Innovative Ideas & Healthy Competition at Space-O, Welcoming New Year 2016

Cities around the globe are bringing in 2016 with dance, music, and foods, but Space-O welcomes 2016 with an innovative celebration and touching a new hope, exploring a new dream and covering new ground.

“Like every other year, everyone at Space-O want to enjoy year-ending celebration with great enthusiasm and thus, we have been organizing innovative activities from the last two years”Space-O’s HR Team

Our start is also different from last year and added more fun to their celebrations with adding Recent Popular Hindi Movie Song “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo“, the title track, which apparently became the most liked track and we have started the competition with making Dubsmash videos on the same song.

The exciting thing is everyone has participated in the competition. The enthusiasm towards participation was like they have always for their work. Not limit to developers, designers or project managers, but our leadership team were also equally adding the excitement through managing & witnessing the event.

Competition exists in every field, and, believe it or not, competition leads to innovation. We have seen the innovation and winning spirit through our last quiz competition, where all the teams worked very hard to win the competition, as they’re doing the same to making an innovative app in their daily life @ Space-O.

Thanks to our HR team, who continuously searching for new ideas that create connections between less connected individuals, so they work as a team and believe in each other and delivers the best possible outcome by improving productivity and efficiency.

This time, we had almost four different themes of competition, which includes:

  1. Cube Decorations
  2. Table Tennis Tournament
  3. Dubsmash Video
  4. Innovative Selfie Contest

The Innovative Cube Decoration

Cube Decoration Competition have different group comes up with innovative ideas and with their team efforts, where they need to decorate their cube with the best possible & innovative way.

Different cubes were decorated with different themes like:

  • Inspirational Journeys
  • Indian Festivals
  • Village-The Soul of India (The Runners Up)
  • Save Paper Go Digital
  • Sarva Dharma Sambhav
  • Save Environment
  • Revenue Express
  • Save Planet (The Winning Team)
  • Black & White: The Shades of Life
  • Save Birds

Glimpse of the cube decorations by different teamscube1
But, as winners do things differently, the winning team of Cube decoration has an amazing idea – Save Planet (The Winning Team)Save Planet

Give effective message , Proper planning , Execution in depth (Use proper component to easy understanding), Team work. – Kiran Patel

Clarity breeds mastery. So topic selection and team spirit worked for us. – Vikita Padaliya

God is in detail. so we tried to get into details as much as possible with sheer handwork and team spirit …!!! – Vishal Gandhi

The clapping voice & excitement just raised up with the start of Table-Tennis Tournament

If you had enough practice, advice and expert training, you could get a success for anything. People, could “Computer geek” to become a “Table-tennis star”, really a tough practice required. And that is all people are doing in their break-out time in Space-O’s game zone since last 15 days.

The real challenge is that practice / hard work, and too dependent on instant fulfillment on new or inexperienced talent.

It was an incredible finale of table tennis tournament, it looks like all are tennis players and playing hard to win the match and by defeating other participants, one team includes Vatsal & Gaurav became the winners of the match, while Vishal Gandhi was the runner-up.collage

The road to our success is not a highway. You have to create it as you go. – Gaurav Gilani

Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself. – Vatsal Raval

How interesting would it be, when you need to take a selfie to win the prize

It was not surprising to see all the corners, development area, lifts, game zone and even canteen were used to take a selfie. Yes, it was an innovative selfie contest where teams were given limited timeline using office space to take a creative selfie with the relevant message.

Here are the photos of all the selfies:
The most appreciated selfie click was the one which conveyed the message of organization comes first with a sense of brand building was titled “Selfie Nahi Jimmedari Dekh”, while “Time is Money” selfie team stood as the runners up.
The winning team of Selfie ContestDSC_0489

It was an awesome feeling when we got the first prize. We were actually looking for something like “a selfie that makes sense and we really mean it”. At the same time we wanted to make it creative. It was a great fun to pose with group and we enjoyed a lot. – Prashant

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Dubsmash Fever at Space-O

Not only selfie, Space-O astronauts also done fabulous Dubsmash on ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo‘.

