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You are new to the city and you need to attend a conference at a hotel, but you are not sure about the location, hence what you do is switch on the GPS and get easily navigated to the exact location.

GPS has made the life easy when it comes to navigation on the road or around a city, but what about the areas where GPS has its limitations in indoors? Like in mining industry, malls, large buildings, factories, Stadiums, Airport malls, Megastores, museums, Casinos or in Airport?

With the success of GPS, now many companies are coming with the next actual big thing, that is and will hit the market in large scale – the “Indoor Location Technology”- the next killer technology that is revolutionizing the location service industry market, mobile advertising, app development and the entire mobile ecosystem.

An indoor positioning system (IPS) is a solution to locate objects or people inside a building using radio waves, magnetic fields, acoustic signals, or other sensory information collected by mobile devices.If you are seriously looking for an Indoor positioning system app, then definitely you need to grab the mobile location-based services,as the future lies in the rapid adoption of indoor mapping technology.

How Space-O can help you build with an Indoor positioning app?

Determining of the Engine:

On detail analyzing of the infrastructure of your building, we will guide you to one of the indoor positioning engines like Mobile Centric Wifi, Network Centric Wifi (Cisco MSE) or Mobile Centric Bluetooth LE/beacon, 3D Laser Mapping or using an embedded device sensor.

Enhance your indoor mapping app with magnetic positioning technology:

In detail studying of your floor maps, we help you in converting them into a mobile friendly maps that will not only help customers in getting to your location easily, but you can enhance your business with enterprise location intelligence solutions. This mapping helps in a big way in factories and mining industries where the employees working destination is located in various areas, and indoor map for mining enterprises helps in tracking them easily.

Initiate your location & enhance building location-based apps

With the help of a mobile fingerprint you can easily position your engine that can be created with the digital fingerprint from Wifi or Bluetooth LE/beacon signals and within a few hours you can enable your location to support Wifarer’s mobile centric indoor positioning solutions.

Get a Mobile App developed & enhance enterprise location intelligence solutions:

In the world of app industry, every day you have one app coming on the market. You can get an IPS app developed by us, work with us on a custom app, or if you are walking on a tight budget, consider our standard apps for Android and iOS, we will be able to build a world class indoor mapping solution apps easily.

Let’s look into some of the cases where we have helped in making IPS for some of the known industries

  • Shopping Malls & Retails: To increase in the number of malls, there is a need for a comprehensive retail mobile security technology that transforms smartphones to help employees to locate, reach and secure the retail environment, thereby saving on time. The IPS has helped in protecting employees and corporate brands, thereby it cuts costs and enhances security.
  • Colleges & Universities: With students living on their smartphones, with just one-tap of the mobile safety app, you can transmit the caller identity, real-time GPS/ indoor positioning location. Now students can go around the campus whenever or wherever they want to go.
  • Mining, Gas & Oil Safety Solutions: With people working in different areas in this industry, there is a constant challenge to protect the employees and corporate brands in order to minimize operational risk, compliance risk, and labor costs. We help in building IPS that will guarantee an end-to-end mobile safety solutions that will benefit with real-time visibility and reduce the operational risk and expenditure.

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