Be Proud of Your Roots – Space-O Celebrated World Ethnic Day & Conduct “Pick of the Month” App Event

Be Proud of Your Roots!

On 17th June 2017, Space-O Technologies celebrated World Ethnic Day to celebrate cultures of different religions together.


By wearing ethnic clothes that represent a culture we belong to, we proudly celebrated this day with lots of fun. All the employees of the company wore different colorful ethnic dresses as it was the day to celebrate the cultural diversity that one can see in Space-O Technologies.

An entire day, there was energy among employees as they all were in their cultural outfits. The celebration didn’t end here, our HR team, including Nehal Jani, HR Manager and Khyati Shah, Sr. HR) conducted “Pick of the Month” event.

We conduct “Pick of the Month” app event every one or two months, where different teams of mobile app developers participate and register their applications to the HR of the company. Then, our seniors select top three applications on the following basis:

  1. Unique Features That our team of developers have never implemented in earlier developed apps.
  2. Real-life Problem Solving
  3. User-friendly

Considering these criteria in mind, this month our seniors selected top four applications, including:

  • Sawerly
  • Gallery Guardian
  • Gamestat

And, the fourth one is under NDA, and, above all, we respect our client’s privacy. These selected apps were exceptional in terms of features, uniqueness and solving real-time problems.

Then, the Pick of the Month app event started at 5 PM by our HR team. Everyone gathered on the floor in their ethnic dresses and settle down on their seats. All the Space-O members were excited to see the presentations of selected applications.

Even, our Jury members,

  • Atit Purani, Co-Founder and CTO
  • Bhaval Patel, Ass. Vice President
  • Narendra Purohit, a Delivery head

were also excited to see the presentation of the applications that represented by the team members, who were working on it.

Soon, the first team came on the floor to represent their developed application demo. The application that is known as Sawerly is one such platform for Saudi Arabia photographers and people, who are looking for professional photographers. This application connects photographers and customers on one stage to fulfill their needs.

Hitesh Trivedi, a Sr. iOS developer of this project, started giving a presentation on this app along with his team members. They chose to represent their application with a real life example of how we can use this application.


About Sawerly App

Sawerly is the best platform for professional photographers/videographers and customers, who are searching for the best photographers. With this application, photographers can list themselves and showcase their portfolio and services that offered by them. While customers can post their photo shoot request, mentioning their requirements and budget.

Unique Features of the App

  • Professional Photographers/Videographers can post their portfolio and different services that offered by them with their packages.
  • Customers can post the photo shoot or video shoot requirements, mentioning their budget and the request will be distributed to photographers according to their criteria.
  • Photographers can bid on the requests of customers and customers can choose from different options of bids according to their choices and requirements.

Website / iTunes / Android

Team Members:

  • Ankit Khambhata (Project Manager)
  • Hitesh Trivedi (Sr. iOS Developer)
  • Yagnesh Panchal (Sr. PHP Developer)
  • Sejal Vala (Jr. QA)
  • Pravina Upadhyay (Jr. PHP Developer)
  • Nirav Mistry (Sr. Graphics Designer)


In the above-image, you can see the entire team of the Sawerly application.

Once, they finished the presentation, our HR called another team to showcase their developed application named ‘Game Set Stat’.

Amrit Trivedi started the presentation on this application, explaining its all features, benefits, and uses.

About Game Set Stat App

Game Set Stat application is designed for both iPhone and Apple Watch to capture your and your opponent’s Tennis match stats and scores in real time while you are playing.

Features of Game Set Stat:

  • The app allows you to analyze your pro level tennis stats on their iPhone at the end of the match or at the change of ends.
  • It also helps you in working out where you need improvement and even adjust your tactics at mid-match.
  • Moreover, it allows you to share your stats with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and through email.


