to have a belly laugh.

“Great advantage of working in Space-O is you get to work with youngsters & Space-O pushes them to open up their talents,”

Here’s list of winners of the Rewards & Recognition Quarter-4

Sunil Vaishnav

Smart, brilliant, who dances with the codes, known as Mr. Safety Band, always ready to safeguard the team members when it comes to development, a very serious person who is aggressive & workaholic.

Alpesh Pethani

A silent designer, who learnt & gained knowledge & astonished everyone by his talent, from HTML, Web, Mobile apps, Website development, Responsive, he is able to turn it to flamboyant design.

Vishal Gandhi

liked by everyone for his sportive & fun going nature, hardworking, even with less experience able to perform way ahead & easily handles client communication. A true gem of Space-O who does not know the word “Impossible”

Bhavesh Thakkar

A person who is hard on money & keeps talking about money all the time, he is the most remembered person on the salary day, commonly called as polar bear, as he always prefers to be under Air Condition.

Hitesh Kanani

QA perfectionist, big essence of QA team, mastered his subject well, Knack for catching bugs on any app on the earth, very specific & follows whatever instructions been provided by his PMs.

Jignesh Patel

Height cum fightjadaa, a typical Gujarati bhai, always stands as 108 service for PMs,stalwart in PHP, any issues related to web, team member directly heads to Jiga.

Dharit Gajjar

Silent player, simple looking, a true gentleman, can take up challenges easily, has good communication skills, handles client calls at ease, gives 100% in whatever task he takes up.

Krunal Soni

Revolutionized the digital marketing in Space-O, participates in a number of business events to promote & build branding of the company, inspires others with his best professional looks..

Nisha Parmanandani

Dynamic, brilliant, expert in taking initiatives, mastered in dynamic coding; whether she knows or doesn’t the task, she has the knack of collecting the needed information & puts together, a true miracle which her PM calls.

Keyur Prajapati

A shy & silent killer kills everyone with his work, known as Mr. Do not Disturb guy. His coding structure is fantastic, very focused & hardworking, sets no time to complete his given task.

Hitesh Trivedi

A well expert in any kind of coding, gained vast knowledge in coding and development, master in project planning, not only looks after his work but supports his team members in their project at any given time, He is known as Mr. Bachchan in Space-O.

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Space-O heartily congratulates all the best players, which again has demonstrated its true leadership quality in continuation of R&R every quarter, the leaders of Space-O believes in the team, they time and again stress the importance of the team building and motivation, they are able to appreciate and lead the team in such an extraordinary path of success, because they themselves have walked the path of common man – a developer, PM, CTO, CEO, hence Space-O nurtures best of the talents in the world.


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