HTML5 Mobile App Development and its Benefits in the Era of Fast Technology


In a research paper by Forrester in collaboration with Moovweb, HTML 5 has been explored in great details. The paper is titled as “Improving Enterprise Mobility: Meeting Next-Generation Demands for Development, Delivery, and Engagement,” and had surveyed 146 U.S. IT managers in October 2013.

Almost 43% of surveyed managers in response to a question which mobile technology they used indicated that they preferred to use HTML5 and responsive design.

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of HTML 5 mobile application development:


HTML5 allows developers to have a single batch of code and still create an app that runs across the platforms, devices and various markets. This is equally true for enterprises which have budget constraints and which still want to reach out to various users through various devices and platforms.

Offline functionality

Mobile apps designed via HTML5 can also function offline without the support of network connection. Enterprises which dish out content in real time can take great advantage of this as their users can read the content even when they are not supported by adequate Internet connection. This also makes content load quickly and locally

Business Intelligence and HTML5 mobile app development

HTML5 mobile app development is proving to be a great phenomenon for enterprise mobility solutions especially in the wake of BYOD culture. Organizations need not to worry the functionality of the apps as they can be run across the devices and platforms. This in turn gives relief to employees to choose their own devices and operating systems as per their need and affordability.

Video content made easier on mobiles

In 2010, almost two-thirds of videos on web were coded with HTML5. This reflects the popularity of HTML5 as it is compatible with multiple mobile devices and technologies. HTML5 has native video support and commands positive effect on SEO as well. So, enterprises who want to develop their mobile sites, can even get more visibility with HTML5.

Given the intense proliferation of so many smart phones along with different technologies, if everybody has to be accommodated in their technology revolutions, HTML5 mobile app development and PhoneGap app development are nothing short of great alternatives.

It is not just even for those who want cheaper options. Even the biggest brand names prefer these technologies over native apps simply because of its wider appeal and adaptability. Partner with an experienced and efficient mobile app development company like Space-O and see the results for yourself.

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