Team Members:

  • Amrit Trivedi (Team Leader)
  • Rajan Palaniya (iOS Developer)
  • Vikram Jain (System Architech)
  • Swati Modi (Team Lead)
  • Khadija Karkhanawala (Jr. ROR Developer)
  • Bhusan Bhatt (Sr. Graphic Designer)
  • Sunita Bavaliya (Sr. QA)
  • Vijayant Das (Project Manager)


Then, the third team of Gallery Guardian App was all ready to give the presentation. Kunal Mehta started giving a presentation on the Application, explaining about the app, its features and uses.

Here’s More About Gallery Guardian App:

Gallery Guardian is specially developed for parents to keep their children safe on their mobile devices. With this app, parents can be alerted if their child creates or receives inappropriate images.

This app contains a systematic software that scans your child’s gallery and detects nudity or partial nudity in their photo gallery, sending an alert to parents, so the appropriate action could be taken.

Features of Gallery Guardian:

  • The app is developed for parents to keep their children safe on their smartphones.
  • Parents will be alerted instantly if their child creates or receives inappropriate images.


Team Members:

  • Jignesh Solanki (Project Manager)
  • Bharat Prajapati (iOS Developer)
  • Hitesh Trivedi (Sr. iOS Developer)
  • Kunal Mehta (Sr. Android Developer)
  • Parth Dave (Android Developer)
  • Chetan Meniya (PHP Developer)
  • Nimesh Panchal (QA)
  • Bhushan Bhatt (Designer)


Once the team completed the presentation, everyone was eagerly waiting for the results. The participated teams crossed their fingers and eager to know that which team won the first prize.

Without any delay, our HR invited judges (Mr. Atit Purani, Mr. Bhaval Patel and Mr. Narendra Purohit) to come forward and declare the winners of the event.

Finally, Mr. Atit Purani declared the winners and it was a tie between two applications. Gallery Guardian and another one that is under NDA (we can’t mention a name to maintain client’s privacy) were the winners of the event.


Speaking to Space-O members, the CTO and co-founder of the company Mr. Atit Purani said, “Presentation is one of the most important elements and it plays a vital role when you are explaining people. You need to present what you know, but the concept and technical things also need to be considered”.

Last but not the least, the winning teams got a surprised party, where they enjoyed more and had a great time.

Classical Singing Event at Space-O, Top Mobile App Development Companies

Weekend Event – Where Happiness Leads Standing Ovation

It was the day when the sky had covered himself with dark, dense clouds.

The drizzling rain started.

The weekend had almost changed our mood and we all were desperately waiting for the “Pehchan Kaun?” event which was organized by our HR team. The day was 16th July-2016.

Three days before the event, Mansi Trivedi, Sr. HR Executive at Space-O Technologies, had requested and explained all of us about the game,

“Every employee must submit their childhood picture, which will be displayed on the big white screen one-by-one, and one will be gifted who can identify the childhood picture on the white screen.”

“Come on the floor, everyone,” said Mansi Trivedi. Suddenly everyone was flooding into the main office, on the floor. “It will be fun today,” the common muttered comment among most of the employees.

“Everyone, ready?” asked Mansi, “Shall we start?”

Not a single pair of ears could escape from the continuous squeaking, “Yes! Yes!” when the event started.

Keyur Bhalodiya and Kiran Patel, iOS Team Leaders, anchored this event with their unusual sense of humor. The event started, and, one after another, images passed on the screen. One who could identify the picture gifted chocolates.

Glimpse of “Pehchan Kaun?”

Sunil Vaishnav with Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel, CEO, with his regular colorful cap gifting Sunil Vaishnav.

keyur & kiran

Keyur Bhalodiya and Kiran Patel, iOS Team Leaders

Amit Patoliya with Atit Purani

Known as solution architect and CTO of Space-O Technologies, Atit Purani giving gift to Amit Patoliya.

Jay with Parag

Ankit and Chaya

Utpal Vaishnav

Utpal Vaishnav, CEO of Space-O Digicom, shared his story that how he pursued a passion for photography.

Mayuri and Rahul

Samir with Kunal

design team

bhaval patel with Anil Solanki

Bhaval Patel, AVP at Space-O Technologies, on the left side with Anil Kumar.

