Have a Mobile App Idea? See How You Can Turn It Into Money-Making Machine

Have an Idea For Mobile App? That’s Great! Now See How You Can Turn It Into a Money-Making Machine

idea for mobile app, Have an Idea For Mobile App? That’s Great! Now See How You Can Turn It Into a Money-Making Machine

Have an idea for a mobile app and don’t know how to proceed? Let us add you in our successful clients’ list and give you a money-making machine!

If you’re new to mobile app market, you’ve probably asked yourself some of the following questions.

I’ve an awesome app idea, now what?

I’m up to date with technology, Augmented Reality, VR, and I do have a good idea. How do I make the best Augmented reality apps?

Or, how to make money from an app?

Where do I start?

As a matter of fact, we received an email from one of our readers recently.

He asks “I know you guys have a million people ask you this, and everyone that asks is sure that they have the next big thing. I’m a simple non-tech guy and I have an idea for a mobile app that should already have been on every smartphone made. And, I’m sure if the app is made, it’ll generate billions of dollars in revenue.”

Whoa! Easy there, Tiger. Let’s take a step back for a minute.

We do receive such emails a lot. This guy is writing in response to our article, 9 out of 200 App Store Apps in Photo Video Category Are Developed By Of Us. We published that article back in January and it detailed our clients’ successful mobile apps that got listed into top photos videos app category.

However, let’s talk about your idea for a moment.

I have a great idea for mobile app, what are the things I need to think about to get started?

The first thing you need to do is Google it. Simple, right?

You’ll be surprised how many people with great ideas never ever Googled it.

By the way, we’re talking about research here. Go to Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Yahoo, Google to figure out if there is a competition out there.

Doing this will give you an idea if you’ve chance in that spot. Once you understand what’s out there and what’s in demand, you can position yourself to see how you can differentiate.

Now, before you go developing your mobile app either by yourself or with the help of a mobile app developer, figure out a way to validate whether your mobile app idea is actually good or not.

Let’s say your idea for mobile app is to help people book taxi (an app like Uber). First, research how many people are using such services, how many companies providing the same service, how you can provide the same service more efficiently, what else can you offer other than your competitors, etc..

Put all these in a doc, build a MVP for your mobile app idea, and see if you can get any traction. See if your mobile app is something people will benefit from and are actually interested in using.

If you manage to generate interest and make people look forward to use your services, it will help you get funded since you’ll have data to present to investors.

I searched my app idea and I know that I need to move forward, what do I do? What should be my strategy now?

Now that you’ve an idea that could gain traction and make money, figure out a list of features you want to have in your product to go forward, and what are some nice-to-have features.
Figure out a way to develop those core features as effectively as possible. Remember, the goal here is to build a remarkable mobile app, not save money as much as possible.

Now, if you don’t have any technical background like our email guy, simply try to connect with app development companies. You could either ask in your friends circle or simply google top mobile app development company to get started.

Once you’ve found a good company to move forward, it’s time to set a meeting and discuss your app idea, its development process, and cost.

Ask them about their method of app development, how they can ensure an efficient app development, and how they’ll build your app as remarkable as your competitors?

One of the easiest way to make a remarkable app is not to fix the end-point at the beginning because it will change and shift. Everything is changing in today’s world. People change, trend change, and you’ll also need to make changes to your app according to it.

Therefore, it’s ideal to start by developing just the core features of your app idea and launch it. This will get you customer feedbacks whether they’re using your app or what issues they’re facing. Take those feedbacks as learning and start building on that.

Honestly, that’s what happens with all popular apps out there. They keep updating their apps based on customer feedbacks while improving user experience along the way.

One last piece of advice is that, make sure your initial research and analysis is as informative as possible to make sure you’ve something worth the investment. Start small and test your idea, then eventually scale up.

Are you aware with the Airbnb story?

They did the same thing.

Airbnb founders started by renting out their own apartment to those who are looking for cheap places to stay. After getting positive response, they build their website, and soon they shifted to mobile platform. Now, Airbnb is known as one of the pioneers of on demand marketplace.

Similarly, when you’ve an idea for mobile app, start small, with only core features, get users feedback, learn from user feedbacks, and upgrade.


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idea for mobile app, Have an Idea For Mobile App? That’s Great! Now See How You Can Turn It Into a Money-Making Machine idea for mobile app, Have an Idea For Mobile App? That’s Great! Now See How You Can Turn It Into a Money-Making Machine
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