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Rewards and Recognition Awards 2016

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”  
–Doug Conan

It is believed that in order to be a successful organization, first, you must begin to connect internally with your employees.

Recognition and rewards programs are a formal way to recognize an employee’s outstanding performance. Organizations choose to thank employees for their achievements and hard work.

These bonuses are generally given in the form of recognition to an employee, who is exhibiting exceptional productivity.

Space-O, winner of the “Best Mobile Application Development Company” at 8th GESIA Award, believes that the company can achieve success only when they have dedicated and hardworking employees.

We, at Space-O, took an opportunity to recognise the stars of our organisation by giving them awards.

On 1st October 2016, we decided to have a Rewards and Recognition(RNR) Event.

At exactly 4 O’clock, the event started! The event was given a Bollywood touch to make it more like “Bollywood Awards Evening”.

Our host – Khyati Rathod and Rushiraj were greatly welcomed with loud clapping, whistling, and music.

Here are the moments that we managed to capture.

The first award was for Rising star award and Tapansinh Solanki, iOS Developer awarded as Space-O’s Rising Star.

Award Winning iOS Developer

  • Nikunj Shah, iOS Developer was Awarded as 2nd Rising star of Space-O

Nilesh, iOS Developer
Next was Perfectness Award and Jaydip Padsumbiya, QA was awarded as Mr. Perfectionist of Space-O.

Between the Award ceremony, we played a very interesting game. It was a challenge for our employees to guess at least four names of new members in Space-O. The purpose of this game is to know how familiar you are to Space-O’s family and increased engagement among each other. Many of them tried and gave the answers correctly.

  • Vijay Prajapati with his Lifelong Achievement Award

Vijay, Web Designer

  • Anam Shah, who was tagged as Leading Actor of Space-O


  • Jignesh Solanki awarded as the Action Hero of Space-O

Jignesh Solanki

Time for the group photo.

award winning developers from mobile app development company

  • We ended the Award Ceremony with a thank you speech from Mr. Atit Purani(CTO) & Narendra Purohit(Delivery Head)

Atit Purani


Dependable, Solution, Smart Approach & Positive Energy are the winning points of R&R Q3, 2015

Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. – Voltaire

Appreciation and motivation are two pillars of the structure that they call ‘job.’ Separating one from the other is very difficult. The right kind of appreciation is actually the one that motivates the other person to do better next time. It, therefore, takes a pat on the back of the lad to say, “you have done well.”

In order to make sure that the pat has been communicated well enough, that team Space-O organizes the Rewards and Recognition (R&R) ceremony.

R&R is not just a ceremony, it is a process. It starts from the time that the new quarter begins; from marking every task of every project to thinking who truly deserves the R&R and why, from conferences that generally conclude to a fight to discussions that lead to positive results, everything is a part of the R&R process.

The R&R Day

Rakesh Patel shared the story of Tesla’s growth in technology, think big attitude in work and its new driverless feature in the car which he experienced in his last visit to the United States. He thus light a lamp of hope in our minds, for the better future of technology in India and at Space-O.

The R&R award started with a voice piercing the quiet of the office environment taking them on the journey to explaining why is R&R hosted and what preparations have been going on. The ambiguous voice then came on the mid-stage. The host for this evening was Aagna Trivedi, who is the humble content writer of this article.

The highlight of the R&R event, for Quarter 3, 2015, was that only four astronauts from the entire team of Space-O had been awarded, because of the dedication, positive energy, initiatives, and innovations that they showed.

These Astronauts Earned the Rewards & Recognition Awards for Q3 2015

Khyati Rathod

Khyati-RathodKhyati is ‘Miss Dependable’ of the Android Team just like Rahul Dravid, the wall of Indian Cricket Team. – Ankit Shah (Project Manager)

Without this person, the android team feels like an app, that has been created without the navigation flow. She has proven out to be the backbone of the Android team. She has always been the support system for her team, her projects and to those Android freshers who come to her for help. The award was handed over to her by the CTO of Space-O Technologies, Mr. Atit Purani.

Sohil Memon

Sohil-Memon“When Sohil comes, everyone believes that the solution to every problem has come as well.” – Jigar Pandya (Project Manager)

Sohil Memon, the heart of the iOS team, is known for the perfection in the performance he does. He has proved himself to be the veins that pump blood into the heart of the iOS team, in a few months. The award was handed over to him by the CEO of Space-O Digicom, Mr. Utpal Vaishnav.