Rushi with Devendra

nisha with mausami


Narendra Purohit

Narendra Purohit, Delivery Head at Space-O Technologies, sang a Shayari by Kumar Vishwas. Remember? “Ki Koi Deewana Kehta Hain?”


In between, our developers entertained all of us with their lulling voice.


Pooja Chauhan

Jignesh Satapara

Here is the group photo of our dedicated Android development team.

Android development team

Surprisingly, that was not the end of the event. One portion of the office was getting filled with music instruments. None of the employees had any clue about what’s going on.

“Darshan is performing Gujarati Lok Sahitya,” announced Mansi, when traditionally dressed Darshan, Sr. Android Developer, came out of a meeting room. He sat and adjusted a mic near his harmonium. For almost 2 hours, he entertained the whole audience and glued them by his enchanting Poems, Stories, and Shayaris.

Before completing his performance, Darshan shared an inspiring story of Charlie Chaplin that how he had suffered in his own life to make all of us happy.

Glimpse of Darshan’s Performance

Darshan & Nimish

Nimish & Atit Purani

Atit Purani

At the end, Atit Purani, CTO at Space-O Technologies, amazed everyone unexpectedly by his unseen instrumental talent.

The ultimate goal of this event was to bring out the hidden talent of our employees, not only to nurture them professionally.

Without this event, we won’t be able to find the hidden talent of Darshan (for his Classical and folk music), Atit Purani (for his unseen Tabla talent), Kiran and Keyur (for their anchoring).

Space-O Astronauts are energized and motivated by being in control of the work they love to do, an engaged organization that is more productive and achieving better results.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Happy Results

Our HR team has already planned 2nd version of Pehchan Kaun and it will be even more fun with new innovative ideas.

Pick of The Month - March 2016

Pick of the Month – Where Intelligence Shows through Apps

The idea, Pick of the Month, initiated to create a “Knowledge Sharing Culture”.

Pick of the Month’ is an interesting and engaging event, where we are recognizing the talent of our employees, who are giving their best for clients’ project and make an app interesting on the basis of their experience and determination.

We are one of the leading mobile app development companies, developing apps for our global clients. We have around 50 projects running on the floor and to recognize the best app of the month we have started ‘Pick of the Month’.

What Exactly a ‘Pick of the Month’ is?

In ‪Pick of The Month event, we are inviting our development teams to submit apps developed by them to the respective judges. In this monthly event, we received a lot of innovative web and app projects. Among all, our senior management team scrutinized all the nominations and out of those projects, they select chose 3-5 projects for ‘Pick of the month’ competition.

After that, project managers, designers, developers, and QA of those chose projects prepare a presentation to present an app to the entire Space-O family (200 employees). And, the winning team will get burger party.

Why ‘Pick of the Month’?

The reason we have started this event to highlight the efforts of our employees, who work hard for the clients’ project by transforming simple to complex idea into an application. In this event, we are sharing the experience, challenges, failures, client and team behaviors, communication and a lot of other things with the entire Space-O development team.

By this event, our other teammates should aware of what projects we work on. We have seen a lot of questions-answers happening after the presentation, where developers ask technical questions, project manager ask strategy things and other critics appreciate the design efforts.
It is likely competitive event, where we enhance the mobile app development to the next level of app development such as wearable to bot.

How’s Response?

Normally, this event takes 90 minutes and we usually organize on the weekends, so people at Space-O enjoy the event by adjusting their work plan. Most of the people share their feedback and suggesting more idea to make it even better.

Which Type of App They Generally Submit?

They can submit their recent completed projects, in the guidance of ‘Pick of the Month’ organizer committee.

Which are the apps got ‘Pick of the month’?

There are mainly three applications positioned at ‘Pick of the month’ event.