Along with their own style – brilliant or just plain funny dance, they have used one of the most innovative ways to spreading the message of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan through this popular Dubsmash song.

All participants were good, but the best, who have won the competition was team of (CPM + Khyati +Amit + CK + Parag+ Nilay Dani + Sweta +Darshan + Kunal) and 1st runner-up were team comprising of (Kiran + KB + Vishal + Sunil + Shreyansh + Hardip + Vikita + Shailee).

The winning team of Dubsmash Contest

It’s always special 🙂 – Chintan Modani

See all videos here.

At last, not the least a few words from our solution architect and CTO

DSC_0533“Space-O celebrated Christmas with the spirit of togetherness in addition to fun unlimited.
Out of my daily 8-10 hours in a routine office day, I am on development floor for more than 6+ hours because I always wanted to be with my team – motivating them, guiding them and sharing my experience which ultimately making me happier because they are the future warriors and face of the organization. This event was the best example of true team spirit and feeling of togetherness which is missing in many organizations.
Moreover, it gives me random opportunity to gauge their problem-solving capacity, innovating ideas, leadership skills, team building strength etc. which they directly or indirectly exhibit during the event by working with different people.
I always see this kind of events as an opportunity to grow.”
Atit Purani

The Event was graced by Darshan Trivedi, who is veteran M&E Industry professional. With his vast experience of Radio & television artist and with theater & film acting experience, he addressed all by giving importance to hard work in whatever field you select.

Darshan, who judged the two events of the evening, also mentioned that Space-O is always on the hunt to make some difference in everyone’s life associated with them.

Putting it all together…

Having a fun and enjoyable environment through this competition makes us happy and a reason to do things differently, whether it is participating in games or moving C# language to Swift Firstly.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and the participants who believe themselves and show the enthusiasm to do things differently and the spirit of the ‘Get Shit Done‘.


Celebrating Diwali Festival at Space-O with Laughters, Selfies and Fun


The festival of Diwali is a five days carnival, that begins with the most auspicious day, ‘Dhanteras.’The Diwali holidays start from the very day of Diwali, they celebrate the king of festivals, (in India) Diwali, on the day of Dhanteras. And the same was the case this Dhanteras when the entire 10th floor of #AbhishreeAdroit in Ahmedabad was singing the songs of celebrations.

People often ask the Space-O team leaders,

“Why do you invest so much in celebrating every festival, and making it special for the employees?”

Their reply generally is, “We all have a right to the festivals that come and pass by, whether we are in school or in college or in an office. The kid inside every one of us always wants to blast crackers in Diwali and throw colours at each other in Holi. Just because they are employees here, doesn’t mean that the kid inside them is dead; that kid is always alive and it always wants more.”

Believing in this, this year, Space-O has made a vow, of celebrating every festival according to the Indian calendar, whether it be Janmashtami or Diwali. And as an endorsement to that philosophy and thought process, the Diwali party commenced yesterday.

Space-O has always believed in following the traditions, but with a twist. So our afternoon began in the traditional way, by doing rangoli in the main office, Everything Civic’s office, the training room and the game zone. And naturally, after that, a not so conventional selfie session followed.

The entire ‘Paltan’ soon came inside for the Housie game, that brought in the fun part, which Diwali represents in our lives. Chintan Modani aka our own CPM was our famous housie host, who made the numbers interesting with a few phrases that all housie masters must know. While the winners took Cadbury’s Celebrations home, those who did not win, took a lot of happy memories with them.Housie Game @ Space-O

Since Diwali is all about bringing out light in the days of darkness, CPM, tried to bring out those talents in Space-O that might never have the chance to show it. One after the other, people from different departments started pouring in their most hidden lamps of light with talents like ‘turning a Hindi song into Gujarati,’ ‘reciting a poem,’ ‘saying couplets (sher)’ and more.

As it happens with everything that is good, the day came to an end, with a dinner that the Space-O family shared with each other. The Diwali day celebration was thus a day that represented the fact that Space-O doesn’t want to uproot itself from the traditions that our culture proposes, and yet we aim to reach the space by getting the push from our traditions.

Space-O Diwali Celebrations

In the end, here is what is left to say!