Satish Solanki

Satish-Solanki“He can be approached on any difficult topic and he is ready with the solution. He makes his project manager work easier.” – Chintan Modani (Project Manager)

Satish is the mind of the Android team. Acting calmly and smartly in every situation that comes across him. He proves an old saying to be true even now, ‘slow and steady wins the race,’ which he did by doing the work at his own pace, and yet perfectly, without the need of problem-solving, as he leaves no loophole in the work he does. The award was handed over to him by the CEO of Space-O Digicom, Mr. Utpal Vaishnav.

As a part of the event, to make things lighter, an activity was organized, which was named ‘R&R in 1 minute.’ Organized just for fun, this event allowed some of the people to win a chocolate in a minute. Two people will be called, one after the other, and the names of other Space-O employees would be given to them, whose style they have to do. Those who guess correctly and those who act fabulously would be awarded with a Perk. Making the day lighter and allowing the temperature to fall slightly, we then made it rise again, by restarting the award giving ceremony.

Well, it was then time for the host of the evening to say goodbye to the stage, and make sure that the event was taken forward by Mr. Atit Purani, towards the final award of the night. The person who this award went to, was surprisingly the host of the evening, Aagna Trivedi herself.

Aagna Trivedi

“When a person is active and enthusiastic, they create positive energy, which Aagna creates and is increasing in our team.” – Krunal Soni (Marketing Manager)

Aagna is the person that spreads a positive attitude in the team and allows enthusiasm to infect others in the team. Accepting challenges and learning something new out of it is her speciality. The award was handed over to her by the CEO of Space-O Technologies, Mr. Rakesh Patel.

The event concluded with a whooping applause for the four champions, who brought in positive energy, solution-oriented approach and enthusiasm, creating a strongly competitive environment for the next rewards & recognition ceremony, which is soon to come.

Winners of Q1 RnR 2015

Keeping up with the IPL Fever, Space-O Presents Q1 RnR 2015

“Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated,” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

A pat on the back always feels good and motivates you to do something more. You explore your capabilities best when you feel motivated. We enunciated this with great perfection through our quarterly employee awards.

Rewards & Recognition 2015, with each quarter, has managed to applaud the efforts made by the employees and reward them in the best possible manner.

Themed to match the IPL fervor, this year’s R&R was quite an enjoyable event for both the host and attendees.

Yes, it’s an IPL Mania at Space-O Technologies.

WHY IPL Style?

This idea came from Space-O project managers, who observed that after talks about projects, IPL chitchats are the most heard of at the Space-O India development center. Taking this seriously; Project Managers, the HR department, Delivery Heads and a few people from sales & marketing department made a team and planned the event as we all believed in making this event a success.

How did this event start, you wonder?

It started with the much-loved IPL music, to establish an atmosphere.

With a Dhamakedar entry of Jay Paaji (Mr. Chintan Modani aka CPM, who was recently promoted as Sr. Project Manager) and Veeru Paji (Aka Vishal Jariwala.) Then there was a downpour of questions, from the both of them for the audience, about IPL and cricket in general, as it had been decided that each winner of this quarter gets a name of cricketer and that the names would be given by matching skills/habits.

RnR Q1 IPL Style Spaceotechnologies

The awards were given out in Navjot Singh Sidhu style.


Well, every award was accompanied by a Shayari that was specifically designed for the person who was at the receiving end. the shayari was delivered in Sidhu style and with Sidhu actions as well. Hats off to the Master of ceremony for pulling that off.:)

The award of Q1 RnR 2015 with IPL style now commenced:

Anil Solanki

He is Martin Guptill of team Space-O. Awarded for being a technically sound player, he is the calmest and composed person of the team. He is also responsible for pulling the team to the top position.

R&R Award to Anil Solanki - Space-O Technologies

Harshil Bhatt

He is Deepak Hooda of team Space-O. He received the award for “Emerging player”. He is one of the motivated players who has played his card on every available opportunity and has always given his 100%.

R&R Award to Harshil Bhatt - Space-O Technologies

Nikita Pal

She is Mithali Raj for team Space-O. She received this award for team building and for her performance in QA. The products released by Space-O have been successful owing to her efforts.

R&R Award to Nikita Pal - Space-O Technologies

Again, Anil Solanki as an Amazing Team Player

He was given this award for being an amazing team player and for his excellence in client servicing. He played the role of a tough leader, ensuring that his team stayed motivated and could deal with any kind of situation.