POM Teams

(1) Project Name: YIP (Year In Pictures)
Team Members:
NP (PM), Jigar Mistry (Leading in Technical task)
Keyur Bhalodiya (iOS)
Darshan Trivedi (Android)
Jay Bheda (PHP)
Mayuri Sharma (QA)

(2) Project Name- Ramesh Flower
Team Members:
Anil Solanki – Team Lead/Project Manager
Yagnesh Panchal – Web Developer (Php Department)
Vijay Prajapati – Designer

(3) Project Name- Slideshow
Team Member –
· Nisha – iPhone Developer
· Amrit – Team Lead
· Jigar Pandya – Manager

YIP (Year In Pictures) App announced Winner of March month edition, ‘Pick of the Month’

Here is the winner team.

winning team

Keep visit this page we are soon publishing the April month edition.

The Quiz Competition Fires Up The Competitive Spirit in Space-O

Counting the fans of Space-O, reading up 1000 paged book on iOS & Android versions and their functionalities, googling the term ‘design’ more than usual, checking websites for website based information, socializing more than usual to share and gain knowledge; because the quiz was getting closer and closer.

The preparations for the Space-O Quiz Competition had been up and about since the latter half of August. The main task since then had been spread across two fields; the preparation of questions and gearing up for the plausible answers. But on the D Day all the hard work was about to be tested.

All the teams across all platforms were gathering in together to huddle up before the quiz actually started, when an unexpected voice greeted them. The voice belonged to a slow paced, patient yet testing ‘Samay’ (time itself.) Unexpectedly though, Samay was a girl (it has changed gender due to the era of women empowerment) who wanted to wish luck to all the participants and bid them farewell, but not before warning them about remembering the power of Samay, during the time of test.

The ‘Quiz Masters’ for the afternoon were the CTO of Space-O, Mr. Atit Purani and a senior Project manager, Mr. Chintan Modani. Mr. Narendra Purohit, the project delivery head at Space-O, was the ‘Scorer’ (as people generally expect him to be particular with numbers, after all he is the delivery head).
Quiz Master & Scorer

The ‘Taskmasters’ for the Quiz were Ms. Mansi Trivedi, Ms. Nehal Jani and Ms. Kaushiki Kumari, who possessed Hawk eyes to find every little bit of mistake that happened on the floor, just like their routine day HR job.
Task Master

The rules for the quiz were simple. 2-3 teams from all the technical departments at Space-O (iOS, Android, Web and Design) would l compete against each other, making 1 team the winner that moves forth. Every intra departmental quiz had 3 rounds each, at the end of which they had to be the team scoring more points than the others to move to the grand finale.

The intra departmental quiz focused on the technical questions, related to the technology that the team members dealt in, including 3 rounds like a common, one to one question-answer round; a buzzer round and a challange round. In case of the buzzer round and the challenge round, minus markings were included, which made it even tougher for the teams to be victorious, while also testing their speed in giving the right responses, in a tricky situation. Every team got a plus 5 for a right answer and -2 for a wrong answer.

The teams that participated (departmentally) were:




At the end of the first sessions with all the four departments of Space-O, the 4 victorious teams that moved to session 2 were, ‘Team B from the iOS section’, ‘Team B from the Design section’, ‘Team A from the Web section’ and ‘Team A from the Android section.’

All of these teams got the fortune of moving forward to the Grand Finale round, along with a Wild Card Team.
Wild Card Team

The Wild Card Team’s participants were:

  • Pradeep Makhija
  • Bhavesh Thakkar
  • Mohini Gupta
  • Prashant Chambakara
  • Rahul Vaghela
  • Nimish Chauhan
  • Aagna Trivedi

This part of the quiz was actually an initiative to make the Space-O roots go deeper into the lives of the most important people of Space-O, its employees. The questions in concern were actually based on the life at Space-O, people of Space-O, the decor of Space-O and more. In fact the result of such a quiz was as surprising as the quiz itself. Every team except for the team that won, had tied for the 1st Runner’s Up position, with 20 points. The Team that won was leading with 1 right answer and 5 points.

The victorious team, that took the win graciously were;
Winner Team

  • Krunal Soni
  • Kiran patel
  • Jai Dhorajia
  • Jigna Patel
  • Nimitt Nemade
  • Dhiren Bharadava
  • Ritesh Dhodakiya
  • Hiren Patel

All the teams that stood victorious in one session or another were awarded with medals that stated the name of the company, proudly, on one side and the name of the competition on another.

