Space-O Opens Its US Office in Silicon Valley

Space-O Office at Silicon Valley

Space-O’s Physical Presence in 3rd Country

Space-O has opened a new office in Silicon Valley this month. With the new office, now Space-O has a physical presence in 3 countries – India, Russia and the United States.

Started out as a small startup in Ahmedabad in 2010, Space-O has grown out to be a multinational software development and product engineering services provider.

Silicon Valley – The Temple of ‘Tech’ Startups

Silicon Valley is the home to some of the world’s most “impactful” technology companies and some of the most promising tech startups.

Silicon Valley has it all that enable the startups to grow at unprecedented speed and robustness – right mindset, right people, right comfort, right socio-economic conditions… and the most important – right culture.

Valley is full of determinant people with full of entrepreneurial spirit and never-say-die attitude.

Typically, people who operate from Silicon Valley believe in one thing – Get Shit Done!

Now, We’ll get *MORE* Shit Done!

Get Shit Done is the culture based on which we have built the foundation of Space-O. With this office, we are now a multi-national startup!

We believe in Agile Mindset and we buy into Individuals and Interaction over Processes and Tools principle – when you are physically present where your client is, the communication gets better and your quality of service improves.

When we say we want to get shit done, we essentially convey that no matter how *nasty* the problem is, we deal with it upfront such that our clients achieve their goals. When our clients achieve their goals, we also achieve our goals of generating good profits through our dependable services and products.

We are geared up to get MORE shit done!

From CEO’s Desk

“Despite being a tech guy, I ‘feel’ there is something in the air of Silicon Valley. The wind of Valley touches my ear and tells me that let’s make a dent in the world through design led development approach. I feel so excited with Space-O’s physical presence in the United States,” said Rakesh Patel, CEO of Space-O Group of Companies.

Space-O Codes for a Cause to Launch UnMuted, Your Voice Raising Platform

Did you ever feel the need of raising your voice but did not have a means to do that?

Not anymore. Three tech-entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad, Nirmit Parikh, Tanmay Desai and CEO of Space-O, Rakesh Patel have assumed the responsibility of making a difference in our lives.

And born the idea of UnMuted, a Non-Profit civic engagement mobile app.


The app allows citizens to identify and report the civic issues related with environment, public safety, health, and so on resulting into a quick attention and timely action by the government, municipality or the concerned civic authority.

Although it serves as a tool to post issues in the first phase, city administrators and civic authorities are already showing a high interest in the app for a few reasons:

  1. It offloads civic bodies to act upon the request quickly and resolve the issues curtailing the otherwise lengthy and formal procedures that require too much time and money (almost thousands of dollars) annually.
  2. The app will not ONLY help local bodies to be aware about the civic issues but will facilitate them to work upon it with priority, i.e. issues with highest ratings from public (smartphone users) can be dealt with priority.

But this was just about the government and related civic bodies, a COMMON MAN can also benefit greatly:

    1. People can report an issue in 4 EASY steps:
      1. Capturing the Photo of issue
      2. Selecting the Relevant Category of issue (Garbage, Pothole, Health Issues, Dangerous Condition, Re-Development, Police Issue, Environment Issue, Noise Complain and other)
      3. Writing a short description (This is Optional)
      4. Submitting the issue
    2. People cannot just report a civic issue along with place, date and time but they can also rate the problem, i.e. the higher the rating, the worse is the problem.
    3. Since everyone will know how old the problem is, who is responsible for solving it, etc; it will improve accountability among the civic officials and authorities obligating them to respond and resolve the issue with utmost precedence. In short, this app can bring potential and positive changes in the interests of public, particularly where representatives are elected periodically. Hence this app has been nicknamed as “Democracy 2.0” where the process truly becomes participatory.


Technical Highlights of “UnMuted A.K.A. Democracy 2.0 App”

  1. The app has an intuitive ‘Language Agnostic’ User Interface (UI), focusing more on symbols and imagery than any particular language. It took around 9 months to develop the app with 78 iterative changes in the interface and design in order to make it accessible in every part of the world and for any age group.
  2. The app allows people to use Location Based Services on their smartphones to report a problem with picture as well as the site (location) all in real time, i.e. the entire process barely takes a few seconds compared to otherwise lengthy and formal request drafting in person.
  3. In the backend, the city agency gets a Web Dashboard that lets them track the number of reports which have been captured, bundled and automatically transferred to the government agency responsible for the infraction. It also shows a map mash-up of where the issues are located, pending issues, and graphs that break down reports by type over a given period of time. Issues not addressed within a stipulated time period are automatically tagged on again and again.

