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You know the feeling. You have it. In fact, you’ve been having this feeling for a long time. The feeling of launching your own startup app. Just thinking about it boosts your energy even after a busy day at job. And finally you’ve came up with a ground-breaking idea for an app. You believe in this idea so much that you can’t stop thinking about it as you lay down on your bed to get a good night sleep. You even feel distracted while watching Narcos on Netflix. No matter how hard you try to stop thinking about it, your mind keeps wandering back to the idea. And suddenly, out of nowhere, a fear pops up in your head, a thought of concentrating on your work that currently pays your bills. Then you finally decide to drop the idea, focus on your busy corporate life, and go back to bed.

Next day, same cycle of thoughts repeat. In fact, it’s been going on your mind since the day you had the app idea.

Now, should you take the leap?

Quit your job and focus on your idea?

But how?

You don’t the first thing about how to start an app business.

Well, it’s certainly not impossible. You just need to come up with a plan.

The Plan…

This four characters word demands a lot of work.

Are you sure you can do it?

Okay then let’s execute the idea, shall we?

Because it’s the execution that matters, never the idea!


Step #1: Validate Your Idea

The first step to make any idea come to reality is to make sure that your idea is really a good one. One that solves people’s needs. There are also cases when you think you came up with a great idea, but then realize that it’s already done. Now you don’t want this, do you?

Of course not!

Nothing is more frustrating than spending months of your time working on an idea, only to find out later that it is actually worthless. Nobody is interested in it. Nobody pays money for an idea. as Steve Eakin mentioned in his article on game-changing app idea, Execution is everything, ideas are nothing! Giving a deep thought to the following questions can save you this hassle and frustration.

Is there any competitor?

Look for the solutions that already exist for the same problem. It’s possible that a product/app may already exist, but you just couldn’t find it in your first try. Play with words, search alternative phrases. You might find an existing app that you couldn’t find before.

Who are your competitor(s)?

What features does their app provide? What makes your idea unique from them? And finding out that there is already competition is a good thing. Now you know there’s money and your idea is profitable. However, it would be difficult to win unless you’re offering a better solution.

How can you solve the same need in better way?

Unless you can do it better, there is no point of entering the market right? For all we know, why would people switch to your app, if it does the same thing as app they’re currently using.

That’s the point. To offer a better solution for their problem. Otherwise it would extremely difficult to get people to download your app.

Step #2: Hire a Mobile App Development Company

Finding a mobile app development company isn’t that tricky these days, it’s discovering the right company for developing your app is. It’s discovering the right people to work on your app idea, rather than saving a few hundreds or thousands of bucks. Because, the right people can add value to your app idea in more ways you cannot imagine.

Remember, a good mobile app development company not only guides you through the app development process, but it also gives birth to the innovation in your idea. It takes a team to win.


And while choosing an app development company, don’t just choose to build your app. It’s not an one-time activity. Choose an app development company to build relation. Mobile apps undergo many cycles and transformations based on your app users’ feedback. And you’ll certainly require to hire dedicated developer again to upgrade your app.

Think About Whole Package

Developing your startup app is beyond coding. It’s about a functional design and an appealing user experience. Focus on the right aspects of your app, be it a design or a special feature, or a service, and you’ll have a better shot at being successful.

Step #3: Market Your App

Once your app is developed and ready to be launched, you might think your work is done. But a big NO! No it isn’t. Only the half battle is done. The other half is getting the word out and getting customers for your app business. Most entrepreneurs think that they’ve build their app and launched it, their work is done, now people will come. But the harsh truth is, it isn’t true. You have to tell people that your app exists, and telling them is hard.

Now there are 2 ways you can get your word out in the market.

Word Of Mouth

Your app must be great for people to tell about it to others. We all wish our products to go viral, but it’s also the hardest. So in order to make people rave about your app, make sure to take care of basic things such as setting up social media accounts or responding quickly to queries. All these adds value to your app.


You know this word already. You see it on TV, billboards, and radios almost everyday. And the success of startup will rely on the approach of marketing. Majority of startups fail due to weak marketing strategy. Therefore, make sure that your marketing strategy is in line including brand development, web presence, crowdsourcing campaigns, and speaking.

Planning a step ahead of all these things can help to ensure that you’ve the best possible chance to become successful.

Step #4: Start Generating Revenue

After building your app, and getting the word out successfully, it is vital that your app generates revenue. And for this, there are two ways.

In-App Purchases

With in-app purchases, you can provide a set of premium features to your app users in exchange of money. It can be a certain themes, filters, information, etc. And as a matter of fact, the dominant business model in the mobile world is the free apps with in-app purchases.

Paid App

This method may result higher in average revenue per download, but it depends on the popularity of your app. With this strategy, you app users can directly download your app from the App store in exchange of a one-time fee. Although, this method is not the most profitable model.


It seems intriguing coming up with idea, but working on them might become a daunting task when you face real problems. Although, this guide has covered almost each important point that you’ll encounter during the app development process. Still if you got any doubts, feel free to share in the comment box.


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