The hochpoch that this event created in terms of a team was remarkable to see. Every team had a person from Sales or Quality Assurance team, a Project Manager and obviously the concerned seniors and juniors of that particular technology. While, in general they might not share a connection in between them, they learned, prepared and fought like a team.

On the other hand, developers got a chance to go back to their books and look up the concepts like fresh students from the college, re-learning the concepts they now practice, since the very beginning. With enthusiasm and core interest, these developers went back to look at devices and versions of any devices per se. The competitive levels had gone high above, making the heat level rise in the hall.

But, this was the atmosphere required to unlearn and relearn everything that the Space-O astronauts thought might be asked in the quiz.

The competition ended on a note of emotional pride towards Space-O, a company that gives an opportunity to its team to bond and connect with each other while also having fun. Competitions and events like these truly define the working environment and life at Space-O.

Click See the glimpse of Space-O Quiz Competition

Team Space-O Thrilled with Carrom Tournament

Space-O Carrom Compitition

“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.”– Mary Lou Retton

The most dreadful thing an HR could image would be getting new stuff to the floor in order to keep the employees refreshed, so that they skip the monotonous work of 9-5 job.

It’s very common to see several activities that are conducted by the HR in every office, but what makes Space-O stands apart is the approach that they take every time makes them unique.

The Delivery Head along with HR took the initiative to lead the Sport activity to encourage all the team members in the bay to actively participate in the Carrom Tournament which was held on Dec 6th 2014.

From CTO to Delivery Head to PM who are constantly busy in trying to make a deal with a client or trying to pick up the business or to talk with clients to deliver their product, who don’t set their watches from 9-5 but far apart from that, were seen competing with their team members, trying to fetch scores to beat their counter partner in the Carrom tournament.

Explore the small moments of Dark horse VS White Horse Carrom Pawn movements here…

Carrom at Space-O See more pitures from here

The game started with full gear on 6th December around 4 in the evening. The team was divided into Group A and Group B. It was one of the thrilling moment in the history of Space-O, where everyone got to watch the most awaited enthusiastic game.

The beauty was, there was so much of happiness in the air that was reflected upon every team members on the floor, it was filled with excitement, fun, laughter, arguments, negative points, positive points in the game, Some were busy arguing to gain points with Delivery head, where as some QA participants in the game were trying to show their perfectionism even in the game with the PM or AVP. Some of the team members shared that they had one of the happiest moments working at Space-O, as they felt very proud to play with CTO directly.

The most awaited part was the snacks in-between the play and finally the hour long match, which had started at 4 pm, ended at 9 pm with Amit Patodi & Parag Ghetiya from the white horse side winning the game and the dark horse side- Gaurang Bhatt and Parth Bhatt were the runner up.

All said and done, Space-O who believes in motto – ‘work when there is work& indulge in fun activities when it is time to have fun not only proved that the CEO, Delivery Head, PM take efforts in building the empire, but care about their roots – the team members – the essence of any organization, their leadership once again boosted every team member morale.

Did You Watch Apple’s September Event? Well, Space-O Witnessed The Grand Occasion Live

In an ambitious attempt to dominate the world of technology, Apple unveiled two new iPhone devices, along with the long-awaited smart-watch and a new mobile payment system at their September 9th event held in Cupertino, California. Even before the event started, it was tipped by experts to be historic.

Space-O organised a party for our team to watch the live-streaming of Apple’s September 9th event. The guys from Space-O Technologies were at wow with what the tech giants had revealed, as they enjoyed every moment of the September event with some refreshing Pizzas and Cold drinks to add the mood.
The Space-O team eagerly anticipating and taking note of what Tim Cook had to reveal
We had high expectations from Apple this time around, but they surely didn’t disappoint. Space-O’s programmers and other staff members present anticipated Apple’s unveilings, but all in all, there is no better way to watch it than with your own colleagues and buddies with some snacks and refreshments to go along.

Let’s now take a look at what all we saw.

“Today, we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at an event in Cupertino, Calif.

