Ingres Database: Introduction to Its Top 7 Features & Tools

This blog contains information about Ingres Database that is an open-source database management system. Here, you can check out the top features and tools of this database. Let’s have a look!

Ingres is a widely popular open-source and relational database management system (RDBMS) that is developed by Ingres Corporation (Currently known as Actian Corporation). This commercially supported open-source database management is mainly aimed to support big-scale commercial and government mobile apps development.

This enterprise database management has the power to reduce IT costs and time to value while delivering the strength and enormous features that one can expect from an enterprise-class database. Being a leader in supporting critical mobile apps for businesses, Ingres Database has made it easy to manage the most demanding enterprise applications of Fortune 500 companies.

ingres database enterprise apps development

Moreover, this database is known for strictly following the atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability properties of the relational database. Supports audit capabilities and automated backup, the platform has its own scalable architecture with extensive platform and transaction support.

Ingres database offers a comprehensive range of features that are widely demanded by the enterprise while delivering the flexibility of open source. Without discussing this database, let’s check out the main features of this platform.

Top Features of Ingres Database

  1. Advanced level Security:

    Ingres database is well-known for delivering complete security mechanisms like configurable user authentication, regulatory compliance and more. It also gives column encryption capabilities like allow database administrators to secure particular fields in a record like social security numbers, credit card numbers without having to encrypt the entire table.

  2. Simple to Migration:

    The database comes with a simple to migration toolkit that is hosted on Sourceforge. It helps customers in migrating to Ingres from Oracle’s Enterprise and Mysql databases.

  3. Increase Flexibility:

    Ingres database is also a helpful platform for all those businesses, who are looking forward to enhancing the functionality, reduce risk, best solutions to customers. It is also supporting the latest standards like ODBC, JDBC and .NET.

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  4. Parallel Queries:

    As a single query, it offers huge scalability to get broken queries into components that run on all obtainable resources. In addition to this, the database has its own tools that allow users to create new layers or tables within an existing database instance. Every single database is developed in a data location known to the installation. Database with different locations enable parallel backups and decrease backup time. It can be made private or public while creation.

  5. Rich Performance:

    Ingres database improves the overall performance of bulk loading by 50%. It also allows users to the same high-performance loading through standards based on JDBC 4.0 driver.

  6. Online Table Organization:

    In this database, there is no need to take the database offline to perform routine maintenance.

  7. Advanced level of Technology:

    Ingres database makes use of high-performance technologies like smart query optimizer and improved log writer.

  8. Multi-Version Concurrency Control:

    Another important feature of this platform is that it provides concurrent access to the database or a snapshot version for every single user to work with, so queries are not blocking other users and update block at the time when changing the same row.

    So, these are some of the main Ingres features that users can get while using this platform.

    Along with these above-mentioned features, it offers some of the other features, including regular patching of the database server, continual service improvement process, support for Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud Platforms, backup, disaster recovery, and advanced availability solutions. Apart from features, users of this database can find Ingres tools that can help them in using this database.

Now let’s check out the Top Tools for Ingres Database:

  • Ingmon Tool: Ingmon is a monitoring and management tool that gives early warning for possible issues within the database. The users will get a notification and alert messages to email through SMTP server for auditing purpose. It is completely configurable by the use of configuration files.
  • Checksum Tool: Talking about this tool, it can be used to validate data. It reads every single row and column in a table and computes a checksum for the table.
  • Rfwd.ksh and Ckpt.ksh: Both these are two wrapper scripts handle different aspects of backup and recovery that usually performed manually by DBA.
  • CompareDB.ksh: This tool of Ingres Database compares tables of two different databases at the data level.
  • Wdw.ksh: This tool is mainly used for knowing who did what and when.

So, these are some of the Ingres tools that you can use to access this app database for developing mobile app for government and large enterprise.

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