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year! 🙂


Space-O Moves Like MJ to Celebrate 5 Years Completion


The dream kept Space-O pioneers, Rakesh Patel and Atit Purani, awake at night. In their corporate job, working with best of what they could do within the established boundaries of the organization was somehow not enough for them.

Sure, they were kind of “settled” in their lives. They were drawing a salary that only a few of their peers would have dreamed along with the standard dose of appreciation they used to get in the corporate world. But that wasn’t enough. They wanted to create something big and put a dent in the universe!

The first brick towards the vision they had was put in July 2010. They started Space-O with just two of them, INR 70,000/- and one MacBook. Enter 2015 and Space-O is a company of 250+ enthusiastic people who put their absolute best in each project and task they undertake.

Do they succeed all the time? Hell no, but one thing is for sure – they give their absolute best, learn from every encounter that they have with failures and strive to continuously improve themselves.

Their operating philosophy is, “Whatever the problem, be part of a solution!” – that philosophy has worked well for them, their customers and their customer’s customers as well.

It is said that most businesses are closed down within first 1000 days – that is about 3 years or less, forget the growth rate at which Space-O has grown from strength to strength. So, the 5th anniversary was certainly an event of celebration for the whole Space-O family that has been built upon ONE vision – GET SHIT DONE!

Space-O team organized its 5th birthday bash and named it “Saptarang.” The event was organized at Tagore Hall, a renowned facility in the heart of Ahmedabad city where Space-O has its Head Office. Saptarang means 7 colors and literally the audience of 350+ team members, their families and invitees witnessed and experienced the different colors during its 3-hour stint. Colorful smiles, shining clothes, cheerful voice and a cyclone of claps and whistles – they all fueled the event with unprecedented energy and teamwork.

The event was anchored by RJ Krupa, a lovely and charming Radio Jockey who rocks 94.3 My FM, a very popular radio channel when she is not anchoring an event like Saptrang.


The event began with the traditional ceremony – lighting of the lamps, known as “DeepPragtya” in our regional language, Gujarati. The ceremony was carried out by senior management of Space-O. In the picture, you can see Space-O’s pillars – Rakesh Patel, Atit Purani, Jasmine Patel, Utpal Vaishnav and Bhaval Patel.

Lighting of the Lamp

That followed the next traditional ceremony called “Ganesh Vandana.” In Indian context, Lord Ganesha is worshiped as the God of good and positive vibes and traditionally any new beginning is not complete without offering a prayer to Lord Ganesha. Sure, we’re an international organization but we value our traditions, rituals and the foundation upon which we stand strong.

The ceremony started with Space-O team members’ energetic traditional dance  with a blend of classical and contemporary piece of music that accompanied the Ganesh Vandana.

It left the audience super-charged to witness the energy of the whole Space-O team’s peak performance for next 2.5 hours.

The Ganesh Vandana

Then came the Project Managers, with their management skills put aside and the dancing shoes on. Gujaratis cannot stay without doing their traditional folk dance, ‘Ras-Garba’, and Space-O Project Managers knew this very well. Bringing in garbatic songs from Ramleela, a Bollywood movie to doing the actual and traditional dance known as ‘Sanedo’ and ‘Bhai Bhai,’ a traditional regional song. It was interesting to observe the Gujarati folk culture recreated by the team of Space-O’s super-enthusiastic Project Managers.


If the eastern culture was kept in mind then how can we forget the west?  We are an international company, aren’t we?

Immediately after Ras Garba, came the hip hop style Rap Song presented by Hardik Shah and Bhavesh Thakkar. The rap song was created by them and it included the special characteristics of a few people from Space-O that stand out.

Rap Song

Next, the boys of Space-O technologies, with all their energy and swag, came to rock the stage. Party songs such as Sooraj Dooba hai to Aadat and from there to the Yo Yo Honey Singh’s abhi to party shuru hui hai.’ Fantastic choreography and usage of stage marked their performance. It was so enticing that the viewers couldn’t help but start dancing on their seats too.