If you witness a civic issue in your neighborhood or the place you are visiting, go UnMuted about it. Download the app from iTunes. You can even follow the UnMuted on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Team Space-O Participates in InDigiNext 2013 Organized by IndiSEO

At Space-O, we believe in power of community and knowledge sharing. Industry events provide a great opportunity to learn from the experiences of diverse people and their wide array of knowledge.

Being an avid Internet Marketing enthusiast, I am always keen to gain knowledge in the area of SEO and SMM and I love to attend various industry events.

On last Sunday, I attended one such informative event about SEO and Internet Marketing – InDigiNext2013 along with two of my team members, Kaushal Soni and Harshil Bhatt.

Our participation to the event was sponsored by the company and we loved wearing T-Shirts given by Space-O.

The summit was all about Digital Marketing & Social Media and the expert speakers included:

  1. Pradeep Chopra who shared his insights on “Facebook Advertising for Customer Acquisition”;
  2. Khushbu Pandya who shared her ideas on “Social Media & Customer Behaviour” and “Creating a Social Business”;
  3. Navneet Kaushal who spoke about “SEO in the Age of Panda, Penguin & Beyond”; and
  4. Puneet Jain who talked upon “Having Mobile Website/ App for business and its optimization”

All-in-all, it was a very good event in terms of knowledge and understanding the trends. For example, people in SEO industry were saying since early 2012 that focus on creating quality content and do not invest time in age-old gimmicky tactics. With introduction of Hummingbird update that Google revealed recently and the discussions we had, this theory seems to be strengthening.

I feel that the time has come for every person and colleagues who work in SEO/SMM field to understand Internet Marketing from a Google-friendly way. I am happy with the knowledge I got by attending the event and feel determined to employ Google friendly ways to promote our Web Properties and Mobile Apps.

Harendra Singh Rajput
About the Author: Harendrasingh Rajput serves Space-O as a Team Leader and looks after Internet Marketing. Always smiling and keen to learn new things, Harendra is willing to run an extra mile and working hard towards producing business results. Follow him on twitter @harendrasingh.

What to Expect When You Hire iPhone App Developer?

It is not easy to hire iPhone app developer today. However, it should not be difficult either if you follow a systematic approach to engage one. You will just be required to consider a few factors while hiring an iPhone application developer and pursue the resources accordingly.

So here goes the list:

1.Timely Completion: When you hire iPhone app developer with good experience and expertise, you can expect him/her to create and complete your iPhone app in a timely fashion. This doesn’t involve iPhone app development only but it also includes getting your iPhone app approved and published on the Apple app store without any delays or rejections.

2. Creative Input and Insight: It is in good favor of your project to hire exp. iPhone app developer who can make creative and concrete contributions based on his learning he/she has acquired while working on different iPhone app development projects. He/she can advise and validate your decisions related with developing iPhone apps.

3. Support after Launch: Now quite a few times it happens your iPhone app requires some minor bug fixes. A genuine iPhone app developer will understand and help you resolve such issues without charging anything additional if you spell this in your contract beforehand.

4. Transfer of Source Code Ownership: Ensure to hire iPhone application developers with good experience who can be expected to be aware of fair trade practices. Ideally the source code rights are to be transferred to the client, customer or contractee who is deemed to be the project owner.

5. Confidentiality: Again iPhone application developers are assumed to keep and respect the confidentiality clause governed by the Non-Disclosure Agreement that both parties have agreed upon.

Above mentioned are one of the primary aspects that one should consider while hiring iPhone application developer. Please don’t hesitate to share your views and comments about it.


Space-O Team Wins Hackathon in AppFest 2013 at IIM, Ahmedabad

Space-O Team, who proudly calls themselves as Space-O Ninja have won the AppFest 2013 Hackathon held at IIM, Ahmedabad during 26-28 July, 2013.

spaceo - appfest 2013 - hackathone - winners

Name of the team members are:

  1. Amit Patolia, Android Developer
  2. Tarun Patel, Android Developer
  3. Nisarg Patel, Android Developer, 
  4. Gaurang Bhatt, Database/Backend Developer
  5. Vijay Prajapati, Graphic Designer

About the App Concept that got first price of Rs.75,000/-

Concept: Book Barter

Book Barter is a book exchange platform that increases your knowledge, saves money, connects with like-minded people and works 24×7. Not only that, it saves tree!