Newer, Bigger iPhones:

Indeed the two new devices were the biggest they have ever launched. The company released a 4.7 inch iPhone 6, along with a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. The latter being the first of its kind in the phablet market, a hybrid of a phone and a tablet. In order to simplify the use of the phablet, the on-off switch has been moved to the right of the phone.

Here are some other key features of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

  • New A8 processor, 25% faster than iPhone 5S, with an M8 co-processor to assist fitness apps
  • An 8 megapixel camera that comes with a new sensor to help the camera focus faster “Ion-strengthened” Retina HD resolution display.
  • Improved FaceTime camera with HDR photo and video functionality, and Burst mode for selfies.
  • The iPhone 6 is 6.8 millimeters thick and the iPhone 6 Plus 7.1 millimeters.
  • NFC Payment system enabling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users to pay with their device.
  • Starting price of the iPhone 6 is $199 with a two year contract and the iPhone 6 Plus will be released for $299.

These new devices will be available in the United States and eight other countries from September 19th.

Check out the new iOS 8

The newly released iPhone devices will come with the iOS 8. Some of the new features added to this operating system include the Health-Kit app, which can track the user’s sleep, blood pressure, heart rates, and other such data. This OS will be made available for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 5S as well.

Apple stated that the iOS 8 will be accessible from September 17th, to those users who have the aforementioned iPhone devices.

Apple Watch

Last but not least, Apple separately announced its first wearable device, the Apple Watch. This smartwatch has the functionality to pair up with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices to view notifications. It is available in two different sizes with a sapphire crystal display. The Apple Watch will cost $349 and will release in early 2015.


Space-O Team Wins Hackathon in AppFest 2013 at IIM, Ahmedabad

Space-O Team, who proudly calls themselves as Space-O Ninja have won the AppFest 2013 Hackathon held at IIM, Ahmedabad during 26-28 July, 2013.

spaceo - appfest 2013 - hackathone - winners

Name of the team members are:

  1. Amit Patolia, Android Developer
  2. Tarun Patel, Android Developer
  3. Nisarg Patel, Android Developer, 
  4. Gaurang Bhatt, Database/Backend Developer
  5. Vijay Prajapati, Graphic Designer

About the App Concept that got first price of Rs.75,000/-

Concept: Book Barter

Book Barter is a book exchange platform that increases your knowledge, saves money, connects with like-minded people and works 24×7. Not only that, it saves tree!

How to use the app:

It is a simple 4 step process: Register for free. Upload books using camera. Search and send barter request. Start exchanging the books.

Technical features:
Push notifications, Maps & GPS, Social Networks, Hosted on Amazon Cloud, Uses Amazon and Google APIs, Scan ISBN codes to get the book information via camera.

To check the feasibility of the concept, as a part of development we conducted a survey of 106 users and the survey results said:

There are 6200+books available for barter exchange in the IIM itself right now!
Commercial value of those books are 18+ lakhs!

The whole Space-O Team is extremely delighted for the overall team efforts everyone has experienced.

Space-O Technologies’ CEO & Co-Founder Rakesh Patel Invited To Speak About Company’s Growth & Journey

CEO and Co-Founder of Space-O Technologies, Rakesh Patel was recently invited to be the Speaker at eChai – a flagship venture and initiative by Point10 to promote entrepreneurial culture amongst youth.

Rakesh Patel at eChai

The event was held on July 20th, 2013, Saturday between 17:00 and 19:30 Hours IST and attracted an audience of around 175 people who also gained the insights of the other speakers including Pallav Parikh from Co-Founder CityShor; Tanmay Vora Management Consultant, Author and Founder of QAspire Blog; and Abhinav Das, Founder & CEO of Evomo.

Although all the speeches were inspiring, the oratory by Rakesh touched and talked about the extreme encounters of entrepreneurship in detail with real life experiences.

He concluded his speech by offering valuable advisory to budding entrepreneurs that was about starting small, focusing on execution and inspecting what is expected to have no stopping in the entrepreneurial growth and goal achievement.

Words From Our Happy Clients

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