HTML5 and Native Mobile App Development – Both Have Their Own Benefits


Comparison between HTML 5 and Native mobile app development had always remained a debatable topic on the internet. There are tons of comparisons between both the mobile app development approaches though they have their own benefits varying by needs. There are use cases in which HTML5 is the best choice and others in when native app development befits the requirement.

Now HTML5 Mobile App Development is recommended when

  • Mobile app content is to be constantly changed, updated or is dynamic
  • You want total control over distribution
  • You have Time & Budget constraints leaving you with the only best option to “Write Once, Run Anywhere” approach
  • “Good Enough” experience is sufficient to serve your audience

While native mobile application development is suitable when you

  • Aim to deliver the best user experience
  • Intend to make money out of your mobile app
  • Want data to be more secure
  • Have reasonable time and budget to invest

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