How to use the app:

It is a simple 4 step process: Register for free. Upload books using camera. Search and send barter request. Start exchanging the books.

Technical features:
Push notifications, Maps & GPS, Social Networks, Hosted on Amazon Cloud, Uses Amazon and Google APIs, Scan ISBN codes to get the book information via camera.

To check the feasibility of the concept, as a part of development we conducted a survey of 106 users and the survey results said:

There are 6200+books available for barter exchange in the IIM itself right now!
Commercial value of those books are 18+ lakhs!

The whole Space-O Team is extremely delighted for the overall team efforts everyone has experienced.

Space-O Technologies’ CEO & Co-Founder Rakesh Patel Invited To Speak About Company’s Growth & Journey

CEO and Co-Founder of Space-O Technologies, Rakesh Patel was recently invited to be the Speaker at eChai – a flagship venture and initiative by Point10 to promote entrepreneurial culture amongst youth.

Rakesh Patel at eChai

The event was held on July 20th, 2013, Saturday between 17:00 and 19:30 Hours IST and attracted an audience of around 175 people who also gained the insights of the other speakers including Pallav Parikh from Co-Founder CityShor; Tanmay Vora Management Consultant, Author and Founder of QAspire Blog; and Abhinav Das, Founder & CEO of Evomo.

Although all the speeches were inspiring, the oratory by Rakesh touched and talked about the extreme encounters of entrepreneurship in detail with real life experiences.

He concluded his speech by offering valuable advisory to budding entrepreneurs that was about starting small, focusing on execution and inspecting what is expected to have no stopping in the entrepreneurial growth and goal achievement.


It’s Raining Reviews for Space-O, Seven 5-Star Ratings in Row

What else could possibly please us more than earning “Seven 5-Star Ratings in a Row!” I mean if you ask us, this is one of those times when we (Space-O) literally feel Celestial (Pun Intended).

But beyond Pride, we feel privileged to receive client reviews and customers’ feedback. This is because it helps us improve and better our processes and sustain our performances to live up to the patrons’ expectations and fulfill Service Level Agreement (SLA).

And just like Bo Bennett’s quote,

“Not being in tune with your customers is like living in an alternate reality; the way you think your customers feel about your product is not always the same as what your customers really think about your product.”

Gratefully in our case, we’ve scored the highest on each of the 6 parameters mentioned below:

  1. Quality
  2. Expertise
  3. Cost
  4. Schedule
  5. Response
  6. Professional

And here are the verbatim reviews for 7 mobile app projects we’ve recently finished for our valued customers:

Project Requirement: IOS App Rewrite
Client Review:

“I don’t give anyone all 5’s on anything, but Space O has been exceptional – far exceeding my expectations. They not only met the requirements of the job, they added additional value during the course of the project with their technical expertise and knowledge. The service oriented attitude of everyone involved was also notable. I now have a better product than anticipated – on time and under on budget. I am thrilled with Space-O’s performance. I will continue to use them for additional projects.”

— Tony D.

Project Requirement: Quiet Spot Mobile Application
Client Review:

“I am very satisfied with the end results of this project. I will definitely use Space-O in the future. Thanks for the hard work.”

— Fair-Trade-Shane

Project Requirement: App Update
Client Review:

“Excellent work again from the Space-O team. Speedy, efficient and to budget! Thank you”

— Melinda T

Project Requirement: Cannot be revealed due to confidentiality clause
Client Review:

“Great to work with again, very pleased.”

— Michael

Project Requirement: My Healing Vortex Upgrade
Client Review:

“Great work as always! Thanks!”

— Taryn L.

Project Requirement: Add “comments” to Objective C Source Code for iOS App
Client Review:

“Contractor gave a great review of the application which i requested. Looking forward to working with them again on larger scale projects!”

— Ryan K.

Project Requirement: QuiteSpotMobile Cell Phone Application
Client Review:

“This project consisted of wire-frames and the design plan of a cell phone application I wanted to have placed on the Android market. Space-O adhered to my specifications in a timely professional manner. I will look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks Again Space-O”

— Shane C.

You will find the above mentioned ratings and other reviews by the clients while going through Space-O’s Job History on Elance.

Whereas to discuss your mobile app idea, you can always request our free initial quote or consultation.

Words From Our Happy Clients

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