Boys of Space-O

Then came one of the most mesmerizing performances of the evening. A Jugalbandhi between two peak performers, who are masters in their own field. One was a Tabla Vadak and the other, a Disc Jockey. While one played tunes that root us to India the other mixes that tune and reminds us of Hip Hop and Jazz from the U.S.A.


Then came the girls dressed in pink and black and for them it wasn’t easy to get the attention from the audience who witnessed one of the best ‘Jugalbandhi’ performances just a few minutes ago.

But they took up the challenge and did not let the team down. They entered the stage with grace and style. And they rocked the stage by redefining what a girls group dance could be.

The blend of slow, medium paced and fast songs and their dance steps won the audience’s hearts. Especially when they rocked the floor on ‘Chittiyaan Kallainyaan’ song which is loved by most teenagers today in India.

Girls of Space-O

Then came the one performance that took people’s hearts away. The dancer who taught us how to groove on stage finally presented a solo dance. Jay Modi, an M.J fan, gathered many claps and whooping shouts in his name.


Some of the performers expressed with their feet, the others with their legs, however, these four vocalists expressed their talents through their voice. It is rare to find singers who touch your heart, but Space-O had the luck to have hosted four, including a singer-cum-guitarist. Different songs. Different ranges. These four people and the cheerful audience that enjoyed it the most – can an evening go better than that?

Singers of Space-O

Then Rakesh Patel shared Space-O journey in his unique way. The presentation has one clear message – We are Space-O. We get shit done. What’s more, at one point, Rakesh exhibited it to the audience through a live example.


There are people who know how to dance and then there are people who do not know how to dance at all. But they do know how to play dumb charades. Using this talent of theirs our talented choreographers Hiren and Jay pictured and actualized a standing dance, wherein all the people who have no dancing skills can use their hands to dance by showing actions as the words pass by in the song. It was such a hit that the others have now planned on taking lessons on such an innovative style of dancing.


Everyone at Space-O waits for this day to come when their senior appreciate and motivates their work. However this time it was the seniors who were waiting to appreciate these talented individuals, who have kept this firm floating. Amongst them were Pradeep Makhija, Mansi Trivedi, Gaurang Bhatt and Hitesh Trivedi, for their excellent contribution to the company.

For Excellent Contribution to the Company

Then came the last performance of the event – The Fashion Show. It exhibited the events that happens in a conventional traditional Indian professional’s personal life. Starting from meeting the love of their life to getting settled in their family life – each participant exhibited a specific part of the life.

The reason of choosing this theme was simple. When you work with Space-O, you with international clients and get excellent exposure for your professional career but you live to your traditional values as well and celebrate your life they way your families would expect you to.

The Fashion Show

The next generation of Space-O Family also had fun while communicating to the audience that their turn will come soon but for now be delighted with their cute on-stage performance.

The Fashionable Kids

In closing, Atit Purani showed the gratitude towards the audience by offering them the vote of thanks on behalf of the founders and the whole Space-O team and people who made the evening one of the most delightful experiences that the audience has ever experienced.

Mr. Atit Purani

Space-O has crawled, walked and run, in the span of first 5 years of its existence. It’s just a beginning and a new tomorrow awaits even bigger dreams and challenges. Each of the Space-O team member is welcoming the new tomorrow as seen in below picture.
We Are Space-O

Hey Sky, expand your horizons, here we come to redefine who you are!


It’s Raining Reviews for Space-O, Seven 5-Star Ratings in Row

What else could possibly please us more than earning “Seven 5-Star Ratings in a Row!” I mean if you ask us, this is one of those times when we (Space-O) literally feel Celestial (Pun Intended).

But beyond Pride, we feel privileged to receive client reviews and customers’ feedback. This is because it helps us improve and better our processes and sustain our performances to live up to the patrons’ expectations and fulfill Service Level Agreement (SLA).

And just like Bo Bennett’s quote,

“Not being in tune with your customers is like living in an alternate reality; the way you think your customers feel about your product is not always the same as what your customers really think about your product.”