R&R Award to Again Anil Solanki Space-O Technologies

Jigar Mistry

His accomplishments for Space-O are synonymous with that Rahul Dravid’s in cricket. He was awarded for being an excellent solution provider and his consistent performance in the field of technology. His consistency has determined great many successes for the organization.

R&R Award to Jiger Mistry - Space-O Technologies

Hardik Shah

He is the Chris Gayle of team Space-O. His brilliant contribution to the smart city 311 project, as well as the brilliance displayed by him in the form of art, has enabled him to receive this award. It is his artwork that has enabled the product to stand out amidst competition.

R&R Award to Hardik Shah - Space-O Technologies

Dhaval Khant

McCullum for team Space-O, he has led his team towards solutions. His contribution towards Smartcity 311 project and his immense love for coding and providing solutions is the reason he received this award.

R&R Award to Dhaval Khant - Space-O Technologies

Amrit Trivedi

He is one of those who remain calm under pressure. No wonder he has been compared with M S Dhoni! He is responsible for excellent products especially the client app which was enlisted as one of the top 30 apps on iStore.

R&R Award to Amrit Trivedi - Space-O Technologies

Pradeep Makhija

He is Ajinkya Rahane for team Space-O. He is indeed an all rounder and walks out with astonishing results in every work that’s assigned to him.

R&R Award to Pradeep Makhija - Space-O Technologies

Now its twist time for this R&R Q1- 2015, we honored new & noteworthy astronauts who working very hard for their work, the names are Vikita, Gaurav, Dipika, Mayuri, Paras, Shubham, Khyati, and NIlax.

But, It’s Not the End

That was all about R&R awards but then we began announcing awards for the best teams, who dedicated themselves towards their projects. The first prize went to the team of Smart city 311 project, which was mentored by non-other than Mr. Rakesh Patel (CEO of Space-O Technologies).

R&R Q1 2015 Best Team Award - Space-O Technologies

“I have done some great things in my past that is the reason I have this great team. It has been a new experience and learning from Smart City project, where I have to work with Government entities and its tough but because of my team and my DNA, I love to take tough challenges and win them.” – Rakesh Patel

The 2nd team is ‘Space-O Website Revamp’ team, who works very hard to give the best user experience to their visitors and gives a new look to all the web pages of the Space-O website.

Last & Third team, nope it’s not particularly a team, but the fellows who never consider time as their limit and attend the swift training early in the morning, learn new things and are ready to go to any extreme to learn new languages with no change on their project deliveries. This is all because of Our technical head Mr. Jigar Mistry, who inspired them to learn.

He believes in coding standards and applying the same with a training session. Coding standards are great – but how do you decide which standards to apply or how will they be defined?, he covered this all in his sessions and create a process-oriented technical solution.

Whether it is a technical or a non-technical, He is solution architect, Mr. Atit Purani, CTO, emphasizes on training & development and strong technical depth.

‘Organizations can grow randomly and up to some extent horizontally but in a longer run without strong pillar, it can not stand out amongst others. Technical depth is one of the backbones which enables organizations to grow vertically.

Atit Purani - April 2015

So coding structure and training are the most important part for the organization.

At last, our Delivery head Mr. Narendra Purohit, who always walk with positive vibes and talk small to big matters to encourage a team to improve the projects deliveries. In this R&R, he stated, which he generally mean when he plays Carrom in Space-O Game zone:

“When we are playing something we will play very hard to win and when we are working don’t miss any, give the same dedication and work on”.

No IPL, whether it is a theme for an awards ceremony or the actual one, can end without the famous Sidhu Shayari. So, it happened that Vishal ended the beautiful event with one class Shayari.

Space-O Main Muqaddar Bante Der Nahi Lagti,
Space-0 Main Sikandar Bante Der Nahi Lagti,
bas Hunar hona chahiye guru..
Space-0 Main Boond Ko Samander Bante Der Nahi Lagti.

With such events, Space-O tries to nurture an empowered entrepreneur in every employee.

R&R Q1 2015 Awards

Space-O believes and understands the need to keep the employees motivated. It believes in working as a team; be it an employee or a client or a vendor, Space-O treats them all with the same spirit. You cannot succeed alone, and these are the values instilled in Space-O.

Meet Space-O Astronauts of Quarter-4 – Rewards & Recognition, 2014

4th quarter of R&R

“Excellent work, well done.”
It sounds great right?

When your leader pats your shoulder in front of the entire workforce and appreciates your hard work.

And Space-O, yet again has demonstrated it true winning leadership management quality totally in a new style by recognizing and rewarding some of the outstanding and talented team members with hidden talents amongst the best of the best lot.

From leaders of the company to developers, quarter after quarter team members gets an opportunity to anchor the events like R&R or Sports day etc.

Vishal and Nirali, the host of the event, took everyone by surprise when they announced every team members to close their desktop & enter into the big boss room. The much awaited 4th quarter of R&R which no one anticipated would hit them so quickly.

4th quarter of R&R

The hosts swiped the events so well that every winner they called upon, they played musical lines and few light side of the winner that made everyone on the floor to have a belly laugh.

“Great advantage of working in Space-O is you get to work with youngsters & Space-O pushes them to open up their talents,”

Here’s list of winners of the Rewards & Recognition Quarter-4

Sunil Vaishnav

Smart, brilliant, who dances with the codes, known as Mr. Safety Band, always ready to safeguard the team members when it comes to development, a very serious person who is aggressive & workaholic.

Alpesh Pethani

A silent designer, who learnt & gained knowledge & astonished everyone by his talent, from HTML, Web, Mobile apps, Website development, Responsive, he is able to turn it to flamboyant design.

Vishal Gandhi

liked by everyone for his sportive & fun going nature, hardworking, even with less experience able to perform way ahead & easily handles client communication. A true gem of Space-O who does not know the word “Impossible”

Bhavesh Thakkar

A person who is hard on money & keeps talking about money all the time, he is the most remembered person on the salary day, commonly called as polar bear, as he always prefers to be under Air Condition.

Hitesh Kanani

QA perfectionist, big essence of QA team, mastered his subject well, Knack for catching bugs on any app on the earth, very specific & follows whatever instructions been provided by his PMs.

Jignesh Patel

Height cum fightjadaa, a typical Gujarati bhai, always stands as 108 service for PMs,stalwart in PHP, any issues related to web, team member directly heads to Jiga.

Dharit Gajjar

Silent player, simple looking, a true gentleman, can take up challenges easily, has good communication skills, handles client calls at ease, gives 100% in whatever task he takes up.

Krunal Soni

Revolutionized the digital marketing in Space-O, participates in a number of business events to promote & build branding of the company, inspires others with his best professional looks..

Nisha Parmanandani

Dynamic, brilliant, expert in taking initiatives, mastered in dynamic coding; whether she knows or doesn’t the task, she has the knack of collecting the needed information & puts together, a true miracle which her PM calls.

Keyur Prajapati

A shy & silent killer kills everyone with his work, known as Mr. Do not Disturb guy. His coding structure is fantastic, very focused & hardworking, sets no time to complete his given task.

Hitesh Trivedi

A well expert in any kind of coding, gained vast knowledge in coding and development, master in project planning, not only looks after his work but supports his team members in their project at any given time, He is known as Mr. Bachchan in Space-O.

See more pictures from here

Space-O heartily congratulates all the best players, which again has demonstrated its true leadership quality in continuation of R&R every quarter, the leaders of Space-O believes in the team, they time and again stress the importance of the team building and motivation, they are able to appreciate and lead the team in such an extraordinary path of success, because they themselves have walked the path of common man – a developer, PM, CTO, CEO, hence Space-O nurtures best of the talents in the world.



Silent Astronauts of the Space-O Tops the R&R Q3 Awards, 2014

Space-O R&R Q3 Achivers,  2014

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Effective rewards and recognition practices are one area that reflect a Space-O’s culture, basic values & beliefs and integrate well with the nature of its business, strategy and goals.

It was yet another season (Checkout R&R Q1 & Q2) of the reward and recognition that was held on last week (18-Oct-14) for the quarter-3, July-September 2014. As usual the award presentation was started with great enthusiasms and claps by our employees who were all dressed in white, a great team spirit!

The gift vouchers and Certificates of Excellence were handed over to some of the best performers of the company by Mr. Atit Purani, CTO of Space-O Technologies.

To make the environment very surreal and fun side, Mr. Chintan Modani has started R&R event by calling the top performers to receive their awards by tagging their roles to the Bollywood movies.

Ting Tong the prize goes to the top three actors and hold your breath they are….

1. Parag Ghetiya – Just like Phata Poster Nikala hero, our hero Parag received the award for his excellent work, he was overwhelmed and became emotional upon receiving the prize hence Just a Thank You note was heard from him.

2. Hitesh Songra – A person who communicates well and has set his goal focused just like the “Player movie”

3. Jigar Pandya – As seen in Burfi movie that pulls everyone with his smile, similarly our hero received the third prize, the crowd cheered him with clap and whistles, sure burfi boy!