Gratefully in our case, we’ve scored the highest on each of the 6 parameters mentioned below:

  1. Quality
  2. Expertise
  3. Cost
  4. Schedule
  5. Response
  6. Professional

And here are the verbatim reviews for 7 mobile app projects we’ve recently finished for our valued customers:

Project Requirement: IOS App Rewrite
Client Review:

“I don’t give anyone all 5’s on anything, but Space O has been exceptional – far exceeding my expectations. They not only met the requirements of the job, they added additional value during the course of the project with their technical expertise and knowledge. The service oriented attitude of everyone involved was also notable. I now have a better product than anticipated – on time and under on budget. I am thrilled with Space-O’s performance. I will continue to use them for additional projects.”

— Tony D.

Project Requirement: Quiet Spot Mobile Application
Client Review:

“I am very satisfied with the end results of this project. I will definitely use Space-O in the future. Thanks for the hard work.”

— Fair-Trade-Shane

Project Requirement: App Update
Client Review:

“Excellent work again from the Space-O team. Speedy, efficient and to budget! Thank you”

— Melinda T

Project Requirement: Cannot be revealed due to confidentiality clause
Client Review:

“Great to work with again, very pleased.”

— Michael

Project Requirement: My Healing Vortex Upgrade
Client Review:

“Great work as always! Thanks!”

— Taryn L.

Project Requirement: Add “comments” to Objective C Source Code for iOS App
Client Review:

“Contractor gave a great review of the application which i requested. Looking forward to working with them again on larger scale projects!”

— Ryan K.

Project Requirement: QuiteSpotMobile Cell Phone Application
Client Review:

“This project consisted of wire-frames and the design plan of a cell phone application I wanted to have placed on the Android market. Space-O adhered to my specifications in a timely professional manner. I will look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks Again Space-O”

— Shane C.

You will find the above mentioned ratings and other reviews by the clients while going through Space-O’s Job History on Elance.

Whereas to discuss your mobile app idea, you can always request our free initial quote or consultation.

Space-O Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

There’s no better feeling than to cherish a moment like this if you ask us. We are happy and in high spirits celebrating our 3rd Anniversary at Space-O Technologies. Further, to share our joy we would like to walk you through our Journey, i.e. our History and Background, Accomplishments, Future Plans, and People & Values.

So here it goes:

History and Background:

Space-O Technologies is the brain child of Rakesh Patel and Atit Purani who co-founded the company exactly 3 years back on July 1st, 2010. Back then, they envisioned to create the finest Mobile App Development Company delivering solutions that can interest and influence people along with bringing positive and promising differences in their day-to-day life.

Space-O started with a very small set-up and a decent investment and infrastructure accommodating 4 people only. However it aimed the biggest and by now it has just got bigger.


In a time span of 3 years, Space-O Technologies has flourished in leaps and bounds. As of 1st July, 2013, it:

  • Employs 100 people;
  • Serves 200+ clients across the world gaining
    • Over 30% recurring business from them,
    • Hundreds of 5-Star Ratings on Elance and,
    • 96% client recommendations.
  • Finished more than 450+ mobile app projects providing desktop and cloud computing solutions alongside;
  • Operates from 3 different locations with Head Quarters (HQ) in India and Development Centers each in India and Russia along with a Sales and Marketing Division in Australia;
  • Already partnered 11 international organizations with either equity stake in them or holding title of the preferred technology partner.

Future Plans:

Call us crazy but we are so obsessed by the growth that until we achieve it, we work restlessly for it. Our goal is to become the fastest growing Mobile App Development Company in India for which we need to expand and employ more people. As of now, we’ve planned to double our skilled force (manpower).

For this, we’ve already acquired the new facility and are in the process of getting our new IT infrastructure ready. Amidst we’ve not forgotten our existing people who have significant contribution in what we are today and what we will be tomorrow. To recognize their efforts, we reward them in a way that no other organization does. Take a look

People and Values:

We believe people are at the core and hence create a working culture which promotes learning, transparency as well as fun. Not only that, our philosophy is that if our employees can work for organization’s dreams then we can too. So if you have dream, we’ve an opportunity. All you have to do is grab a right one for yourself for which you can start here.

Words From Our Happy Clients

Let's Build The App

Let’s Build Your App


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