Just like supporting actors, the five best performer awards were given to

4. Our Bullet Raja, Harendrasingh Rajput

5. The Photographer of Space-O to Keyur Bhalodiya

6. The Nautanki Saala of Space-O to Vishal Jariwala

7. Smiley delicate actress of Space-O to Pooja Patel and last but not the least went to

8. HarpalSingh Gohil – The favorite of everyone in Space-O, just like go lucky Happy Singh.

As a surprise award which we see quarter after quarter, two deserving candidates received this award which was solely decided by the CTO, for their commendable job that they showed not only towards the company but takes lead to be in part and parcel of all the employees’ requirement and carry out it with ease.

9. Ankit Shah – the Project Manager, who has spread his wings in almost everything, whether it is multiple roles, escalations, sales, team work, anytime of the day you call, he is always there to chase behind the work and get it done.

10. Mansi Trivedi – Joined Space-O as a Receptionist who hardly knew anything has now completely made a 360 degree change in her career in a couple of years, now commendably handles team of 140 people as HR.

Leaders make or break a company and being a true leader, Mr. Atit Purani, kept his usual routine of sharing some of his leadership qualities by giving few examples; he stressed upon having to set right goals and chasing after them and about having right attitude, ignoring negative vibrations and as a deaf frog need to perceive things in a brighter and positive way, climb the hill upward rather than slipping down.

His inspirational stories motivated the employees to come out of their cocoon and share their perspective and thoughts, their views on this type of RnR, their learning’s and the positive changes that their underwent after joining the company. This is one of the ways that help employees and the organisation to find out about their hidden talents and boost their personal motto of work hard and play hard attitude.

Along with Atit Purani, AVP-Mr. Bhaval Patel & Delivery Head – Mr. Narendra Purohit gave more in-sight about goals, un-learn and attitude to the employees. As rightly said by Narendra, only when we try to unlearn our repetitive practice, only then we will be able to gain new things and this will help us to grow in a more positive path.

Adding to this Mr. Bhaval Patel said, having positive attitude and setting goal like focused frog will leap us far ahead of everyone.

These inspirational words from leaders and viewing things at the micro level are not only making Space-O environment a better place to work; also the leaders & PM are able to balance both the client and employees in same perspective and make sure that they help employees in making them to understand and play their roles accordingly with their easy approachable quality, hence employees feel there are in more comfort zone thereby enhancing Space-O to grow further.

Space-O Astronaut(s) of the quarter – Rewards & Recognition, Q2-2014

If rewards & recognition quarter one of 2014 was high on achievements, quarter two has surpassed all expectations! We Where in the last quarter we had two high-achievers, this time we are glad to report, we have seven Space-O Astronauts.

The stars of this quarter are:

From iPhone Developers Team:

1. Kiran Patel
2. Pradip Vanparia
3. Ankur Vekariya

From Android Developers Team:

4. Dhaval Khant
5. Amit Patoliya

From Business Development Team:

6. Priyesh Dixit

From QA Team:

7. Kalyani Katyarmal

This quarter is more challenging for project managers & HR to decide the winners and that is the reason to put up the numbers of winners’ two to seven. The technical excellence, initiative and their ability to deliver on deadline has held these stars in good stead.

Rewards & Recognition, Q2-2014 Event

We have seven Space-O Astronauts in R&R Q2, 2014 but over and above this; Atit Purani, Co-founder & CTO of Space-O Technologies gave a special prize to Amrit Trivedi from iPhone developers’ team who lifted the level of performance to exceed the expectation.

In his brief speech, Atit Purani talked about hard work, self confidence and perseverance which is key in getting success. He clearly emphasized on focusing on Solutions rather then discussing Problems.

The whole Blue & Pink theme event was motivating not only for winners but also for others too, as they felt determined to achieve even better and provide tough competition to winners in terms of work excellence.

What set them apart is the way they understood the need of the clients and managed to successfully bring it to life. This is what has earned them the title of the “Best Performers” of the quarter.

It is heartening to see the Space-O Astronauts so motivated and desirous of excellence. There is a certain thrill in watching talent unfurl its wings, and that is exactly what we have observed this quarter with our team. Give yourself a pat on the back guys, but know well, there is more to come and bigger challenges to master.

Space-O Astronaut of Quarter – Rewards & Recognition – Q1, 2014

Recognition … we all love it. No matter what title we carry. Space-O Engineers and Designers love it too ☺.

Yesterday on 25th April 2014, two of Space-O Technologies’ team members were recognized for their performance in first quarter of 2014 and received gift vouchers and Certificates of Excellence.

Who are these Space-O Team Members?

  1. Amrit Trivedi from iPhone Developers Team
  2. Vijay Prajapati from Design Team

Amrit and Vijay not only met but exceeded the expectations and set a mark for their current and future colleagues to chase.

Amrit and Vijay turned out to be the BEST performers considering different parameters such as operational discipline, meeting deadlines, developing defect free code / amazing user experience / design and the most important – DELIGHT of the clients.

One more thing that couldn’t go unnoticed – that was their zeal to assume the ownership of the tasks which were not “pushed” to them but they “pulled” by taking an initiative.

Have a look at the pictures of the award distribution ceremony led by Atit Purani, co-founder and CTO of Space-O Technologies:

Certificate Spaceo
Amrit Trivedi Spaceo
Vijay Prajapati Spaceo
Project Managers Spaceo
HR Spaceo
HR Spaceo

The whole event was motivating not only for the ones who won the awards but for the whole team – they felt determined to achieve even better and provide tough competition to Amrit and Vijay in terms of work excellence!

Not only the individuals who bagged the glory, but also their Project Managers – Gaurang, Ankit, Narendra, Chintan and Sandeep also felt accomplished, it can be felt on their faces in the above photos, isn’t it?

Motivated individuals make clients not only feel happy but delighted. That’s what our Client Testimonial page highlights …

High morale, motivated team, ONE goal – to delight our clients through our work, commitment and attitude … let’s make it even better!


Come to Space-O. Create Value. Make a Difference. Get Rewarded.

There’s an old saying that goes as below:

“Value has a value only if its value is valued.”

Not only we believe in the above saying, this thought motivates us like no other thoughts.

Just getting motivated does not stop us. It is seen in our actions. To know how, please read on.

What Space-O is today would not have happened if people working with us have not created tremendous value for their stakeholders and we’re sure, our wonderful team of people would continue creating value for their investors, vendors, employees and customers….all the entities that directly or indirectly affected with the work we do.

This post is about one such wonderful person, Bhaval Patel, who not only put past two years of his life  but also his blood, sweat and tears  to create today’s Space-O.

He positively affected different areas of the business right from ensuring project deliveries to managing client accounts to generating new business.

How could we not value his wonderful contribution?

His contributions compelled us to not only pat his back but to gift a Car also which we feel will make a positive difference in his life. See the image below where our Co-Founder, Atit Purani is handing over the key of the car to Bhaval.

We initially planned to felicitate Bhaval on Space-O Technologies’ 3rd Anniversary however we did it early just a few days before the grand occasion because we did not want to wait for things to happen.

We believe that people should not wait for things to happen so we chose to put it in the action.

Actions matter.

You may be curious to know more about Bhaval by now. Well, here you go:

Q: Who is Bhaval Patel?
A: Bhaval joined Space-O as a Project Manager two years back.  He managed projects and programs and shined as a Project Manager so as we grew and needed someone to head delivery, Bhaval was the most appropriate choice. He took over overall delivery and promoted as Head of Delivery. While heading the delivery, he led beyond his title and started managing client accounts, generated new business and making a difference in the “Sales” area as well.

Q: What value did he add to Space-O?
A: The most significant value he brings in is his ability to lead beyond his title. No matter what his title is, he is ready to make things happen and he is not just ready to make things happen, he actually makes things happen.

Q: How does he do so?
A: He leads different functions of business by considering as if he is running the business. Essentially it means assuming personal risks and making decisions that might be good for the business. Hard work, ability to energize the teams working with him, continuous learning and most important – decision making ability are his commonly seen virtues.

Essentially, Bhaval is in the process of making his dream come true. He believes that when a person joins Space-O which aims to be India’s fastest growing Mobile Apps Development Company, he has the same possibilities that Bhaval had.

That is to make their dream come true. By putting in whatever it takes. By assuming personal risks while creating value for the stakeholders. By doing the things because they are right, not because their senior has told them to do…

When you choose a company to work with, either you will be taught to “comply” with the rules and be a cog in the wheel or you will be given freedom to create your own destiny. Work with a company who fulfills your dreams.

Here’s his favorite line which he uses in the interviews he conducts in an endeavor to continuously bringing in high-energy talents, “Come to Space-O. Create Value. Make a Difference. Get Rewarded.”

Words From Our Happy Clients

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